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Ross-Tech is not responsible for any damage or problems that may result from following these instructions. They are to be used at your own risk. The Ross-Tech Wiki platform specific tweaks pages have replaced the contents in this post. This thread is active for general discussion.

  1. It is always recommended to perform a complete Auto-Scan and save it prior to coding changes. Please see the Online Manual: Auto Scan Screen
  2. Never Copy coding from a different vehicle and Paste it to your module(s).
  3. All Auto-Scans must be posted using the current release of VCDS which is found Here



Address 09 - Central Electronics:

  1. If this module does not communicate, unlock all vehicle doors and try again.

  2. Byte 18 *Do Not alter this if you are not retrofitting rear lights*

Address 46 - Central Conv.:
  • The 46-Cent. Conv. module does not really exist on the 2010 Golf (or other Mk6 type vehicles). All functions formerly found in 46 have been integrated into the (BCM) 09-Cent Elect. We think a "virtual" entry for 46 is still included in the Gateway Installation List for compatibility reasons (internal communications with other modules in the car).

Address 55 - Xenon Range
  • It may be possible to enable a Tourist Mode feature via the MFA as shown in this example Travel Mode. Registered customers will need to contact us directly for assistance and have a legitimate need for this feature, such as traveling to another country where driving in the opposite side of the road is necessary.

Address 62 - Door, Rear Left:
  • Later production MK6 platform vehicles may use rear door modules that are integrated in the front much like 46 is integrated in 09. We think a "virtual" entry for 46 is still included in the Gateway Installation List for compatibility reasons (internal communications with other modules in the car).

Address 72 - Door, Rear Right:
  • Same applies from Address - 62 above.

Address 56 - Radio:
  • The newer RNS-315 does not communicate with a scan tool. Use address 37-Navigation (J794) instead.


  • Retrofitting information is available on the Ross-Tech Wiki:
    Retrofitting Page

  • RoW Vehicle, Retrofit indirect TPMS using coding only:
    How to: retrofit indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring in 5 minutes. (7K6)
    Depending on the Instrument cluster that's installed, Byte 2, Bit 0 may need turned On = 1 for the TPMS light/icon to work. The current VCDS includes this documentation in the Long Coding Helper

    Side notes:
    • M.Y. 2010 BCM equipped US market vehicles used the 65-TPMS module, which was simply an additional function of the 09-Cent. Elect. module, with TPMS sensors mounted in each wheel.
    • Starting in M.Y. 2011 the U.S. market 1K/AJ vehicles now use the ABS style of TPMS mentioned in the thread above. They have the TPMS reset button from the factory.

  • NAR Vehicle, European switch retrofit:
    DIY - Wiring a Euro Headlight Switch to run parking lights

  • NAR Vehicle, Alarm Siren retrofit:
    DIY: Alarm Siren Install

  • NAR Golf / Gti LED Tail Light retrofit:

    Forum discussion about coding and installing LED lights and Byte 18 coding can be found here: LED tail Install with or without Rear Fog

    2012 Golf R and 2012 Separate LED DRL type Xenon Golf models should also see Tom's notes on the extra wire swap. Notes on LED Tail / Rear Fog Install

    Most NAR vehicles retrofitting the rear fog lamp with factory/incandescent configuration can choose the standard RoW selection in the Long Coding Helper. They need to swap wires as mentioned in the above links and the following should be helpful: Non-LED Rear Fog Light

    If you cannot find the coding configuration after reading the various forum sources, Registered Ross-Tech customers can send us complete Auto-Scans with "LED Tail Light retrofit" in the subject line. Please include the part number of all four lights, RH or LH drive vehicle details, and with or w/o a rear fog lamp.

  • NAR Jetta LED Tail Light retrofit:
    This is still a work in progress, but forum discussion about coding and installing LED lights and Byte 18 coding can be found here: 2010 Jetta LED Tail Coding

  • NAR Golf / Gti Auto Headlights and RLS retrofit:
    Tips related to Coding and Adaptation on a US 2010 Market Gti can be found here: Adding Rain and Light Sensor

  • Door Warning Lights retrofit:
    Installing Door Waring Lights involves wiring and coding. Coding for the latest door modules is documented in the current release of VCDS but there are two styles of door modules as noted above. The production split for NAR vehicles was in 2010:
    1. If the vehicle has the conventional modules all 4 will communicate independently using addresses 42, 52, 62 and 72. In these cases connect to each module and add the "Door Exit/Warning Light installed" (typically + 64) value to the existing short coding. Ex: If the short coding was 0001204 add 64 for a new value of 0001268.
    2. If the vehicle uses the newer (UDS) style of modules only the front modules will communicate using addresses 42 and 52. Each rear module can be accessed and long coded from the respective right/left front module. Select the front (master) or rear (sub-system) module from the drop down list and use the long coding helper to configure "Door Exit/Warning Light installed" by checking the box and saving the new coding.
  • Mirror down in reverse
    Mirror down in reverse is generally not possible with coding alone if the car did not have this feature from production. This typically involves/requires:
    1. Coding the 09-Cent. Elect. module for the option.
    2. The pair of front window motors/door module addresses 42-Door Elect, Driver -and- 52-Door Elect, Pass. capable of and coded for this feature.
    3. The exterior passenger mirror assembly with memory capability and additional wiring from that mirror to the door module.

    Ross-Tech does not have a complete list of the door modules that support this. If you need assistance determining what parts are required please contact your local dealer or parts distributor.



Using the Long Coding Helper when checkboxes are not present

Several of the convenience settings can be changed from the MFI without a scan tool. VW has this site for all models:



If anyone wants to test this additional menu, please post your scan.


Explained in detail by Mr.Timewise Here

Dana's Scan
A3 feedback
Mk6 door warning lights
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