2015 Passat B8 1.6 TDI DCXA 6-speed manual. Front assist. Led HIGH.



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Feb 26, 2019
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Here is the autoscan before any retrofits.
I know, running in is almost done. :cool:

VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64
VCDS Version: (x64)  HEX-V2 CB: 0.4436.4
Data version: 20190114 DS296.0

VIN: WVWZZZ3CZFE439463   License Plate: 
Mileage: 222557km-138290mi   Repair Order: 

Chassis Type: 3C-VW48 (5Q0)
Scan: 01 03 05 08 09 10 13 15 16 17 18 19 2B 42 44 52 55 5F

VIN: WVWZZZ3CZFE439463   Mileage: 222557km-138290miles

01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000
03-ABS Brakes -- Status: OK 0000
05-Acc/Start Auth. -- Status: OK 0000
08-Auto HVAC -- Status: OK 0000
09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000
10-Park/Steer Assist -- Status: OK 0000
13-Auto Dist. Reg -- Status: OK 0000
15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000
16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000
17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000
18-Aux. Heat -- Status: OK 0000
19-CAN Gateway -- Status: OK 0000
2B-Steer. Col. Lock -- Status: OK 0000
42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: OK 0000
44-Steering Assist -- Status: OK 0000
52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000
55-Headlight Range -- Status: OK 0000
5F-Information Electr. -- Status: OK 0000
Address 01: Engine (J623-DCXA)       Labels:. 04L-907-309-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 04L 906 026 GJ    HW: 04L 907 309 R
   Component: R4 1.6l TDI   H21 1991  
   Revision: B5H21---    
   Coding: 0119003A03241D093000
   Shop #: WSC 41930 002 1048576
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM16TDI01104L906026GJ 002002
   ROD: EV_ECM16TDI01104L906026GJ.rod
   VCID: 78A9EAB672545367A6D-802C

No fault code found.
Readiness: 0 0 0 0 1 

Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104)       Labels: 5Q0-907-379-IPB-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 3Q0 907 379 AF    HW: 3Q0 907 379 F
   Component: ESC           H42 0625  
   Revision: 00000000    Serial number: 63464000002522
   Coding: 0FEC6A8F34230B75077B060641C649F0562CD0E0608292F13040F078C002
   Shop #: WSC 131071 1023 2097151
   ASAM Dataset: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB 034036
   ROD: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB_034_VW37.rod
   VCID: 7EA5FCAE50706D57EC1-802A

No fault code found.

Address 05: Acc/Start Auth. (J518)       Labels:| 5Q0-959-435.clb
   Part No SW: 3Q0 959 435     HW: 3Q0 959 435 
   Component: VWKESSYMQB    023 0522  
   Revision: 00023000    Serial number: 0356001440
   Coding: 000F0F0603
   Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00309
   ASAM Dataset: EV_KessyHellaMQBAB 004027
   ROD: EV_KessyHellaMQBAB_VW48.rod
   VCID: 77ABE98A7F4A5C1FAF7-8022

   Sensor Controlled Power Rear Lid: 

No fault code found.

Address 08: Auto HVAC (J255)       Labels:| 5G0-907-044.clb
   Part No SW: 5G0 907 044 AK    HW: 5G0 907 044 AK
   Component: Climatronic   H03 1001  
   Revision: 00001K10    
   Coding: 12020104204101012015500000101802
   Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ACClimaBHBVW37X 004131
   ROD: EV_ACClimaBHBVW37X_004_VW37.rod
   VCID: 70B9D2961A240B276ED-8024

   Fresh Air Blower Front: 

   Refrigerant Pressure And Temperature Sender: 

   Air quality sensor: 

   Relative humidity sensor in fresh air intake duct: 

No fault code found.

