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May 14, 2019
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Sorry for the late respons. Some issues here

I already noticed that there are a few difference. The lights have different channels at some places and more possible options also for other things.

You showed that above. But it works the same i think as the Golf 7 but now its works with more channels. Also dynamic blinker haven different options and also drl and more. But can try what it does untill we can login with VCDS or VCP.

Is the reason why we do not see the full adaptions values because VCDS only reads out the module without login in? @Uwe Is that possible? Or did the locked this out like they did with the pq35 modules (byte 18) set to 00

I managed to code the Golf 8 with a dongle wich do connect with the VW server to get the login codes from the car. But this is only possible at this time with there one click functions. The dongle is OBDapp. You do not see what codes are used.

I only can code between 9 - 17h. That is the time the server is online from vw.

Here i did i code the taillights with drl:

I need to read out the adaptions from 09 before and after the coding to see what did change but i need to get a car at the dealer again. I was short in time and that was the reason i tryed a few things voor test purpose. I will make time to try to find out what changed because the was more possible and i did more coding.

Let me now off you want to now more and i will look into it. I have acces to a Golf 8 whenever i need and the car is there.
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Mar 6, 2016
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@Antera : Hi.

I was intrigued by the bolded part of your post - I had never really considered what similarities there might be between the 2 x model Golfs
So, galvanized into action by the prospect of just being able to translate mk7/mk7.5 tweak instructions onto the mk8 platform (ignoring SFD for the moment) - I decided to compare the adaptation-channel databases in the BCM s from a mk8 and a mk7.5

For the purpose of my exercise, I chose the BCM admaps as follows:

Gold mk8 - from @Mari dropbox .ZIP file (thank you for providing this resource): 5WA-937-086-J
Golf mk7.5: 5Q0-937-084-CP

I used MS Excel and MS Access for the comparison.

GolfBCMTotal - Channel CountTotal - Unique Channel NamesChannel names common to both BCMs

As you can see, my numbers don't bode well for the prospect of being able to simply transfer previous mk7/7.5 tweaks onto the mk8 platform (at least not for the 2 x BCM s above)!

As an example of the difference, I was particularly interested in how the mk8 BCM handled Leuchte-Sets. In the older vehicles, these consisted of a bunch of 19 x adaptation channels. In mk8s, it appears that each Leuchte-set is now a group of 23 channels. I compare the structure of a Leuchte-set for the old and new platforms in the picture below (hope it makes sense):

This means that any attempt to apply tweak instructions relating to light function changes from a mk7/7.5 (and there are lots of these) will be problematic at best!!

Great Comparison and due diligence Don, thankyou.