Case Study: B201A - Check Software Version Management

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Jan 29, 2014
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Original source credit for this goes to TBAx.

5F Information Electronics has the following DTC:

1555 - Check Software Version Management
B201A 00 [009] - -

Code does not clear out, and even better, the factory scan tool may not be able to resolve it.

Start VCDS
[5F-Information Electr.]

In the Search field, type in 02502. Then from the Channel drop down menu, select:
IDE02502 -Confirmation of installation change

Note the Stored Value, "A8 61" in this example.

Go to the XOR Calculator web site.

For this example, the Stored Value was "A8 61". For I. Input type in "a861".
For II. Input, set it to decimal (base 10) and type in "51666".

Click on the [Calculate XOR] button and the value for III. Output is "61b3" (for this example).

Back in VCDS, on the Adaptation screen set the New Value to "61 B3".

[Do It!]
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You should now be able to clear the 1555 - Check Software Version Management fault code.

I think I see what is happening now:
1010100001100001 = A861
1100100111010010 = 51666
0110000110110011 = 61B3
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