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Sep 23, 2020
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Hi im not sure if this is in proper section, please move if necessary.
Short story: 2009 Golf 1.4 tsi lhd with a broken instrument cluster. Tried 2nd cluster but inno went active so original cluster taken out , repaired and put back. original fault gone but ABS, ESP lit.
Yes, ABS coding gone
And no prior full scan ( wasnt even aware that these things has this habit!)

Help with coding would be greatly appreciated.

From other posts ive learned that you need auto-scan and ABS module code
So here is code from ABS unit:

Did auto-scan and im trying to add it here:

VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 8.1 x64
VCDS Version: (x64)
Data version: 20200730 DS317.0

VIN: WVWZZZ1KZ9M310501   License Plate: XUR-305
Mileage: 140760km-87464mi   Repair Order:


Chassis Type: 1K (1K0)
Scan: 01 03 08 09 15 16 17 19 25 42 44 46 52 56 62 69 72

VIN: WVWZZZ1KZ9M310501   Mileage: 140760km-87464miles

01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000
03-ABS Brakes -- Status: Malfunction 0010
04-Steering Angle -- Status: OK 0000
08-Auto HVAC -- Status: Malfunction 0010
09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000
15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000
16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000
17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000
19-CAN Gateway -- Status: Malfunction 0010
25-Immobilizer -- Status: Sporadic communication error 1000
42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: Malfunction 0010
44-Steering Assist -- Status: Malfunction 0010
46-Central Conv. -- Status: OK 0000
52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000
56-Radio -- Status: Malfunction 0010
62-Door, Rear Left -- Status: OK 0000
69-Trailer -- Status: OK 0000
72-Door, Rear Right -- Status: OK 0000

Address 01: Engine (CAX)       Labels: 03C-906-022-CAX.clb
   Part No SW: 03C 906 022 AK    HW: 03C 906 022 J
   Component: MED17.5.20      G   3635
   Revision: D5H06---    Serial number: VWXBZ0I5032539
   Coding: 0000072
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 65CB8661ACC337AE80-8030

No fault code found.
Readiness: 0000 0000

Address 03: ABS Brakes (-----)       Labels:. 1K0-907-379-60EC1F.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 907 379 CD    HW: 1K0 907 379 AD
   Component: ESP MK60EC1   H35 0120
   Revision: 00H35001  
   Coding: 000000000000000000000000000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 36091 001 1048576
   VCID: 76E9D12DC165CC3639-8022

1 Fault Found:
01042 - Control Module; Not Coded
            000 - -
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 01100000
                    Fault Priority: 2
                    Fault Frequency: 1
                    Reset counter: 106
                    Time Indication: 0

             Freeze Frame:
                    Count: 3
                    Count: 0
                    Count: 4608
                    Count: 195
                    Count: 46080
                    Count: 256
                    Count: 0
                    Count: 0

Address 08: Auto HVAC        Labels: 1K0-820-047.lbl
   Part No SW: 1K0 820 047 HN    HW: 1K0 820 047 HN
   Component: Climatic PQ35   142 1111
   Revision: 00142031    Serial number: 00000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
   VCID: 77F7DC29066FB53E22-8022

2 Faults Found:
00229 - Refrigerant Pressure
            002 - Lower Limit Exceeded
01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285)
            004 - No Signal/Communication - Intermittent

Address 09: Cent. Elect.        Labels:. 3C0-937-049-30-M.lbl
   Part No SW: 3C8 937 049 D    HW: 3C8 937 049 D
   Component: Bordnetz-SG     H54 2602
   Revision: 00H54000    Serial number: 00000001153234
   Coding: 088F8F2700041500470000001C00000000087B075C000120000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 32612D3DAD8D9016D5-8066

   Subsystem 1 - Part No: 1K1 955 119 E  Labels: 1KX-955-119.CLB
   Component: Wischer 081208 021  0501
   Coding: 00038805
   Shop #: WSC 00066

No fault code found.

Address 15: Airbags        Labels: 1K0-909-605.lbl
   Part No SW: 1K0 909 605 T    HW: 1K0 909 605 T
   Component: 5P AIRBAG VW8   020 2300
   Revision: 05020000    Serial number: 0038PD28F73+
   Coding: 0013648
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 3D7B0E0164D35F6E38-8068

   Subsystem 1 - Serial number: 6332MSME42702170.

   Subsystem 2 - Serial number: 6342MSME423138160

   Subsystem 3 - Serial number: 6351HSME190D711FE

   Subsystem 4 - Serial number: 6361HSME190D430A8

No fault code found.

