Ross-Tech's buisness model - what drives it?



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May 16, 2014
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Melbourne, Australia
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This has to be perhaps the most definitive statement on this forum about Ross-Tech's corporate value set?

I thieved the statement below is from HERE - it's now closed, so I'm posting on this thread for want of a better place to make my observation.

I also want to say that I'm not into hagiography normally and most definitely not where financial corporations are involved because universally (and somewhat understandably) they have a single objective - which is return on shareholder investment albeit thankfully these days, increasing consumer rights and community expectations has tempered this corporate myopia.

Anyhow - when reading today's new posts it struct me how rare it was for the CEO of a large (conglomerate?) company to make the following statement - which was made quite casually and without fanfare or emphasis:

Uwe said:
..........because every genuine HEX+CAN made since 2004 still works with the latest VCDS software downloaded directly from our site.
You don't see that said too often (if ever)!!! How many other corporate entities can claim to support their products 15 years after production? That simple affirmation speaks volumes about what makes Ross-Tech tick (IMHO)!!