2015 NMS Passat ESP OFF button retrofit



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Nov 7, 2017
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I had a customer request retrofitting of parking sensors, fancy Chinese headlights and an ESP off button on his 2015 Passat TDI SE (with a manual, no less) last week. Got it all done. Only real struggle is I have yet to find OE buttons that actually fit that console.

From what I can tell, this particular revision of the ATE Mk60 started use in 2014. 47 pin connector going to it. I got a generic 12 mm momentary switch from Amazon and installed it into one of the blanks alongside the shifter, wiring diagram indicates the switch should send 12V from term 15 when pressed. The NMS wiring diagram didn't show an option for the ESP button at all, but poking around in the Mk6 Jetta wiring diagrams, found a 47 pin ABS wiring diagram and that one DID show an ESP button, output wire from momentary switch going to pin 39.

So, got it all hooked up as needed and poked around in the long coding helper, unfortunately minimal definitions so far of the coding in this particular module.

After some googling, I found another post here, a fellow with a Chinese NCS and he flipped a bit or two in the last byte (19). If I recall, his coding originally was 00 in byte 19 and he changed his to 23 if I recall.

This North American Passat was hex value 13 originally, or 00010011 in binary in byte 19.

I flipped bit 5 to a 1 so it now read 00110011, the hex value changed to 33.

Now, when I press my make-shift ESP off button for only about a second, the ESP off light appears in the cluster. Press it again, light turns off and the MFI displays a message that the ESP system has been activated.

Maybe this will help someone with a retrofit in the future. Seems to be a lot of variants of the mk60 with different pin numbers and the coding for the button located in different bytes, so as always, proceed with due caution when doing any such modifications. i.e., don't blame me if you brick it.

The part number, according to VCDS, of this module is 1K0 907 379 BM with software revision 0164.