Address 16: Steering wheel        Labels: 1K0-953-549-MY9.lbl
   Part No SW: 1K0 953 549 CQ    HW: 1K0 953 549 CQ
   Component: J0527           053 0111
   Coding: 0000034
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 030FB8F942B7E99E0E-8056

No fault code found.

Address 17: Instruments        Labels: 1K0-920-xxx-17.lbl
   Part No SW: 1K0 920 864 A    HW: 1K0 920 864 A
   Component: KOMBIINSTRUMENT YJU 4005
   Revision: V0010000    Serial number: VWXBZ0I5032539
   Coding: 0007103
   Shop #: WSC 36088 001 1048576
   VCID: 2A51355D855DD8D66D-807E

No fault code found.

Address 19: CAN Gateway        Labels:. 1K0-907-530-V4.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 907 530 S    HW: 1K0 907 951
   Component: J533  Gateway   H07 0071
   Revision:   H07 01    Serial number: 221008F1000463
   Coding: E9807F46000202002002
   Shop #: WSC 14500 205 76833
   VCID: 37771C2946EF753EE2-8062

1 Fault Found:
00474 - Control Module for Immobilizer
            004 - No Signal/Communication - Intermittent
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00110100
                    Fault Priority: 2
                    Fault Frequency: 2
                    Reset counter: 145
                    Time Indication: 0

Address 25: Immobilizer        Labels: 1K0-920-xxx-25.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 920 864 A    HW: 1K0 920 864 A
   Component: IMMO YJU            4005
   Revision: V0010000    Serial number: VWXBZ0I5032539
   Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
   VCID: 2A51355D855DD8D66D-807E

No fault code found.

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver        Labels:. 1K0-959-701-MIN3.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 959 701 AC    HW: 1K0 959 793 N
   Component: J386  TUER-SG FT    1519
   Revision: 72009005    Serial number: 00000534589107
   Coding: 0000180
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 6FE7E4497E3FFDFEFA-803A

2 Faults Found:
00096 - Drivers Door Central Locking (Safe) Motor (V161)
            012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit - Intermittent
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00101100
                    Fault Priority: 3
                    Fault Frequency: 254
                    Reset counter: 145
                    Mileage: 0 km
                    Time Indication: 0

00928 - Locking Module for Central Locking; Front Driver Side (F220)
            008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00111000
                    Fault Priority: 3
                    Fault Frequency: 254
                    Reset counter: 145
                    Mileage: 136425 km
                    Time Indication: 0

Address 44: Steering Assist        Labels: 1K0-909-14x-GEN3.clb
   Part No: 1K0 909 144 C
   Component: EPS_ZFLS Kl. 69     2301
   Revision: 00H15000  
   Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
   VCID: 2A51355D855DD8D66D-807E

1 Fault Found:
00750 - Warning Lamp
            013 - Check DTC Memory - Intermittent
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00101101
                    Fault Priority: 2
                    Fault Frequency: 22
                    Reset counter: 50
                    Time Indication: 0

             Freeze Frame:
                    Voltage: 11.00 V
                    Temperature: 30.0°C
                    RPM: 480 /min
                    Speed: 0.0 km/h
                    Speed: 0.0 km/h
                    Count: 0

Address 46: Central Conv.        Labels:. 1K0-959-433-MAX.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 959 433 BT    HW: 1K0 959 433 BT
   Component:    KSG PQ35 G2  020 0204
   Revision: 00020000    Serial number: 00000000000000
   Coding: 8090020052830C7F2D04840560084F03E0FCA0
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 030FB8F942B7E99E0E-8056

   Subsystem 1 - Component:   Sounder n.mounted   

   Subsystem 2 - Component:       NGS n.mounted   

   Subsystem 3 - Component:      IRUE n.mounted   

No fault code found.

Address 52: Door Elect, Pass.        Labels:. 1K0-959-702-MIN3.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 959 702 AC    HW: 1K0 959 792 N
   Component: J387  TUER-SG BT    1519
   Revision: 72009005    Serial number: 08112619053501
   Coding: 0000180
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 70E5E7356301E206E3-8024

No fault code found.

Address 56: Radio (J503)       Labels:. 5M0-035-1xx-56.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 035 186 AA    HW: 1K0 035 186 AA
   Component: Radio RCD310  012 0029
   Revision: 00000000    Serial number: VWZ1Z2H5817011
   Coding: 0500040004
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 65CB86616CC337AE80-8030

1 Fault Found:
03138 - Input AUX IN
            011 - Open Circuit - Intermittent
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00101011
                    Fault Priority: 5
                    Fault Frequency: 1
                    Reset counter: 248
                    Mileage: 134006 km
                    Time Indication: 0
                    Date: 2000.00.00
                    Time: 12:22:34

Address 62: Door, Rear Left        Labels:. 1K0-959-703-GEN3.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 959 703 AG    HW: 1K0 959 795 R
   Component: J388   TUER-SG HL   1401
   Revision: 11006001    Serial number: 00000003673754
   Coding: 0000144
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 75EBD6211C63C72E30-8020

No fault code found.