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519)       Labels:| 5Q0-937-08X-HV1.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 937 086 BD    HW: 5Q0 937 086 BD
   Component: BCM PQ37BOSCH 028 0146  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 86581212141103
   Coding: 00010C46C24102FF4BE44004001C07081C80000000000000000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
   ASAM Dataset: EV_BodyContrModul1UDSBosc 014004
   ROD: EV_BCMBOSCH_014.rod
   VCID: 7DA7FBA25D76764FF5B-8028

   Control Unit For Wiper Motor: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 3G1 955 119 A    HW: 3G1 955 119   Labels: 5QX-955-119-V1.CLB
   Component: WWS    141122  042 0607 
   Serial number:         141128155550
   Coding: 0E4DDD

   Rain Light Recognition Sensor: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 5Q0 955 547 A    HW: 5Q0 955 547 A  Labels: 5Q0-955-547.CLB
   Component: RLHS  037 0059 
   Serial number: S4Y14M12D18H09M48S35
   Coding: 05A8DD

   Light switch: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 3G0 941 633 H    HW: 3G0 941 633 H
   Component: E1 - LDS MQB  H01 0032 
   Serial number: 27 10 2014  00000508

   Relative Air Humidity Interior Sender: 

No fault code found.

Address 10: Park/Steer Assist (J791)       Labels:| 5Q0-919-298.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 919 298 C    HW: 5Q0 919 298 C
   Component: PLA 3.0 12KH08 0013  
   Serial number: ATW-00118.12.14
   Coding: 0051061041
   Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
   ASAM Dataset: EV_EPHVA2CAU3700000 008017
   ROD: EV_EPHVA2CAU3700000_008_VW48.rod
   VCID: 3FDB41AA17FAA45FA77-806A

No fault code found.

Address 13: Auto Dist. Reg (J428)       Labels:| 3Q0-907-572.clb
   Part No SW: 3Q0 907 572 A    HW: 3Q0 907 572 A
   Component: ACC BOSCH MQB H04 0126  
   Coding: 2A20600310FFC428949C8044
   Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ACCBOSCHVW48X 001007
   VCID: 33331D9A2BB2703F53F-8066

No fault code found.

Address 15: Airbags (J234)       Labels:| 5Q0-959-655.clb
   Part No SW: 3Q0 959 655 AF    HW: 3Q0 959 655 AF
   Component: Airbag VW20   012 0195  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 003R2PS7HWLX
   Coding: 88CCC000008000005C5400CC000800000065
   Shop #: WSC 05314 000 00001
   ASAM Dataset: EV_AirbaVW20TS6VW48X 001116
   ROD: EV_AirbaVW20TS6VW48X.rod
   VCID: 025D885E248809B7889-8056

   Side Sensor Driver Front: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 000 912 14
   Component: SideSensor_Df  008 0887 
   Serial number: 3576U0000005C1C03211
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Side Sensor Passenger Front: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 000 912 14
   Component: SideSensor_Pf  008 0887 
   Serial number: 3586U000000A29D03216
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Side Sensor Driver Rear: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 801 812 14
   Component: SideSensor_Dr  111 0148 
   Serial number: 3516RDB4965050000009
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Side Sensor Passenger Rear: 
   Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 800 912 14
   Component: SideSensor_Pr  111 0148 
   Serial number: 3526R54AE67050000008
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Front Sensor Driver: 
   Subsystem 5 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 801 011 14
   Component: FrontSensor_D  114 0149 
   Serial number: 3556VC9D012050000006
   Coding: 2D2D2D

No fault code found.

Address 16: Steering wheel (J524)       Labels:| 5Q0-953-549.clb
   Part No SW: 3Q0 953 521 P    HW: 5Q0 953 569 A
   Component: Lenks.Modul   075 0175  
   Revision: FF032032    Serial number: 20141212400693
   Coding: 0400
   Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
   ASAM Dataset: EV_SMLSVALEOMQB 001015
   VCID: 3D273BA21DF6B64FB5B-8068

No fault code found.

