P0226 - time for a new ECU?



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May 29, 2020
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OK, so after finding out my Audi A4 B7 2.0TDI (BPW) had it's ECU messed around with to hide certain codes, I had the ECU reset to factory software and the code is now showing as 00550/P0226
Looking at the WiKi, it says the accelerator pedal is very unlikely to be at fault - I had already replaced the pedal before having the ECU reset, just in case that was the cause, but to no avail.
I've checked the wiring and everything looks good from what I can see and from what I can test.
There are no loose connections that I can find on the pedal or the ECU either.
I also replaced the lambda sensor and still the fault comes back at random times.

So now I'm wondering if it's time to replace the ECU?
If so, my ECU is 03G 906 016 KP so I assume I need an ECU with IDENTICAL part number, but would it matter if it came from a slightly different car such as an A4 B7 2.0 S-Line for example (Mine is not S Line but I have seen a few of these up for sale).
Also, if I were to change the ECU, what else would I need to change,such as key/immobiliser and clocks ect?
Lastly, am I correct in assuming that I need the PIN code for the original ECU andthe replacement ECU? If so, how do I go about getting those? And are there any other codes or caveats that I need to be aware of?

If anyone could offer any guidance, or indeed, any other suggestions as to what might be causing this random P0226 code, I'd be very appreciative.

As a sidenote, when the P0226 error comes up whilst driving, I get reduced acceleration (almost impossible to pull away from standstill, but can happily keep driving as long as car is moving at the time) and flashing coil light.
BUT, if I use VCDS to clear faults on 01-Engine when this happens (or indeed, by using a cheap bluetooth OBD tool), the car instantly kicks back into life and the coil light goes off. This may stay operating correctly for the remainder of a journey, or it might happen again a couple of times whilst driving, but almost always kicks back to life when I hit reset, which indicates to me that this is an intermittent fault which happens for a split moment and then rectifies itself the very next moment, but leaves the ECU complaining because it has already seen the fault occur.

I don't have an up to date dump right now, but here is an excerpt from a previous one, if it's any help in identifying the ECU

VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64
VCDS Version: (x64)  HEX-V2 CB: 0.4508.4
Data version: 20200331 DS317.0

VIN: WAUZZZ8H88K013250   License Plate: FE08
Mileage: 142560km-88582mi   Repair Order:

Chassis Type: 8H (8H - Audi Cabrio B6/B7 (2003 > 2009))
Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 0F 11 15 16 17 18 25 26 36 37 45 46 55 56 57
          63 65 67 73 75 76 77
VIN: WAUZZZ8H88K013250   Mileage: 142560km-88582miles
Address 01: Engine        Labels: 03G-906-016-BPW.clb
   Part No SW: 03G 906 016 LQ    HW: 03G 906 016 KP
   Component: R4 2,0L EDC  000CG  1717 
   Revision: --H06---    Serial number:              
   Coding: 0000076
   Shop #: WSC 66565 257 00032
   VCID: 7DA7FCDBC1FBDD2338D-8028