Howto Swap analog Instrument Cluster MQB



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Nov 27, 2018
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Germany, Erfurt
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I didn't find detailed information on howto do this, so here are my experiences howto SWAP an analog cluster in an MQB car. In this case, my US Tiguan Allspace received a German cluster from a EU Tiguan.
Part number US cluster (VDO made in Mexico):

Part number EU cluster (VDO made in CZ):

Questions/Concerns I had before:
- Can I train a used cluster as I found different statements on this?
- Can I activate the CP as the cluster is for a different car
- Can you learn the keys to the new used cluster as VIN is somehow married to them too and the cluster is the IMMO master?

First time try fitting this to the car the following happened overall:
- ABS and Roof electric lost their coding
- CP activated
- I tried to train keys to the new cluster to than start ignition to remove CP. Worst case happened, after reading the key information, ODIS showed me 2 VINS (mine and the donar cars) and asked me which VIN to choose. I chose my VIN and the training failed.
- At this point I reverted everything back to the old cluster and worked 1 hour for fix CP and coding for ABS/Roof

Yesterday I tried again, this time a little more structured.
- Coding and adaptions backup of new and old cluster
- Put new cluster in, DO NOT TRY TO TURN IGNITION ON. Turn the hazards on to wake up BUS
- Now I tried to learn keys again, this time ODIS did not asked me to choose the VIN (not 100% sure why) and went successful through programming all keys to it
- During this procedure, ODIS automatically activated CP on the new cluster
- Now I could turn Ignition on, after that I changed adaptions and coding
- I bought this cluster for less than 70€ on Ebay, the mileage was only 18km, so I was able to go into adaptions and adjusts it to the actual value.

Everything works and for less than 70 Euros I now have a german cluster which is much nicer to drive with as you dont have to focus on the small km/h section or use the digital one.

Hope that helps someone.