2011 Audi A4 (B8 MLB/PQ48) 1.8 CDHB QUATTRO



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Feb 26, 2019
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VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64
VCDS Version: (x64)  HEX-V2 CB: 0.4436.4
Data version: 20190114 DS296.0

Chassis Type: 8K-AU48 (8T0)
Scan: 01 03 05 08 09 15 16 17 19 42 46 52 53 55 56 62 72

VIN: WAUZZZ8K6BA130978   Mileage: 163050km-101314miles

01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000
03-ABS Brakes -- Status: OK 0000
04-Steering Angle -- Status: OK 0000
05-Acc/Start Auth. -- Status: OK 0000
08-Auto HVAC -- Status: OK 0000
09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000
15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000
16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000
17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000
19-CAN Gateway -- Status: Malfunction 0010
42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: OK 0000
46-Central Conv. -- Status: OK 0000
52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000
53-Parking Brake -- Status: OK 0000
55-Headlight Range -- Status: OK 0000
56-Radio -- Status: OK 0000
62-Door, Rear Left -- Status: OK 0000
72-Door, Rear Right -- Status: OK 0000
Address 01: Engine (DET---CDHB)       Labels:| 06H-907-115-CAB.clb
   Part No SW: 8K1 907 115 M    HW: 8K1 907 115 
   Component: 1.8l R4/4V TF H18 0004  
   Revision: A5H18---    
   Coding: 0104000C180F0120
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM18TFS8K1907115M A01004
   ROD: EV_ECM18TFS_AU48.rod
   VCID: 38292AB632D4936766D-806C

1 Fault Found:
2811 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1 
          P0171 00 [096] - System Too Lean
          Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
Readiness: 0000 0000

Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104)       Labels:. 8K0-907-379-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 907 379 BJ    HW: 8K0 907 379 BJ
   Component: ESP8 quattro  H04 0060  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: --------------
   Coding: 044508
   Shop #: WSC 06324 000 00000
   VCID: 025D885E240809B7889-8056

No fault code found.

Address 05: Acc/Start Auth. (J393)       Labels:. 8K0-907-064-05.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 907 064 CA    HW: 8K0 907 064 CA
   Component: BCM2 2.0      H05 0435  
   Revision: 00002001    
   Coding: 030100
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 71BFD79211AE022F613-8024

   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 8T0 959 754 D    HW: 8T0 959 754 D
   Component: FBSAUDIB8 IDG  H60 0072 
   Serial number: 0511000007299014    

   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 8K0 905 852 D    HW: 8K0 905 852 D
   Component: J764 ELV MLB  H37 0042 
   Serial number: 2311000027593005    

No fault code found.

Address 08: Auto HVAC (J255)       Labels: Redir Fail!
   Part No SW: 8T1 820 043 AN    HW: 8T1 820 043 AN
   Component: KLIMA 1 ZONE  H08 0180  
   Revision: A1000000    Serial number: 01220220110297
   Coding: 64000000
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 7DA7FBA25DF6764FF5B-8028

No fault code found.

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519)       Labels:. 8K0-907-063.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 907 063 P    HW: 8K0 907 063 P
   Component: BCM1 1.0      H30 0392  
   Revision: 10030001    Serial number: 00000000807414
   Coding: 2600D0914034AF000001000300001D0D001C030802010101000000
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 3C2136A6066CBF47825-8068

   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 8K1 955 119 A    HW: 8T1 955 119   Labels: 1KX-955-119.CLB
   Component: WWS 160211  H07 0070 
   Serial number: SWF11020165095      
   Coding: 00FD11

   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 8K0 955 559     HW: 8K0 955 559   Labels: 8K0-955-559.CLB
   Component: RLS  H04 0003 
   Serial number: 11289029            
   Coding: 025028

   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 8K0 941 531 AS    HW: 8K0 941 531 AS
   Component: E1 - LDS  H03 0031 
   Serial number: 00000000001102110809

No fault code found.

Address 15: Airbags (J234)       Labels:* 8K0-959-655.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 959 655 L    HW: 8K0 959 655 L
   Component: AirbagVW-AU10 H44 0610  
   Serial number: 003JMD09BPX6  
   Coding: 30513435363030303030554A304C384B3053
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   ASAM Dataset: EV_AirbaECUVWAUDI010 003010
   ROD: EV_AirbaECUVWAUDI010_003_AU48.rod
   VCID: 46D5544E4820F597E41-8012

   Crash sensor for side airbag: driver side: 
   Serial number: 6334MSME5C3144114

   Crash sensor for side airbag: front passenger side: 
   Serial number: 6344MSME5C461334C

   Crash sensor for side airbag: rear: driver side: 
   Serial number: 6352QSME31024C78E

   Crash sensor for side airbag: rear: passenger side: 
   Serial number: 6362QSME520415667

   Crash sensor for front airbag: driver side: 
   Serial number: 63732SME0702316CU

   Crash sensor for front airbag: front passenger side: 
   Serial number: 63832SME09024266T

No fault code found.