Address 17: Instruments (J285)       Labels:| 5G0-920-XXX-17.clb-SRI3
   Part No SW: 3G0 920 741     HW: 3G0 920 741 
   Component: KOMBI         209 4311  
   Coding: 03A509102B80000801882A001001000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 58575 001 104857
   ASAM Dataset: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB 009043
   ROD: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB_VW48.rod
   VCID: 619FA7D2C1CEB2AFF13-8034

No fault code found.

Address 18: Aux. Heat (J364)       Labels:| 5Q0-963-272.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 963 272 C    HW: 5Q0 963 272 C
   Component: STH-MQB       006 0069  
   Coding: 9309
   Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
   ASAM Dataset: EV_AuxilParkiHeateWOS 002014
   ROD: EV_AuxilParkiHeateWOS.rod
   VCID: 3635248E38C06517741-8062

   Remote Control Auxiliary Heater: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q0 963 513     HW: 5Q0 963 513 
   Component: R149 T91-LIN  003 0301 
   Serial number: 00000000000001048974

No fault code found.

Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533)       Labels:| 5Q0-907-530-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 907 530 AC    HW: 5Q0 907 530 M
   Component: GW MQB High   212 2203  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 06121410800841
   Coding: 030300044F015900EF00024A080F00010001070000000000000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
   ASAM Dataset: EV_GatewConti 011020
   ROD: EV_GatewConti_011_VW48.rod
   VCID: 72BDD89E14283937989-8026


   Multi Function Steering Wheel Control Module: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 5G0 959 442 J    HW: 5G0 959 442 J  Labels: 3C8-959-537.CLB
   Component: E221__MFL-DC1  H16 0038 
   Serial number: 27140003054030124492
   Coding: 28FFFF

   Battery Monitoring Control Module: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 3Q0 915 181 A    HW: 3Q0 915 181 A
   Component: J367-BDMHella  H04 8050 
   Serial number: 5488785203          

   Analog clock: 
   Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: 3G0 919 204 C    HW: 3G0 919 204 C
   Component: Analoguhr  209 2002 

No fault code found.

Address 2B: Steer. Col. Lock (J764)       Labels:* 5Q0-905-861.clb
   Part No SW: 3Q0 905 861     HW: 3Q0 905 861 
   Component: ELV-MQBB      H05 0031  
   Serial number: 14000312745010
   Coding: 0000000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ELVMarquMQBB 001007
   ROD: EV_ELVMarquMQBB.rod
   VCID: 71BFD792112E022F613-8024

No fault code found.

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver (J386)       Labels:| 5QX-959-X93-42.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 959 593 D    HW: 5Q0 959 593 B
   Component: TSG FS        020 0028  
   Serial number: 061214BL601949
   Coding: 00350B208000020000001000
   Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
   ASAM Dataset: EV_DCUDriveSideEWMAXKLO 006003
   VCID: 42DD485E6408C9B7C89-8016

   Drivers Door Rear Control Module: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q4 959 812 E    HW: 5Q4 959 812 E  Labels: 5QX-959-81X-V1.CLB
   Component: Fond FHSG DRV  007 0002 
   Serial number: 00000000000000564084
   Coding: 010000

No fault code found.

Address 44: Steering Assist (J500)       Labels:| 5Q0-909-143.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 909 143 K    HW: 5Q0 909 143 E
   Component: MQB_PP_APA    203 2033  
   Revision: 00000000    Serial number: 0000103862
   Coding: 01010010005000
   Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00315
   ASAM Dataset: EV_SteerAssisVWBSMQBA 008027
   ROD: EV_SteerAssisVWBSMQBA_008.rod
   VCID: 3B2335BA03E2B87F8BF-806E

No fault code found.

Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. (J387)       Labels:| 5QX-959-X92-52.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 959 592 D    HW: 5Q0 959 592 B
   Component: TSG BFS       020 0028  
   Serial number: 271114AKR02464
   Coding: 003501208C00020000001000
   Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
   ASAM Dataset: EV_DCUPasseSideEWMAXKLO 006003
   VCID: 41DF4752610ED2AFD13-8014

   Passengers Rear Door Control Module: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q4 959 811 E    HW: 5Q4 959 811 E  Labels: 5QX-959-81X-V1.CLB
   Component: Fond FHSG PSG  007 0002 
   Serial number: 00000000000000598768
   Coding: 090000

No fault code found.

Address 55: Headlight Range (J745)       Labels:| 7P6-907-357.clb
   Part No SW: 7P6 907 357 C    HW: 7P6 907 357 B
   Component: AFS-ECU       H01 0110  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: --------------
   Coding: 039A00000F200200
   Shop #: WSC 24433 000 1048576
   ASAM Dataset: EV_HeadlRegulAFSMQBMLB 001001
   ROD: EV_HeadlRegulAFSMQBMLB_VW48.rod
   VCID: 3FDB41AA17FAA45FA77-806A

   Led Headlamp Powermodule Left: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 7PP 941 572 A    HW: 7PP 941 572 A  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
   Component: LED LeiMo li.  H07 0001 
   Coding: E02400

   Led Headlamp Powermodule Right: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 7PP 941 572 A    HW: 7PP 941 572 A  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
   Component: LED LeiMo re.  H07 0001 
   Coding: E02400

   Left Headlamp Power Output Stage: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 3G0 941 329 _    HW: 3G0 941 329 _  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
   Component: LeiMo links  H02 0003 
   Coding: E02400

   Right Headlamp Power Output Stage: 
   Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: 3G0 941 329 _    HW: 3G0 941 329 _  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
   Component: LeiMo rechts  H02 0003 
   Coding: E02400

No fault code found.

Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794)       Labels:* None
   Part No SW: 5G0 035 869     HW: 5G0 035 869 
   Component: MU-E--ER      820 6220  
   Serial number: 10101400011002
   Coding: 02840200FF00000041110001000000001F0004840000010000
   Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
   ASAM Dataset: EV_MUEnt4CGen2LGE 001017
   ROD: EV_MUEnt4CGen2LGE_VW12.rod
   VCID: 6B83C5FA3302E8FF5BF-803E

No fault code found.

End----------(Elapsed Time: 01:50, VBatt start/end: 14.5V/14.5V)-----------

Here is the original PR-code list.

