Lear 3Q0 CAN gateway differences?



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Oct 20, 2014
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I'm trying to get a better understanding of 3Q0 CAN gateway versions, mostly to decide if I should replace/flash/keep my existing gateway. Sorry if I start rambling on!

I wasn't sure if it would better fit in tweaks or retrofits but given it may require hardware changes, retrofits felt a better option. Feel free to move if needed.

There are a few specific functions I'm interested in:
(1) Driving mode 'memory' over ignition cycles (ie: not resetting to 'normal')
(2) Ambient light colours set by driving mode
(3) Setting the 'individual' driving mode colour via the 'manual' colour selection on the headunit

I've had a look around and there seem to be various manufacturers for 3Q0 gateways, I'm specifically looking at the Lear 4xxx versions so I'm ignoring the Continental 5xxx/6xxx versions.

There are quite a few 'high' versions which I think depends when the vehicle was produced (I may have missed some):
SW part num        H      SW
3Q0 907 530 C      418    4286
3Q0 907 530 G      433    4303
3Q0 907 530 L      436    4326
3Q0 907 530 Q      439    4344
3Q0 907 530 AA     442    4366/4368
3Q0 907 530 AC     442    4388
3Q0 907 530 AG     442    4424
I currently have 3Q0 907 530 L which in the factory configured state supported (1). Through coding, I've enabled (2) but I'm having issues with (3).

Regarding (1), it appears that WLTP requires the car to reset to 'normal' driving mode on each ignition cycle but I'm not sure when this came in, possibly MY19:
- 3Q0 907 530 L retains the previous setting, woo!
- 3Q0 907 530 Q no idea.
- 3Q0 907 530 AA I'm 99% sure this resets to 'normal'.

Regarding (3), when setting Ambiente_Fahrprofil_Individual to 7, the accent colours in the headunit constantly flip between the one set in the 'manual' colour selector via the headunit and the one set in Fahrprofil 7. For now, I've set Ambiente_Fahrprofil_Individual to an unused Fahrprofil number to avoid the issue. The side effect is the 'individual' driving mode colours is effectively hard coded and unchangeable without VCDS. Looking about online, I believe I need 3Q0 907 530 Q/4344 to get this functioning correctly.

I guess the questions are:
- Will 3Q0 907 530 AA allow all three to exist? I can probably have my existing gateway flashed.
- If not, will 3Q0 907 530 Q allow all three to exist? I can replace my existing gateway and have it parameterised etc via ODIS.
- If neither Q or AA can keep driver mode memory, can I get (3) working properly on 3Q0 907 530 L?

Any input would be much appreciated :)