Charge Air Pressure Issue


Mika Rummukainen

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Jun 29, 2019
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Canberra, AU
Ok, so I managed to solve the issue and thought I'd post my results in case anyone has the same issue. It seems the wastegate actuator arm was out of voltage range, simply turning it down to 3.6 volts has corrected the issue.

I then had a wastegate stuck error and found this was due to the junction of the wastegate swing arm and the exhasut manifold. It was so tight that it was difficult to move by hand. So i thought perhaps a little bit of grease would help free this up... bad idea. It worked well in that it did free it up, but a 5 minute drive resulted in the heat from the turbo using the grease to transfer its energy to the welded (actually looks more like soldered) joint of the wastegate pin and the arm and it completely melted apart! In the end this was rectified by pulling out the turbo to be able to weld the arm back on to the wastegate, I made sure there was a bit of free play to ensure it won't get stuck again.