E0A 	Special editions: No special edition
1PE 	Lockable wheel bolts: Wheel bolts with anti-theft protection (unlockable)
7ZD 	Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components: Vehicle class differentiation -3G0-
0P0 	Exhaust tailpipe: Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
UG6 	Hill start assist: Hill hold control
7MM 	Emissions standard: Emission standard EU6 plus
1D0 	Trailer hitch: Without trailer hitch
4UF 	Airbag: Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
1E0 	Activated carbon canister: Without activated charcoal canister
8ZH 	Antennas: Antenna for AM/FM reception, "diversity"
6XU 	Exterior mirror setting: Exterior mirrors: automatically dimming, electrically adjustable, separately heated
EA0 	Follow-on warranty: Without subsequent warranty
5SL 	Left exterior mirror: Left exterior mirror: aspherical
GM1 	Electronic engine sound measures: Standard outside sound
5RQ 	Right exterior mirror: Right exterior mirror: convex
0K0 	Alternative drive system: Without alternative drive module
1X0 	Drive layout: Front wheel drive
9WC 	"Multimedia", video/DVD/notebook connection: Without "Multimedia" in vehicle
A8C 	Equipment levels: Comfort equipment
6K2 	Area monitoring systems: Front Assist incl. city automatic emergency braking, without ACC
1KU 	Brake type in rear: Disc brakes, rear
J0B 	Batteries: 520 A (92 Ah) battery
1ZA 	Brake type, front: Disc brakes, front
4M6 	Beverage holders: Cup holder
NY0 	Battery/alternator capacity: Standard battery/alternator capacity
B0A 	Component part sets with country-specific design requirements: Component parts set without country-specific design requirement
1S1 	Tool kit and jack: Tool kit and jack
1AT 	Brake systems: Electronic stabilization program (ESP)
4V0 	Front passenger seat control: Without front passenger seat adjustment from the rear
0VN 	Owner's manuals: Information kit in Finnish
9Z0 	Operating voltage: Operating voltage 12V
9T1 	Heated washer nozzles: Heated washer nozzles, front
7QA 	CD ROM/DVD/SD card: Without CD/DVD for navigation
2H0 	Charism: Without "drive select"
QJ1 	Chrome package: Chrome work package
C38 	General operating permit, alterations: Operating permit, alteration
3S2 	Roof rails/roof load rack: Black roof rails
3FA 	Roof insert/convertible top: Without roof insert (standard roof)
1JA 	Suspension system in rear: Rear shock absorption, basic design 1
G01 	Suspension system in front: Front shock absorption
1Y0 	Differential lock: Without differential lock
2G5 	Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type: Filler neck module 1 without insert
EF0 	ECO function for driving profiles and Drive select: Without ECO function
0EJ 	Installation differentiation for vehicle components: Installation differentiation for transmission MQ 250 vehicle components
7AA 	Theft protection system: Electronic vehicle immobilization device
5MA 	Inserts: Decorative inserts
7M0 	Scuff plates: Plastic scuff plates in door apertures
7X5 	Park distance control: Parallel parking assistant
7W0 	Extended safety system: Without extended safety system
UI8 	Electric interface for external use: Electric interface for external use, USB (not iPod-capable)
0FA 	Manufacturing sequence differentiation: Standard manufacturing sequence
6A0 	Fire extinguishers: Without fire extinguisher
VL1 	Pedestrian protection: Extended pedestrian protection measures
VF0 	Pedal cluster: Standard pedal cluster
8K3 	Headlight control: Separate daytime running lights with low beam assistant and "Coming Home" function
UH2 	Parking brake: Parking brake
7G0 	Vehicle tracing system: Without preparation for VTS (vehicle tracking system)
F0A 	Vehicle specifications: No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
8GU 	Alternators: Alternator 140 A
0G4 	Transmission types/gearshift mechanisms: Cable gearshift
0YC 	Weight category rear axle: Weight range 3 installation control only, no requirement forecast
L32 	Weight category front axle: Suspension range 32 installation control only, no requirement forecast
TJ1 	Base engine: 4-cylinder diesel engine 1.6 l unit 04L.1
4U0 	Luggage net/pocket on backrest(s): Without luggage nets/pockets on backrests
3U2 	Luggage compartment cover: Sliding trunk cover
6M0 	Tie down straps/net/pocket: Without tie down straps/net/pocket
