Case Study: P0607 - Control Module Performance



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Ross-Tech Employee
Jan 29, 2014
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The victim: 2010 Jetta with TDI engine (CJAA). MIL on, just the one DTC in the ECM, P0607. Engine seems to run fine.

Officially... the fix is the chuck that ECM into the waste bin and put in a new one. We came up with a game plan:
  • Verify power/grounds at good no voltage drops
  • Shop is distributor for a certain tuning company, will talk to them about possible ECM replacement
  • Contact Jack to see if he can assist with used ECM
  • New ECM from dealer
Hours later, tech calls back, powers/ground are good. In talking with tuner, it seems they allowed free credits to try a flash and see what happens.. pay up if they get lucky. And they did, the ECM accepted the flash, the issue has been resolved, no more P0607 code and a little extra pep in the step of the engine to boot. A tune is WAY cheaper than a new ECM.

Before it is asked, yes the car was out of warranty.

Will this work in every case of P0607? :confused: