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May 19, 2017
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Have A6 with sign recognition (2015)
recently fiber receiver on MIB2 died making my MIB2 reset every 10-20sec.
decided to replace it instead of repair and to make flash to newest train.

All is fine, except sign recognition and choice of Rain State, Sunny State by sign recognition.

For counties like Belgium or Luxembourg there are 2 permanent speed limit
ex. Luxembourg
130 when not raining
110 when raining

My sign recognition shows always limit for wet condition.
as below:

I know that navigation is providing data about 2 signs.

So my question how it is chosen to display WET condition signs or SUNNY condition signs.

I'm thinking about
PSD version (1.4 vs 1.5)
Some humidity sensor

SCAN for 5F
Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794)       Labels:* 4G1-035-MIB-HGH2.clb
   Part No SW: 4G1 035 043 M    HW: 4G1 035 043 D
   Component: MU-H-N-EU     051 1425  
   Serial number: :-)
   Coding: 01754201FF0A000033110001000F04232F000AE5F1F00108FF
   Shop #: WSC 21239 003 104857
   ASAM Dataset: EV_MUHig6C3Gen2HBAS 001115
   ROD: EV_MUHig6C3Gen2HBAS_AU57.rod
   VCID: 280AF10922780137A29-807C

   Data medium: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: V03 959 802 DF    HW: -----------
   Component: ECE 2019/2020  --- 0177 
   Serial number: --------------------

   Display unit 1 for multimedia system: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 4G1 919 605 A    HW: 4G1 919 605 A
   Component: DU8 C7 SV  H63 0007 
   Serial number: :-)      

   Multimedia Operating Unit: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 4G1 919 610 F    HW: 4G1 919 610 F
   Component: E380 BDT C7  H20 0250 
   Serial number: :-)       

   Compact Disc Database: 
   Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: V03 959 800 EG    HW: -----------
   Component: Gracenote2  --- 1012 
   Serial number: --------------------

No fault code found.