What tool would you recomend to others?



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Jan 29, 2014
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Figure I'll see about starting a new thread here... simple concept, what is a tool that you find useful and think others would in interested in. Also allowed, any useful homemade tool you've cobbled together.

Warning... if you post up Power Probe, you shall be openly mocked until your post is removed. That is the McAfee of tools.

I'll start:

180 LOADpro. I like this because I've come across a good hand full of cases over the years where people say "It has power" and not understand it really doesn't have power. Having voltage at a terminal doesn't mean the circuit can carry load. Sure, a 55watt bulb is a method to check for voltage drop, but with the LOADpro you can avoid going blind and having burnt fingers, and see actual values. Even VWoA sent a memo to dealers a few years ago suggesting they have said tool in the shop.

You can find these on Amazon for $50-ish bucks, well worth it for professionals.