Address 16: Steering wheel (J527)       Labels:. 8K0-953-568.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 953 568 E    HW: 8K0 953 568 E
   Component: Lenks.Modul   H17 0014  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 90372KBB0012Q 
   Coding: 000006
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 3C2136A6066CBF47825-8068

No fault code found.

Address 17: Instruments (J285)       Labels:. 8T0-920-xxx-17.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 920 930 M    HW: 8K0 920 930 M
   Component: KOMBIINSTR.   H27 0258  
   Revision: 00200000    Serial number: EJ814RH2C     
   Coding: 0F04090002000008010000
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 372B298A3F4A9C1F6F7-8062

No fault code found.

Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533)       Labels:. 8T0-907-468.clb
   Part No SW: 8T0 907 468 AB    HW: 8T0 907 468 H
   Component: GW-BEM 5CAN   H06 0117  
   Revision: GB800053    Serial number: 5300G112138128
   Coding: 00C303
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 015F8752210E12AF913-8054

   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 8K0 915 181 E    HW: 8K0 915 181 E
   Component: J367-BDM  H07 0170 
   Serial number: 1100903D070211      

1 Fault Found:
03041 - Energy Management Active 
            000 -  -  - Intermittent
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00100000
                    Fault Priority: 7
                    Fault Frequency: 1
                    Reset counter: 73
                    Mileage: 163056 km
                    Time Indication: 0
                    Date: 2019.05.13
                    Time: 16:11:01

             Freeze Frame:
                    Bin. Bits:    10000
                    Voltage: 12.00 V
                    Count: 12

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver (J386)       Labels:. 8K0-959-793.clb
   Part No SW: 8T0 959 793 N    HW: 8T0 959 793 B
   Component: TSG FA        H07 1501  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: --------------
   Coding: 011002204000410001
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 54F17E068EFC57076A5-8000

No fault code found.

Address 46: Central Conv. (J393)       Labels:. 8K0-907-064-46.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 907 064 CA    HW: 8K0 907 064 CA
   Component: BCM2 2.0      H05 0435  
   Revision: 00002001    Serial number: 0143302298    
   Coding: 0100062000B900408030013280000000
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 71BFD79211AE022F613-8024

No fault code found.

Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. (J387)       Labels:. 8K0-959-792.clb
   Part No SW: 8T0 959 792 N    HW: 8T0 959 792 B
   Component: TSG BF        H07 1501  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: --------------
   Coding: 011002204000410001
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 53F37D1A8BF2503F73F-8006

No fault code found.

Address 53: Parking Brake (J540)       Labels: 8K0-907-801-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 8K0 907 801 H    HW: 8K0 907 801 H
   Component: EPB Audi B8   H09 0100  
   Revision: 00000003    Serial number: 00000000870195
   Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
   VCID: 34311E862E3C77074A5-8060

No fault code found.

Address 55: Headlight Range        Labels: 8K0-907-357.clb
   Part No: 8K5 907 357 B
   Component: Dynamische LWR  H02 0010  
   Revision: 00000001    Serial number:               
   Coding: 0000004
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 392F2FB2055E8A6F993-806C

No fault code found.

Address 56: Radio (J503)       Labels:. 8Tx-035-1xx-56.clb
   Part No SW: 8T1 035 186 P    HW: 8T1 035 186 P
   Component: Concert3      H07 0350  
   Revision: 00000011    Serial number: AUZ5Z6K1543248
   Coding: 05000480040101000159070000
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 44D14E467E9CC787FA5-8010

   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 8T0 919 603 F    HW: 8T0 919 603 F
   Component: Display  

No fault code found.

Address 62: Door, Rear Left (J388)       Labels:. 8K0-959-795.clb
   Part No SW: 8T0 959 795 N    HW: 8T0 959 795 B
   Component: TSG HL        H06 1501  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: --------------
   Coding: 010002204000210001
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 56F5840E98004517941-8002

No fault code found.

Address 72: Door, Rear Right (J389)       Labels:. 8K0-959-794.clb
   Part No SW: 8T0 959 795 N    HW: 8T0 959 795 B
   Component: TSG HR        H06 1501  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: --------------
   Coding: 010002204000210001
   Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
   VCID: 56F5840E98004517941-8002

No fault code found.

End----------(Elapsed Time: 01:08, VBatt start/end: 12.9V/13.9V)-----------

Managed to get engine channel maps cold, idle. Please note that this particular engine is eating 1,5 liters of oil per 1000km. Does it make this broken or useful? :p

