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Apr 22, 2020
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Manchester, UK
I have a 3.2 passat, 2006 estate

The car has cost me a fortune recently, approximately £2200 over the last 6 months, however it is still broke...

Current codes are

P0191 - Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit sensor a
P2231 - 02 sensor signal circuit shorted to heater circuit bank 1 sensor 1
It also says cylinder 1 and cylinder 3 are misfiring

I've had this issue for 5-6 months, car still drives, will get you anyway but has poor performance, it will pin you to your seat if you floor it but then starts struggling at around 5000rpm and then gets through it and continues. Sometimes it just generally jerks and hesitates and random times. Also I don't know if it's relevant, but it symptoms seem to show more on cold start in the morning for the first 10 mins of driving

I've had this problem. Since I had the timing chain done

I've had a new rocker cover box and pcv installed, new coils, new.spark.plugs and a new injector on cylinder 3

I've recently had some blows on the exhaust welded and I must admit it is driving a lot better and I feel a step closer but the overall problem still exists.

I do know that there is blows on the flexi pipes, I'm hoping this may be a possibility to cure it all? Please comment with any suggestions and they will be much appreciated, I currently have about 4 mechanics scratching their heads at the moment lol

I'm just in the place now where I'm scared of spending more unnecessary money without it healing it.