8T6 	Cruise control system: Cruise control system plus speed limiter
VC0 	Garage door opener: W/o remote-controlled garage door opener
G0K 	Transmission specifications: 6-speed manual transmission
5J0 	Rear spoiler: Without rear spoiler
6NA 	Molding roof liner: Unsplit molding roof liner
3NT 	Rear seats: Rear seat bench unsplit, backrest split folding (three pieces) with center armrest
KH7 	Heating and air conditioning system: Climatronic (3-zone) with rear air conditioning control panel
8IU 	Headlamps: LED headlamps with variable light distribution
KS0 	Head-up display: Without head-up display
20A 	Hybrid drive: Without electric motor ( hybrid )
FC0 	Customized installation: Without customized installation
6T1 	Interior light in footwell: Interior light in footwell
U5A 	Instrument clusters: Instrument insert, km/h speedometer
4L6 	Breakaway interior rearview mirror: Breakaway interior rear view mirror, automatically dimming
K8D 	Body style: Station Wagon Variant/Avant
QK0 	Camera/distance sensor: Without camera without distance sensor (driver assistance system)
6SM 	Luggage compartment floor covering: Needle-punched trunk floor covering (Dilours)
0M4 	Fuel tank capacity: Fuel tank
4H3 	Child safety lock: Manual child lock
QA0 	Child seats: Without child seat
0Y3 	Climatic zones: Cold zones
QR8 	Compass/road sign display: Without traffic signs recognition
4D0 	Seat ventilation/massage seat: Without seat ventilation/massage seat
3T2 	Rear head restraints: Three rear headrests
5ZC 	Head restraints: Headrests for front seats (x-adjustment)
1Z0 	Fuel quantity for initial filling: Initial standard fuel filling
A60 	Tire categorization: Category 0
0F5 	Fuel systems: Fuel system for diesel engine
5C0 	Body measures: Without special body measures
KA0 	Camera systems/accident sensors: Without camera systems/accident sensors
KK1 	Refrigerant: Refrigerant R134a
6P1 	Rear license plate carrier: Rear license plate carrier (ECE)
6W1 	Front license plate carrier: Front license plate carrier (large)
5K7 	Paint preservative/transit coating: Transport protection film (minimum protection) with additional transport protection measures
3GA 	Rear luggage/load compartment floor: Without cargo area
QQ0 	Light package (lighting): Without add. lights (interior lighting)
ES0 	Vehicle inlet: Without vehicle inlet
L0L 	Steering system arrangement: Left-hand drive vehicle
8S6 	Reading light: Two reading lights front
1N3 	Steering: Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
3H0 	Backrest release: Without backrest release for front seats
8G0 	Light control systems: Without light assistant
EV0 	Charging cable: Without charging cable
2P1 	Loading edge protection: Plastic trunk sill protection
7P7 	Lumbar support: Electrically adjustable lumbar support for left front seat
2ZH 	Steering wheels: Leather multi-function steering wheel
AV1 	Driving on the left/on the right: Driving on the right
8RM 	Speaker installation: 8 speakers (passive)
8Q5 	Headlight range control: Headlight-range adjustment, automatic/ dynamic with dynamic bending light (AFS 1)
6E3 	Center armrest: Front center armrest
FM0 	Versions: Basic equipment variant
9S5 	Multi-function display/trip computer: Multi-function display/on-board computer "Medium"
3D2 	Center console: Center console
EM1 	Driver alert system: Rest Assist (drowsiness detection)
8Z5 	Engine cooling system: Not hot country
DN8 	Engine specifications: 4-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 1.6 l/88 KW 4V TDI common rail base engine is TJ1
7Q0 	Navigation device: Without navigation device
8TB 	Rear fog lamp: Rear fog light
8WH 	Front fog lamp/additional headlamp: Front fog lamp and cornering lamp
EL0 	Online services: Without online service
1NL 	Wheel covers: Covers for alloy wheels
F86 	Wheels: Alloy wheels 6.5J x 16
I7Y 	Radios: MIB Entry Plus (Gen2)
9JA 	Smoker's/non-smoker's package: Non-smoking package
ER1 	Regional code for radio: Regional code " ECE " for radio
7K1 	Direct tire pressure monitoring system: Tire pressure warning light
H3Y 	Tires: Tires 215/60 R16 95 V super-optimized rolling resistance
V0A 	Tire suppliers: Tires w/o specification of tire brand
1G2 	Spare wheel/breakdown kit: Steel spare wheel with original equipment tires
0B4 	Wheelbases: Wheelbase
3QT 	Restraint systems, front: 3-point seat belts with tensioner and height adjustment, front