Address 69: Trailer        Labels: RETROFIT69.lbl
   Part No SW: 5F0 01V 000 6    HW: 8P0 907 383
   Coding: 0000001
   Shop #: WSC 00000 211 66245
   VCID: 2855CF559B51EAC67B-807C

No fault code found.

Address 72: Door, Rear Right        Labels:. 1K0-959-704-GEN3.clb
   Part No SW: 1K0 959 704 AG    HW: 1K0 959 794 R
   Component: J389   TUER-SG HR   1401
   Revision: 11006001    Serial number: 00000003641159
   Coding: 0000144
   Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
   VCID: 76E9D12D0165CC3639-8022

No fault code found.

End-------------------------(Elapsed Time: 02:00)--------------------------

If any more info needed please ask.
Thank you.
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Hi and welcome. Since you are Verified, I'll move this to the Car Repair Support section.



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Jan 29, 2014
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Although I replied via e-mail I wanted to post here because I do not believe we can assist. I cannot locate a matching baseline scan due to the installed brake components but someone else may be able to assist based on PR-Codes and a larger collection of RoW scans.

I'll include the list here and the OP is going to check the C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Scans folder to see if a backup showing ABS Coding happens to exist.

Vehicle Identification No.WVWZZZ1KZ9M310501
Modelgolf squareback
Date of production12.01.2009
Model year2009
Sales type1K51G2
Engine CodeCAXA
Transmission CodeLHY
Axle drive6S
Roof color2R
Carpet color code
Exterior color / Paint Code2R / D7X
Seat combination no.
Number of Z-Orders
Special editionsE0AWithout special action equipment
Lockable wheel bolts1PAStandard wheel bolts
Vehicle class differentiation
powertrains/platform parts
0HMVehicle class differentiation -1KM-
Build status corresponds to production
in Mexico
Tailpipes0P0Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
Hill start assistUG0Without hill start assist/hill descent
control/comfort driving assist
Emission standard0GGEmission standard EU4
Trailer hitch1D0Without trailer hitch
airbag4UFAirbag for driver and front passenger
with front passenger airbag
Activated carbon canister/gasoline
particulate filter
1E1Activated carbon canister
Exterior mirror adjustment6XNExterior mirrors, power-adjustable/
separately heated
Left exterior mirror5SLLeft exterior mirror, aspherical
Right exterior mirror5RQRight exterior mirror: convex
Drive type1X0Front-wheel drive
Multimedia/video/DVD/notebook connection9WLJack for external audio source
Equipment linesA8CComfort equipment
Rear brakes1KFDisc brakes in rear
batteriesJ1LBattery 280 A (60 Ah)
Front brakes1ZEDisc brakes in front (Geomet D)
Components with special surface6FFExterior mirror housing and various attachments
colour coded to vehicle
Battery/alternator capacitiesNY0Standard battery/alternator capacity
Component sets for country-specific
prescriptive standards
B0Abuild parts set without county specific documentatio
vehicle tools and jack1S1vehicle tools and jack
Brake systems1ATElectronic stability control (ESC)
Owner's manuals0VNInformation kit in Finnish
Operating voltage9Z0Operating voltage 12 V
Brake pad wear indicator9U1Brake pad wear indicator
Heated washer nozzles9T1Heated washer nozzles in front
CD-ROM/DVD/SD card7QAWithout CD/DVD for navigation
CD changer/CD player7A0Without CD changer/CD player
Driving mode selection2H0Without "drive select"
Chrome packageQJ1Chrome package
General operating license additionsC14Operating permit, alteration
Roof rails/roof rack3S2Black roof rails
Roof insert/convertible top3FAWithout roof insert (standard roof)
Shock absorption in rear1JARear shock absorption, basic version 1
Shock absorption in frontG68Shock absorption in front
Load-through hatch/ski bag3X0without load through system
Tank filler neck for unleaded fuel/fuel
2G7Filler neck module 1 with insert
Installation differentiation for
vehicle parts
0EMInstallation differentiation for
transmission MQ 200
-- vehicle components --
Theft protection system7AAElectronic immobilizer
Inserts5MADecorative inserts
Scuff plates7M5Without impact protection film for door sill
Park distance control7X0Without park distance control
Electric interface for external use
UF0Without electric interface
Differentiation for manufacturing
0FLMexico manufacturing sequence
window regulator4R4Power windows with comfort operation and
circuit breaker
Fire extinguisher6A0without fire extinguisher
Pedestrian protectionVL0Standard pedestrian protection measures
