Case Study:8725 / P17F9 - Park-Lock - Mechanical Malfunction



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Jan 29, 2014
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Vehicle Identification No. WAUAVAFD5BN014***
Model Audi A8 qu. 4,2
Date of production 14.01.2011
Model year 2011
Sales type 4H25AA
Engine Code CDRA
Transmission Code MXR

Address 02: Auto Trans (J217) Labels:| 0BK-927-156.clb
Part No SW: 4H1 927 158 AD HW: 0BK 927 156 K
Component: 0BK 42 FSIUSA H08 1006
Revision: --H08---
Coding: 000002
Shop #: WSC 05140 444 83910
ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMALX51011 002018
ROD: EV_TCMALX51011_002_AU64.rod
VCID: 72A8DDE9A578421604-8026

1 Fault Found:
8725 - Park-Lock
P17F9 00 [167] - Mechanical Malfunction
MIL ON - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00000001
Fault Priority: 2
Fault Frequency: 1
Mileage: 93516 km
Date: 2020.04.10
Time: 18:28:16
The shop that got this, car towed in with a dead engine, so this code was ignored. Customer had engine fixed and now stuck on this code. The only information for P17F9 is to say it exist, no relevant information. :facepalm:

The Emergency Release Cable for park has been pulled. The wut wut? So this car uses one of those stupid bump up/down gear selectors. There is not a traditional mechanical cable from the gear selector to the transmission to engage park. If one needs to get the car out of park (dead battery for example), there is the Emergency Release Cable to mechanically pull the transmission out of park.

To access the release, remove the floor mat and then remove a plastic cap. The plastic cap should have a red nylon strap securing it to the lever.

Once the release lever was folded back down and a second piece snaps into place to secure it, the tech was able to get the fault code cleared out after starting the car and operating the gear selector. Information on latching it back into place is in the factory repair manual, but the tech indicated it was pretty simple to do.

So it appears that another shop that had looked at this car pulled the release, then covered it all back and said nothing about it. So then the second shop got this and with no info to be found for P17F9... well.. confusion. Not like I knew about this until I looked into it and stumbled into the fix. :rolleyes:

Thanks to the tech Adam for sending these photos to be shared so the next poor soul who gets P17F9 can now find some actual information about it. :D