	SW:8K1-907-115-M   HW:8K1-907-115 ---  Engine
	Component:1.8l R4/4V TF H18 0004, Coding:0104000C180F0120
	VCDS Version: Release 18.9.1 (x64)  Data version: 20190114 DS296.0
	VCID: 38292AB632D4936766D-806C
IDE00019,Voltage terminal 30,14.182, V	
IDE00021,Engine speed,807, /min	
IDE00025,Coolant temperature,41, °C	
IDE00030,Status of actuator test,not active, 	
IDE00075,Vehicle speed,0, km/h	
IDE00076,Status of initial fuel filling,was not yet started, 	
IDE00078,Time since engine start,202, s	
IDE00083,Throttle valve position (absolute),12.5, %	
IDE00084,Absolute load value,25, %	
IDE00085,Normed load value,22.7, %	
IDE00086,Accelerator position,15, %	
IDE00090-ENG57549,selected gear-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
IDE00094-ENG103897,Kick-down status-Channel 284,invalid, 	
IDE00097,OBD - requirements for which this vehicle is designed,Euro-OBD, 	
IDE00100,Engine torque,35.0, Nm	
IDE00148,Median injection timing,1.515, ms	
IDE00151,Oil fill level,60.964, mm	
IDE00152,Oil warning threshold,48.404, mm	
IDE00155,Timing angle retardation cylinder 1,0.0, °	
IDE00156,Timing angle retardation cylinder 2,0.0, °	
IDE00157,Timing angle retardation cylinder 3,0.0, °	
IDE00158,Timing angle retardation cylinder 4,0.0, °	
IDE00167,Exhaust temperature 1 bank 1,452.0, °C	
IDE00172,A/C compressor torque,2.7, Nm	
IDE00173,Cruise Control System: specified speed,0.00, km/h	
IDE00178,Camshaft adjustment intake bank 1: specified value,38.000, °	
IDE00179,Camshaft adjustment intake bank 1: actual value,38.305, °	
IDE00182,Camshaft adaptation intake bank 1: phase position,0.00, °	
IDE00187,Coolant temperature at engine start,9.8, °C	
IDE00190,Charge air pressure specified value,370, hPa	
IDE00191,Charge air pressure: actual value,1027.19, hPa	
IDE00194,Coolant temperature at radiator output: specified value,90.0, °C	
IDE00196,Engine oil temperature,17.0, °C	
IDE00201,High fuel pressure: specified value,4.0000, MPa	
IDE00322,Status of basic setting,was not yet started, 	
IDE00323,Security Access: Number of invalid keys,0, 	
IDE00347,Air mass: actual value:,3.58, g/s	
IDE00348,Intake air temperature,13, °C	
IDE00349,Throttle valve position: normed,2, %	
IDE00354,Engine start: start synchronization,EPM_MODE_OK, 	
IDE00355-ENG57549,Cruise Control System (CCS): status-Bits 0-7,00101000 , 	
IDE00356-ENG57549,Cruise Control System (CCS): switch position-Bits 0-7,10000001 , 	
IDE00357,Fuel temperature,19.5, °C	
IDE00358,Limitation: torque,396.8, Nm	
IDE00360,Limitation: accelerator pedal,0.0, Nm	
IDE00371,Fuel consumption,1.44, l/h	
IDE00375,Generator: load signal,0.00, %	
IDE00380,Coolant fan 1: activation,14.79, %	
IDE00381,Coolant fan 2: activation,0.00, %	
IDE00392,Accelerator pedal: sensor voltage 1,752.4, mV	
IDE00393,Accelerator pedal: sensor voltage 2,378.6, mV	
IDE00399,Regulation factor: total,0.0000, 	
IDE00405,Crankshaft speed (RPM),1627.0, /min	
IDE00406,Camshaft speed (RPM),406.3, /min	
IDE00407-ENG57549,Rail pressure regulation: status-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
IDE00412-ENG57549,Starter control: terminal 50-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
IDE00413-ENG57549,Starter control: Interlock- or P/N-signal-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
IDE00443-ENG57549,Accelerator pedal: switch positions-Bits 0-7,00001001 , 	
IDE00445,Unlearning counter according OBD,255, 	
IDE00450,Operating Instructions,--no display--, 	
IDE00451,Currently running routine,0, 	
IDE00474,Ambient air pressure,102, kPa abs	
IDE00477,Torque request: sum of auxiliary aggregate,7.4, Nm	
IDE00496-ENG57549,Activation of oil pressure switch valve-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
IDE00497-ENG57549,Status of oil pressure switches-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
IDE00541,Acceleration,0.000, m/s²	
IDE00556,Outside air temperature,7, °C	
IDE00558,Voltage of oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 (broadband sensor),1.484, V	
IDE00559,Current of oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 (broadband sensor),0.999 Lambda / -0.008 mA, 	
IDE00560-MAS04121,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2 (jump sensor)-Voltage,0.455, V	
IDE00560-MAS04122,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2 (jump sensor)-Short term adaptation of mixture formation,99.2, %	
IDE00582,Equivalence ratio target value,1.000, Lambda	
IDE00583,Throttle valve specified value,3, %	
IDE00584,Distance driven since erasing DTC memory,9469, km	
IDE00585,Dist. driven with exh. Malfunction Indicator Lamp activated,0, km	
IDE00589,Fuel pressure,3880, kPa rel	
IDE00592,Oxygen sensor control status,Closed loop,  / using O2 sensors , 	
IDE00593,Ignition timing adjustment cylinder 1,-1.5, Degrees	
IDE00595,Allocation of oxygen sensors,B1S1 B1S2 , 	
IDE00597,Long term adaptation of mixture formation bank 1,0.0, %	
IDE00601,Monitoring status since erasing DTC memory,, 	
IDE00602,Monitoring status in current driving cycle,, 	
IDE00603,Number of driving cycles since erasing DTC memory,255, 	
IDE00604,Short term adaptation of mixture formation bank 1,5.5, %	
IDE00612,Target position of EVAP canister valve,0.0, %	
IDE00727,Test steps still to be performed,0, 	
