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Jan 29, 2014
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NAR market 2014 Touareg, tech did front brake work only, didn't touch the rear brakes at all. Says he went to clear some codes and then noticed warnings for the parking brake on the dash. No warnings prior like this when the vehicle was pulled in.

Address 53: Parking Brake has the following codes:

0025 - No Calibration
B2010 F0 [008] - Deviation From Expected Range

0024 - No Basic Setting
B2010 00 [009] - -

12652550 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded
U1014 00 [009] - -

What we suspect is happening... owner of vehicle is not using parking brake, the tech pulls the vehicle into the shop and sets the parking brake for the first time in a LOOOOONG time.... and here we are.

Correctly coded the EPB module, to 01040200 and the U1014 code went away. Could set and release the EPB without issue, but the two B2010 codes would not clear out. And we could not perform the Basis Settings [*IDE04509*] Air gap calibration.

The fix:

  • Recode the EPB module for Ceramic brakes, so coding of 02040200 (Security Access required to enable coding). Note, RoW market vehicles may require the coding of 02040100
  • Set and release EPB
  • Basis Settings [*IDE04509*] Air gap calibration, got the Finished Correctly statement
  • Exit out of EPB and cycle ignition
  • Recode the EPB module back to correct value of 01040200 (Security Access required to enable coding). Note, RoW market vehicles often use the factory coding of 01040100
  • Clear DTCs.
  • Rock harder that Slayer did during the 1998 World Tour where the drummer spontaneously combusted on stage in Turku, Finland during Ruisrock.

There are some different variables that come into play with all this, so this may not resolve the issues for everyone. You may have fine tune the air gaps and even do the grind-in procedure. See our VW Touareg (7P) Parking Brake wiki page for additional information.

Kudos to Dana for this information.
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