Pedal clusterVF0Standard pedal cluster
Headlight activation8K1Separate daytime running light
Vehicle specificationsF0ANo special purpose vehicle, standard
Alternators8GGAlternator 110 A
Weight category for rear axle0YGWeight range 7
installation control only, no
requirement forecast
Weight category for front axleL06Suspension range 06
installation control only, no
requirement forecast
Base engineTU04-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l
unit 03C.K
Luggage net/bag on backrest(s)4U5Luggage pockets on backrest
Luggage compartment cover3U2Sliding luggage compartment cover
cruise control system8T2Electronic cruise control system (CCS)
Garage door openerVC0without Garage door opener
Luggage compartment trim5A2Comfort luggage compartment trim
Transmission specificationG0K6-speed manual transmission
Brackets3P1Bracket for first aid kit and warning
Hand brake lever6PAHand brake lever handle in plastic
Rear spoiler5J0Without rear spoiler
Wiper and washer system for rear windows8M1Rear window wiper washer system with
intermittent wipe
Rear seats3NWRear seat bench/backrest, split folding
with center armrest
Heating system/air conditioning system9APClimatic air-conditioning system
Main headlamps8BGTwin-headlamps for driving on the
right, with integrated high beam
Customized installationFC0Without customized installation
Interior lighting in footwell6T0Without interior light in footwell
Dashboard insertsU5AInstrument cluster, km/h speedometer
Breakaway interior rearview mirror4L2Breakaway interior rearview mirror,
Labels (customer specific or campaigns)0KAWithout decals and emblems
Body formsK8DWagon/Avant
Cassette/CD storage compartment4W0without cassette / CD tray
Cool box1W2Glove compartment cooling system
child safety4H3Manual child safety lock
Characteristic map cooling systemQS0Without electronic map cooling system
Child seatsQA0without child seat
Climate zones0Y3Cold zones
Compass/road sign displayQR0Without compass/road sign display/
dynamic road sign display
Head restraints in rear3T2Three rear head restraints
Head restraints3J1Hight-adjustable head restraints for
front seats
Fuel tank material treatment2LDFuel tank without differentiation of
special material treatment
Fuel filling volume1Z0Initial standard fuel filling
Fuel systems1A5Petrol injector fuel system (FSI)
Body measures5C0Without special body measures
Child seat anchors in front3G0Without child seat anchora in front
License plate carrier in rear6P1Rear license plate carrier (ECE)
License plate carrier in front6W1Front license plate carrier (large)
Paint preservation/transport protection5K5Transport protection film with
additional transport protection measures
Paint finishFB0standard paint coating
Luggage/load compartment floor in rear3GDPlane luggage/load compartment floor
in rear
Steering system setupL0LLeft-hand drive
Reading lamp8S4Two reading lights in front, two in rear
Steering system1N3Speed-related variable steering assist
Backrest release3H0Without backrest release for front seats
Ventilation duct in frontVK0Air duct, standard
Load edge protection2P1Plastic loading edge protection
Lumbar support in backrests7P4Manually adjustable lumbar support in
front seats
steering wheels1MESteering wheel
Loudspeaker installation8RM8 speakers (passive)
Headlight range control8Q1Headlight range control
Center armrest6E3Center armrest in front
Marten repeller systemUM0Without marten repeller
Multi-function display/trip computer9Q1Multi-function display/trip computer
Engine cooling8Z7Cold country
Engine specificationD4X4-cylinder petrol engine 1.4 L/90 KW
Basic engine is: TU0/TL1
Vanity mirror on the left4SDVanity mirror, left, illuminated
Vanity mirror on the right4TDVanity mirror, right, illuminated
Navigation system7Q0without navigation system
rear fog lamp8TCRear fog light for driving on the right
Front fog lamps/additional headlamps8WAWithout fog lights
Model upgrade measuresGP0Vehicles without special upgrade
Rear floor panel platform module4P3Rear floor panel module, type 4
Platform group class7PAPlatform group class 1
Wheel trims1NYWheel trims
WheelsCM1Steel wheels 6.5J x 16
Radios8AERadio "RCD310 MP3"
Smoker's/non-smoker's version9JBSmoker's package, ashtrays in front and
Tire pressure monitoring system7K0Without tyre pressure monitor
tireHH7Tires 205/55 R16 91V
Tire suppliersV0ATires without specification of tire
Spare wheel/breakdown kit1G2Steel spare wheel with original
equipment tire
Restraint systems in front3QT3-point seat belts in front, with
pretensioner and height adjustment
PH1Air conditioning Climatic
RGC"RCD 310" 4 x 20 W, 8 speakers