IDE00738,Test of oxygen sensors bank 1: Delta-Lambda,-0.00006, 	
IDE00752-ENG101240,Test of oxygen sensor control.-Channel 213,Test off, 	
IDE00787,Cause for cancellation,0, 	
IDE00949-ENG98517,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 1,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98491,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 10,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98492,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 11,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98493,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 12,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98518,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 13,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98519,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 14,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98520,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 15,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98494,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 16,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98521,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 2,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98522,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 3,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98523,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 4,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98495,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 5,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98524,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 6,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98496,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 7,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98497,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 8,not active, 	
IDE00949-ENG98498,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 9,not active, 	
IDE01098-ENG101008,Test of knock sensors: short trip result-Channel 165,Test off, 	
IDE01196,Dynamic factor O2 sensors bank 1 or bank 3 before cat. conv.,1.1694, 	
IDE01236-ENG57549,Coolant recirculation pump-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
IDE01260,Generator power,395.841, W	
IDE01267,Height correction,1.01526, 	
IDE01405-ENG57549,Status of starter activation-Bits 0-7,00000010 , 	
IDE01638-ENG102142,Result O2 sensor aging test bank 1 or 3 before cat. conv.-Channel 951,Test off, 	
IDE01650,Throttle valve position 2,13, %	
IDE01665-ENG101297,Result of test of camshaft adjustment intake bank 1-Channel 140,Test off, 	
IDE01680-ENG103449,Result test Evap. Emission (EVAP) Canister Purge Reg. Valve-Channel 195,Test off, 	
IDE01773,Misfire sum counter,0, 	
IDE01774-ENG103277,Status misfire recognition-Channel 232,activated, 	
IDE01775,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 1,0, 	
IDE01776,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 2,0, 	
IDE01777,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 3,0, 	
IDE01778,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 4,0, 	
IDE01869,Long-term fuel trim bank 1 at idle,-1.22, %	
IDE01870-ENG101122,Oxygen sensor after catalytic converter: operating status-Channel 113,Test off, 	
IDE01872-ENG103744,Result of oxygen sensor aging test after catalytic converter-Channel 378,Test off, 	
IDE01873,Test of catalytic converter: measured value,2.9297, 	
IDE01874-ENG103068,Test of catalytic converter: result-Channel 486,Test off, 	
IDE01875,Required torque adjustment by idling regulator,-0.076, %	
IDE01876,Adaptation of loss torque,-3.6, Nm	
IDE01877-ENG57549,Operating condition of idle speed control-Bits 0-7,00000101 , 	
IDE01878-ENG28465,Adaptation of throttle valve-Byte,00000100 , 	
IDE01879-ENG101334,Adaptation of throttle valve: result-Channel 698,ADP is OK, 	
IDE01880,Accelerator position 2,15, %	
IDE01881,Adaptation of kick-down shifting point,4125.2, mV	
IDE01884,Camshaft adjustment intake bank 1: activation,6.250, %	
IDE01885-ENG102809,Shut off of oxygen sensor control-Channel 212,l-Reg.ON, 	
IDE01888,Cold start enrichment: adaptation area 1,1.000, 	
IDE01889,Cold start enrichment: adaptation area 2,1.008, 	
IDE01890,Cold start enrichment: adaptation area 3,0.961, 	
IDE01891,Cold start enrichment: adaptation area 4,0.977, 	
IDE01892,Cold start enrichment: adaptation area 5,1.000, 	
IDE01893,Fuel pump: specified value,48.096, %	
IDE01894,Charge press. ctrl.: adapt. higher than max. threshold,0.000, %	
IDE01895,Charge pressure control: less than min. threshold adaptation,3.571, %	
IDE01896,Charge pressure control: damping grtr max. threshold adaptation,39.999, %	
IDE01897,Charge pressure control: damping lsr min. threshold adaptation,0.000, %	
IDE01898,Load value: specified value,99.98, %	
IDE01899,Load value: corrected specified value,99.98, %	
IDE01900,Charge press. ctrl.: spec. value,2.0, %	
IDE01901,Lost torque adaptation: idle,-1.1, Nm	
IDE01902,Lost torque adaptation A/C compressor,-3.6, Nm	
IDE01903,Lost torque adaptation driving mode,0.0, Nm	
IDE01904,Lost torque adaptation A/C compressor and driving mode,0.0, Nm	
IDE01905,Average of ignition timing angle delay adjustment,0.0, °	
