2011 Audi A7 towbar and air suspension coding problem


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Sep 18, 2020
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Wales, UK
First post here. Located in Wales, UK. Thank you for having me & hope you’re able to help.

Vehicle: 2011 Audi A7 S-Line 3.0 TDi (245) Quattro with Air Suspension, Advanced Parking System (sensors + camera), Adaptive Lights. According to Audi’s log the vehicle was manufactured WITHOUT trailer preparation.

I had a towbar fitted 2 years ago with vehicle specific wiring & a “Right Connections” (now ECS) trailer control module. The fitting company was unable to completely recode the car – specifically the Air suspension. There was a permanent “Air Suspension Fault” warning on the dashboard and the “Air Suspension: Trailer” setting in the MMI was stuck at the “ON” setting and greyed out so it couldn’t be changed.

Audi had a go at it without success. Their standard recoding didn’t work either. A tech guy from Right Connections ended up talking the Audi team through how to manually adjust the coding. This cured the dashboard fault & the MMI trailer option automatically switched on/off when trailer electrics were connected/disconnected. The other functions I’d have expected didn’t work (fog light cut-off, rear parking sensor cut-off) but I was happy.

Wind the clock forward to now. The car has just been serviced and it’s evident that the previous coding has been knocked off the system as I’m now back to square one with the dashboard fault and greyed out MMI setting. Even worse, I got in touch with my towbar fitter who told me that Right Connections were taken over by ECS and the tech guy that helped before is no longer there.

Hence the reason I’m here. I suspect this Air Suspension issue is fixable by VCDS – hopefully also the parking sensor & fog light trailer modes. Is my vehicle capable of Trailer Stability Control? If so (and it can be activated by VCDS) that would be the cherry on the cake!

If any (or all) of this is possible, there are two further problems…
I don’t YET own the kit so can’t provide the vehicle log which would help with definitive answers.
Although I’m hardly a technophobe, I’m a complete noob at this sort of thing – but quite capable of learning fast!

Any/all help and advice is much appreciated but the burning question is...
Is investing in HEX-V2/VCDS likely to enable me to solve this? If the answer's YES then I'm hitting a "buy it now" button very soon! 😊
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Jan 29, 2014
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VCDS Serial number
Is investing in HEX-V2/VCDS likely to enable me to solve this?
It will likely increase your chances, but it's certainly not possible for us to guarantee that you can fix these problems with VCDS. It's always a bit of a dilemma since without seeing a scan, we really have no idea what's up with the vehicle, and there are also cases where a scan doesn't reveal anything about the underlying problem.