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Nov 5, 2020
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Hello to all I recently bought a second-hand ABS unit for a 2005 Volkswagen touareg the pump that I bought was off a Porsche Cayenne the part number was exactly the same but I think there must be a slight difference in the flash as I have tried to reprogram the unit with ODIS software but it says it's the latest calibration file for that vehicle but I think that there must be a file that's slightly different as the part numbers are the same for the Porsche but the Porsche has got ride leveling suspension as standard and with the touareg there is an option the car just comes up with incorrect coding but when you put a different code in it comes up with no communication with ride control module have tried many different coding options but none have been successfully can't fine a VW file for the abs pump in the latest flash files the number is 7L0907379C can anyone point me in the right direction for this flash file.