IDE01906,Dynamic average of ignition timing angle delay adjustment,0.0, °	
IDE01907,Maximum filling correction factor from knock control,1.00000, 	
IDE01908,Overboost value charge pressure reduction factor,0.99998, 	
IDE01909,Short term adapt. throttle valve for mass air flow sensor,0.99988, 	
IDE01910,Long term adaptation of throttle valve for mass air flow sensor,0.98450, 	
IDE01911,Leakage air,2.6, kg/h	
IDE01912,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1: specified value,1.0000, 	
IDE01913,Number of oxygen sensor dynamic tests: bank 1 sensor 1,1, 	
IDE01914-ENG57549,Oxygen sensor wiring diagnosis: bank 1 sensor 1-Bits 0-7,10101000 , 	
IDE01916,Leakage recognition from oxygen sensor control,1.0652, 	
IDE01917,Leakage after throttle valve,-1.000, 	
IDE01918,Leakage before throttle valve,-1.000, 	
IDE01919-ENG57549,Leakage recognition: status-Bits 0-7,11011100 , 	
IDE01920,Oxygen sensor: mixture correction with active diagnosis,0.0000, 	
IDE01921-ENG103108,O2 reg: evap. emiss. can. purge reg. valve w/ active diagn.-Bitregister,valid, 	
IDE01921-ENG100991,O2 reg: evap. emiss. can. purge reg. valve w/ active diagn.-Rel uw b200 UWORD Chann 295,86.508, %	
IDE01922,Vehicle distance driven,163056, km	
IDE01923,Control module distance driven,162579074, m	
IDE01924,Load shift flaps: actual value,0.000, %	
IDE01925,Load shift flaps: specified value,0.000, %	
IDE01926,Adaptation of load shift flaps,3.813, V	
IDE01927-ENG100677,Result of load shift flap adaptation-Channel 514,ADP is OK, 	
IDE01928,Close cam shaft angle at quantity control valve,17.3, °	
IDE01929,Open cam shaft angle at quantity control valve,0.0, °	
IDE01930,High pressure regulation: adaptation value,-0.0975, MPa	
IDE01931,High pressure pump injection volume control deviation,-0.0250, MPa	
IDE01932,High pressure pump injection volume,-6.26, mm³	
IDE01975,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 1,2296, 	
IDE01976,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 2,1396, 	
IDE01977,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 3,2354, 	
IDE01978,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 4,1509, 	
IDE02115-ENG57549,Adjustment requirements for basic setting-Bits 0-7,11011110 , 	
IDE02116,Exhaust gas temperature before catalytic converter,345.08, °C	
IDE02117,Relative load value,22.41, %	
IDE02119,Long term adaptation of oxygen sensor control: bank 1,0.0, %	
IDE03108-ENG99568,Result of test of oxygen sensors bank 1-Channel 976,Test off, 	
IDE03692-ENG57549,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bits 0-7,10001000 , 	
IDE03693-ENG57549,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bits 0-7,10001011 , 	
IDE03711,Mass flow through throttle valve,12.8, kg/h	
IDE03806-ENG57549,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1: status-Bits 0-7,00000111 , 	
IDE03807-ENG57549,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2: status-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
IDE03818-ENG103108,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 2: resistance-Bitregister,invalid, 	
IDE03818-ENG99405,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 2: resistance-R uw q2 UWORD Chann 120,0.000, Ohm	
IDE03819-ENG100427,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 2: activation-Channel 123,Htg.aC.OFF, 	
IDE03820,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 1: resistance,300.39, Ohm	
IDE03821,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 1: activation,36.691, %	
IDE03832,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2: response time,0.00, s	
IDE03834,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2: response time filtered,0.10, s	
IDE03836-ENG100502,Result of O2 sensor aging test bank 1 after cat. conv.-Channel 2114,B1-S2 OK, 	
IDE03838,Oxygen sensor aging test bank 1 after catalytic converter,0.00, s	
MAS00043,Supply voltage: Terminal 30,14100, mV	
ENG105021-ENG57549,AC compressor shut-off status-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105037,Acc Ped trq Des,-37.0, Nm	
ENG105038,Acc Ped trq Des Pull,0.0, Nm	
ENG105194,Accelerator position,0.00, %	
ENG105042,ACCI a Des,0.000, m/s²	
ENG105043,ACCI phi Road,0.0000, rad	
ENG105044,ACCI r Brk Des,0.00, %	
ENG105045-ENG57549,ACCI st ACC-Bits 0-7,00000110 , 	
ENG105047-ENG57549,ACCI st Brk Err mp-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105048-ENG57549,ACCI st Sens Err mp-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105049-ENG57549,ACCI st State-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105050,ACCI trq Brk,0.0, Nm	
ENG105054,Act Mod trq Clth,-0.4, Nm	
ENG105091,Afmim n,99.6, %	
ENG105092,Afmim x,0.0, %	
ENG105093,Afnmn,10200, /min	
ENG105094,Afnmx,0, /min	
ENG105095,AFS dm,12.6, kg/h	
ENG105113,Air C p Clnt,0, hPa	
ENG105116-ENG57549,Air C st Swt Raw-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
ENG105117,Air C trq Cmpr Max,25.0, Nm	
ENG105114,Air conditioner fan activation,14.79, %	
ENG105166,Alt trq Des,5.2, Nm	
ENG106228,Ambient air pressure,1028, hPa	
ENG106231,Ambient temperature,7.5, °C	
ENG105188,Anzhr dnawz,0.0, s	
ENG105189,Anzhr dynaw,0, 	
ENG105190,Anzhr dynws,0.0, s	
ENG105192,APP r,0.00, %	