WW1Winter package
Side airbag4X3Side airbag in front, with curtain
Gearshift knob/gearshift handle6Q1Gearshift knob/handle in plastic
Special labels2KXLabels in Danish, Finish and Swedish
Closing/opening mechanism
tailgate/trunk lid/rear gate
4E0Tailgate/trunk lid unlocking
from outside
Seat in front, left3TFComfort seat in front, left
Seat in front, right3SFComfort seat, front right
Nameplate for sales nameQD1Nameplate for sales name
Seat belt reminder9P3Seat belt reminder, electric contact in
Outer seat belts in rear3ZB3-point seat belts, outer rear with ECE
Center seat belts in rear3C73-point seat belt for center rear seat
seat coversN3LSeat trim covers in circular-knit velour
Seat adjustment3L3Manual height adjustment for front seats
seat heater4A3seat heating for front seats separat controlable
Safety head restraint system3K0w/o safety head restraint system
Side lamps7R3Side turn signals (white)
Horns8Y1Two-tone horn
Side and rear windows4KCSide and rear windows in heat-insulating
Protective side molding4B0with no protective side strip
Sun blind for rear/side windows3Y0without roller blind
Supertone system and successive tone
alarm switch control
9J0Without supertone system and tone
sequence control
Outlet7B212 volt socket in luggage compartment
Bumper2JCComfort bumpers
Rear stabilizer bar0BGRear stabilizer bar
Front stabilizer bar0AHFront stabilizer bar
Drawers under front seatsQN3Drawers under front seats
Heavy-duty/sports version2UAStandard design
Headlamp washer system8X1Headlamp washer system
Intermittent windshield wiper control/
light/rain sensor
8N4Windshield wiper intermittent control
with potentiometer (four speeds)
Special approval measures3M0Without special measures
Nameplate set0NWNameplate set "TSI"
Special alarm systems9A0Without taxi alarm system
Door storage compartments in front3YRDoor pockets with insert mats
Counterweights for steering wheels1Q0steering wheel without balance weight
Door and tailgate/trunk lid locking
4K3Central locking w/ radio remote control,
interior controls and SAFELOCK
Type-approval testing countries/
countries with specific requirements
B05Type approval country Finland
Carrier frequency for remote control5D1Carrier frequency 433.92 to 434.42 Mhz
Partition3CAwithout partition
Door and side trim panels4AFDoor and side trim panel in foam film
and woven fabric
doors0A24 doors
TV reception/digital radio receptionQV0Without TV reception/digital radio
Front-end underbody cladding1SAWithout additional front underbody guard
Identification labels1EXSpecial identification label for EC
for M1 passenger vehicles
Delivery equipment2A8Delivery equipment, water border
First aid kit/warning triangle1T2warning triangle
Two-way radio installation preparation9D0without prepared for two way radio system
Preparation for rotating beacon/siren
9F0Without preparation for rotating
beacon/siren combination
Telephone/telematics9W0Without car phone preparation/
Additional warning lamps9TCAdditional retro-reflectors (door area)
LongLife Service RegimeQG1LongLife Service Regime
Thermal energy storage system/auxiliary
7E0W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
Windshield4GFWindshield in heat-insulating glass
Washer fluid level indicator8W1Washer fluid level indicator
Additional tires (snow tires)2WAwithout spare tyre
floor mats0TDFront and rear floor mats
Additional body protective covers, side
6EPAdditional stone guard body covers
Additional child seat anchorage3B4Child seat anchors for
child seat system ISOFIX
Auxiliary heater9M0Without auxiliary heater/parking heater


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Thanks Michel,

I was torn between one of these base (non-VIN) coding strings:



... but I couldn't find a match I was happy with. Hopefully the OP can test your complete string and provide feedback.


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I took some other caxa base codings with different sw but same hw part numbers. It's ways a bit of a guess


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1K0 907 379 AD 17 Byte;


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My apologies for late report, (last week felt like never-ending Monday) but here we go:
Unfortunately i didnt find any previous scans so no original coding to find BUT
That code was accepted by the ABS unit :)

Thank you very much for help, you ppl are awesome!!

What have i learned: always do full auto-scan before anything else.

Again, thanks for all involved.


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Great! Enjoy your working car once again