ENG105195-ENG57549,APP st Pla Brk mp-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105270-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st Actr Tst-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105272-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 0-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105273-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 1-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105274-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 10-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105275-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 11-Bits 0-7,01110000 , 	
ENG105276-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 12-Bits 0-7,01110000 , 	
ENG105277-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 13-Bits 0-7,01110000 , 	
ENG105278-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 14-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105279-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 15-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105280-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 16-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105281-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 17-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105282-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 18-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105283-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 19-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105284-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 2-Bits 0-7,00100000 , 	
ENG105285-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 20-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105286-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 21-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105287-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 22-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105288-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 23-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105289-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 3-Bits 0-7,01100000 , 	
ENG105290-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 4-Bits 0-7,00010000 , 	
ENG105291-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 5-Bits 0-7,11100000 , 	
ENG105292-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 6-Bits 0-7,00110000 , 	
ENG105293-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 7-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105294-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 8-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105295-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st DFC Err 9-Bits 0-7,00010000 , 	
ENG105296-ENG57549,Bas Svr Appl st Frm MDCS-Bits 0-7,00000100 , 	
ENG105298-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 0-Bits 0-7,00000010 , 	
ENG105299-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 1-Bits 0-7,01111100 , 	
ENG105300-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 2-Bits 0-7,11110000 , 	
ENG105301-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 3-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105302-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 4-Bits 0-7,01001101 , 	
ENG105303-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 5-Bits 0-7,01011011 , 	
ENG105304-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 6-Bits 0-7,00000100 , 	
ENG105305-ENG57549,Bas Svr x Env Sig Dat 7-Bits 0-7,00100001 , 	
ENG105310,Batt U u Raw,1816.0, mV	
ENG105311,Batt U u Sens OBD,14.253, V	
ENG101413,Calibration Identification,8K1907115M Q0004, 	
ENG99697,Calibration Verification Number,EE F6 B5 1A, 	
ENG105051,CCS limiting torque,-50000.0, Nm	
ENG105513-ENG57549,Clth st Ils Deb Val-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
ENG108511,Clutch torque min.,-36.0, Nm	
ENG105524,Cmibe g w,134, 	
ENG105526-ENG57549,Co Eng st-Bits 0-7,00000011 , 	
ENG105553-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO ACC-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105554-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO AIRBG-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105555-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO AWD-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105556-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO BEM-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105557-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO BRK-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105558-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO CCTL-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105559-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO CHG1-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105560-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO CHG2-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105561-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO CLIMA-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105562-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO DSP-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105563-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO EPB-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105564-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO ESCU-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105565-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO GW-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105566-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO IGN-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105567-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO LVL-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105568-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO RES17-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105569-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO RES18-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105570-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO RES19-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105571-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO RES20-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105572-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO RES21-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105573-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO RES22-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105574-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO RES23-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105575-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO SA-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105576-ENG57549,Com ct Rx TO TSC-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105578,Com l Oil Lvl Sig,0.000, mm	
ENG105382,Coolant temperature,42.0, °C	
ENG106503,Coolant temperature at radiator outlet,42.0, °C	
ENG105677-ENG57549,Cr C st Key-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105677-ENG57549,Cr C st Key-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105681-ENG57549,Cr Ctl st Sh Off Irv Lst-Bits 0-7,11111111 , 	
ENG105682-ENG57549,Cr Ctl st Sh Off Rv Lst-Bits 0-7,11111111 , 	
ENG105683-ENG57549,Cr Ctl st Shut Offirev-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG105707,Ct T dm Air Mass Avrg,12.4, kg/h	
ENG105708,Ct T m Air Mass Integ,0.44, kg	
ENG105709,Ct T m Air Mass Integ Mode6,1.46, kg	
ENG105710,Ct T m Air Mass Thres,13.25, kg	
ENG105711,Ct T m Air Mass Thres Mode6,13.03, kg	
ENG105712-ENG57549,Ct T num Mon Mode6-Bits 0-7,11111111 , 	
ENG105715,Ct T t Eng Mode6,56.2, °C	
ENG105716,Ct T t Env T Mn,7.5, °C	
ENG105717,Ct T ti Max Out,0, s	
ENG105718,Ct T v Avrg,0.00, km/h	
ENG105775,Dcycn t,1078, 	
ENG105883,Dlama tr w,0.0000, 	
ENG105884,Dlatr mo w,0.00296, 	
ENG105886,Dmdaf mb,0, 	
ENG105887,Dmdlf mb,0, s	
ENG105888,Dmdsf mb w,0, s	
ENG106050-ENG57549,EEM st Wt Htr Stp-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG106254,Epm H Cr S st Sig Mode,GAPFOUND, 	
ENG106259,Epm st Sync,EPM_FULL_SYNC, 	
ENG106495,Fan Ctl r Clg Dem Eng mp,0.00, %	
ENG106501-ENG57549,Fan Ctl st Ok-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG106507,Fan r Ps,14.79, %	
ENG106510,Fan r2 Ps,0.00, %	
ENG106563,Fkate i,-0.008, 	
ENG106564,Fkmsd k w,0.97772, 	
ENG106576,Fldrx l w,1.00000, 	
ENG106669,Fofre sz,0, 	
ENG106677,Frm w,1.05243, 	
ENG106686,Frxta w,1.00000, 	
ENG106691,Ftead w,-0.326, 	
ENG106762,Gbx trq TSC Des,1000.0, Nm	
ENG109561,Gearbox control unit limiting torque,1000.0, Nm	
ENG106880,HLS Dem n Set P Lo,800.0, /min	
ENG107016,Injection quantity average,0.00, mg/stroke	
ENG107232,Knock_sensor_cylinder_1_voltage,1.094, V	
ENG107233,Knock_sensor_cylinder_2_voltage,1.475, V	
ENG107234,Knock_sensor_cylinder_3_voltage,1.616, V	
ENG107235,Knock_sensor_cylinder_4_voltage,1.885, V	
ENG107344,Lambt s w,1.0000, 	
ENG107346,Lamfa w,1.0000, 	
ENG107349,Lamso ni w,0.9932, 	
ENG107356,Ldeld rae w,0.00, s	
ENG107357,Ldeuk m w,-1.84, hPa	
ENG105529,Limiting torque,396.8, Nm	
ENG107723,Mshfm w,12.3, kg/h	
ENG107847,Nsol,800, /min	
ENG107943,Oscdk ta w,0.0, mg	
ENG107944,Oscdk tn w,0.0000, 	
ENG107945,Oscdk tr w,0.0000, 	
ENG108175,Pbksa dwa w,10.0, kPa	
ENG108176,Pbksa dwc w,0.0, kPa	
ENG108177,Pbksa dwd w,10.0, kPa	
ENG108179,Pbkso ll w,500.0, kPa	
ENG108283,Priok o,9, 	
ENG108339,Psr w,341.41, hPa	
ENG108341,Pth Set trq Inr Set,35.1, Nm	
ENG108356,Pvdkd s w,1027.27, hPa	
ENG108474,Rinsh w,4560, Ohm	
ENG108499,Rlfdk roh w,22.17, %	
ENG108500,Rlflm roh w,22.27, %	
ENG108502,Rlsol w,22.76, %	
ENG108534,S Lmp Ctl d Sot Equiv,0.00000000, 	
ENG108535-ENG57549,S Lmp Ctl d Sot Idx-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108535-ENG57549,S Lmp Ctl d Sot Idx-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108536,S Lmp Ctl d Wear Equiv,0.00000000, 	
ENG108537-ENG57549,S Lmp Ctl d Wear Idx-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108537-ENG57549,S Lmp Ctl d Wear Idx-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108542,S Lmp Ctl lvl Oil Max Cycl,13.800, mm	
ENG108543,S Lmp Ctl lvl Oil Min Cycl,0.000, mm	
ENG108949-ENG57549,Shtrp ct Remain-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108950-ENG57549,Shtrp num Curr Tst-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108952-ENG57549,Shtrp st Vehv DC-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
ENG108953-ENG57549,Shtrp txt Msg-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108953-ENG57549,Shtrp txt Msg-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108954-ENG57549,Shtrp txt State-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108963-ENG57549,Sig Reset Env x Id-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG108963-ENG57549,Sig Reset Env x Id-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG109109,Stb Intv trq Clth DCS Des,-500.0, Nm	
ENG109110,Stb Intv trq DCS Des,-50000.0, Nm	
ENG109145,Strg trq Des,0.0, Nm	
ENG109190,SWSVW ag Cha Elg Max1,0.00, °	
ENG109191,SWSVW ag Cha Elg Max2,0.00, °	
ENG109192,SWSVW ag Cha Elg1,0.00, °	
ENG109193,SWSVW ag Cha Elg2,0.00, °	
ENG109325,Tabst w,29264, s	
ENG109327,Tahso m w,377.55, °C	
ENG109329,Tahso w,377.57, °C	
ENG109330,Taikr m w,449.87, °C	
ENG109338,Tamax,13.5, °C	
ENG109339,Tamin,9.8, °C	
ENG109625,Temperature at air conditioner heat exchanger output,95.0, °C	
ENG109415,Throttle valve feedback,3.10, %	
ENG109458,Tix l 0,1.447, ms	
ENG109459,Tiy l 0,0.438, ms	
ENG109461-ENG101978,TKMWL chlno 1053-Channel 1053,Test on, 	
ENG109462-ENG99252,TKMWL chlno 1163-Channel 1163,Combi 1, 	
ENG109463-ENG100052,TKMWL chlno 1164-Channel 1164,Unknown (0),	
ENG109465-ENG100375,TKMWL chlno 122-Channel 122,Htg.bC.ON, 	
ENG109467-ENG99572,TKMWL chlno 131-Channel 131,A/C High, 	
ENG109468-ENG103923,TKMWL chlno 132-Channel 132,Compr. ON, 	
ENG109471-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 139-Bits 0-7,00010000 , 	
ENG109472-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 142-Bits 0-7,01000001 , 	
ENG109473-ENG102891,TKMWL chlno 1465-Channel 1465,Gateway 1, 	
ENG109474-ENG101892,TKMWL chlno 148-Channel 148,EGR not active, 	
ENG109475-ENG101436,TKMWL chlno 149-Channel 149,no intervention, 	
ENG109476-ENG100028,TKMWL chlno 1500-Channel 1500,invalid, 	
ENG109477-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 1668-Bits 0-7,00000010 , 	
ENG109478-ENG101650,TKMWL chlno 169-Channel 169,0.8, %	
ENG109479-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 173-Bits 0-7,00101001 , 	
ENG109480-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 174-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG109481-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 175-Bits 0-7,00011111 , 	
ENG109482-ENG103138,TKMWL chlno 1768-Channel 1768,Parkbrake 1, 	
ENG109483-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 177-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG109484-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 2079-Bits 0-7,00110000 , 	
ENG109488-ENG103990,TKMWL chlno 218-Channel 218,ABS 1, 	
ENG109489-ENG104120,TKMWL chlno 219-Channel 219,Unknown (0),	
ENG109490-ENG99236,TKMWL chlno 220-Channel 220,Unknown (0),	
ENG109491-ENG99858,TKMWL chlno 221-Channel 221,Unknown (0),	
ENG109493-ENG99391,TKMWL chlno 372-Channel 372,OK, 	
ENG109494-ENG99673,TKMWL chlno 430-Channel 430,Combi 1, 	
ENG109495-ENG101951,TKMWL chlno 440-Channel 440,Nebenlastsignal, 	
ENG109496-ENG103819,TKMWL chlno 453-Channel 453,Airbag 1, 	
ENG109497-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 457-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG109500-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 503-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
ENG109501-ENG102828,TKMWL chlno 548-Channel 548,Air cond.1, 	
ENG109502-ENG104068,TKMWL chlno 551-Channel 551,Unknown (0),	
ENG109503-ENG103280,TKMWL chlno 552-Channel 552,Unknown (0),	
ENG109504-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 598-Bits 0-7,00000001 , 	
ENG109505-ENG100037,TKMWL chlno 599-Channel 599,OFF, 	
ENG109506-ENG100855,TKMWL chlno 666-Channel 666,Unknown (115),	
ENG109507-ENG103347,TKMWL chlno 750-Channel 750,Unknown (0),	
ENG109508-ENG102052,TKMWL chlno 751-Channel 751,1. map, 	
ENG109509-ENG101868,TKMWL chlno 760-Channel 760,Steer wheel 1, 	
ENG109510-ENG57549,TKMWL chlno 79-Bits 0-7,00000101 , 	
ENG109511-ENG99326,TKMWL chlno 87-Channel 87,Idling, 	
ENG109626,TS t Clnt Eng Out,42.7, °C	
ENG109652,Tumc,8.3, °C	
ENG109653,Tumg,7.5, °C	
ENG109678,Udknl p1r,0.811, V	
ENG109679,Udknl p2r,4.183, V	
ENG109680,Udkp1 asr w,0.505, V	
ENG109681,Udkp2 asr w,4.502, V	
ENG109682,Udkp2 w,4.381, V	
ENG109859-ENG57549,Veh Mot st Stab Intv-Bits 0-7,00000000 , 	
ENG101003,Vehicle Identification Number,WAUZZZ8K6BA130978, 	
ENG109861,Vehicle speed,0.00, km/h	
ENG109886,Vgesh dp w,6.73, mm³	
ENG109972,VMSI trq Des Max,50000.0, Nm	
ENG109973,VMSI trq Min,-50000.0, Nm	
ENG110109,Wdho1 abr w,360.00, °	
ENG110119,Who1s 1 w,0.00, °	
ENG110130,Wkrdy a 0,0.0, °	
ENG110131,Wkrdy a 1,0.0, °	
ENG110132,Wkrdy a 2,0.0, °	
ENG110133,Wkrdy a 3,0.0, °	
ENG110134,Wkrdy a 4,0.0, °	
ENG110135,Wkrmv,0.0, °	
ENG110366,Zbezd ldr,0, 	
ENG110367,Zbezt afix,255, 	
Elapsed Time: 00:32


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Jan 29, 2014
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Please note that this particular engine is eating 1,5 liters of oil per 1000km. Does it make this broken or useful?
Oil consumption is not something that has a great deal effect on diagnostics, so I would say for the purposes of a reference scan, it doesn't matter. :)