PW1 	Winter packageWinter package
PW9 	Parking heater and ventilation withradio remote control and timerParking heater and ventilation with radio remote control and timer
W39 	Finland: LED package forces WLH,7X5,8WH3.6 L "Sports 2" package for PSA
WDI 	Connectivity package
WLH 	LED headlamps with cornering light andLED separate daytime running lights
4X3 	Side airbag: Side air bag front with curtain air bag
6Q2 	Gearshift knob/handle: Leather gearshift knob/handle
0SB 	Special labels/plates: Labels/plates in German
8SK 	Rear combination lamps: LED taillamp assembly
4E2 	Lock operation for tailgate/trunk lid: Tailgate/trunk lid release from inside (electrically)
QI6 	Service indicator: Service indicator 30,000 km or 2 year ( variable )
9P9 	Seat belt check: Seat belt reminder, electric contact in the buckle, advanced safety equipment
3ZB 	Outer rear seat belts: 3-point seat belts, outer rear with ECE label
3C7 	Center rear seat belts: 3-point seat belt for center rear seat
N0U 	Seat trim covers: Cut pile seat covering
3PW 	Seat adjustment: Man. height adjustm. f. front seats plus seat squab inclination a. depth adjustm. left, plus el. backrest adjustm. left
4A3 	Seat heater: Seat heater for front seats separately controlled
7L6 	Start-stop system/regenerative braking: Start/stop system with regenerative braking
8Y1 	Horns: Two-tone horn
SA0 	Control number (no PR family): Model year change calendar week 45
5XU 	Sun visors: Sun visors with mirror, illuminated, extractable, airbag label on sun visor
QH0 	Audio-response system/voice control: Without voice control
7Y0 	Lane change assist/lane keeping system: Without lane change assistant
4KC 	Side and rear windows: Side and rear windows in heat-insulating glass
4B3 	Protective side molding: Protective side molding
3Y0 	Roll-up sun screen for rear and side windows: Without roll-up sun screen
7B3 	Socket: 12-volt socket(s)
2JC 	Bumpers: Comfort bumpers
7U0 	Starter: Standard engine starter
8X1 	Headlamp washer system: Headlight washer system
8N6 	Windshield wiper intermittent control/ light/rain sensor: Windshield wiper intermittent control with light/rain sensor
3M0 	Special registration measures: Without special measures
0PP 	Nameplate set: Nameplate set "BlueMotion"
1Q2 	Mass damper for steering wheels: Mass damper for steering wheel, 36 Hz
4I7 	Door and lid locking system: Central locking system "Keyless-Go" without deadlock
B05 	Type approval countries/countries with special requirements: Type approval Finland
5D1 	Carrier frequency for radio remote control: Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
3CA 	Partition: Without partition
3LC 	Door and side trim panels: Door and side trim panel in foam film and woven fabric
QV0 	TV reception/digital radio reception: W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
1VG 	Installation parts for engine (engine mount system): Installation parts for four-cylinder engine
1SA 	Front underbody guard: Without additional front underbody guard
1EX 	Identification plates: Special identification plate for EC for M1 passenger vehicle
2A0 	Delivery equipment: Without delivery equipment
1T3 	First aid kit / warning triangle: First aid kit with warning triangle
9D0 	Preparation for two-way radio installation: Without preparation for two-way radio installation
Q2J 	Front seats: Comfort front seats
9F0 	Preparation for sound combination for rotating beacon: Without sound combination for rotating emergency light and radio antenna preparation
9ZX 	Telephone / telematics: Mobile phone preparation
9TJ 	Additional warning lights: Additional LED warning light (door area) front
QG1 	Service interval prolongation: Service interval prolongation
7E0 	Heat accumulator system/auxiliary heater: W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
4GF 	Windshield glass type: Windshield in heat-insulating glass
8FC 	Second battery/battery installation: Installation of SLI battery in rear, without second battery
2WA 	Additional tires (snow tires): Without additional tires
0TD 	Floor mats: Front and rear floor mats
4ZB 	Decorative trims: Bright moldings
3B4 	Additional child seat anchors: Child seat anchor for child seat system ISOFIX
9M9 	Auxiliary heater: Parking heater with radio remote control
UP0 	Clocks: Analog clock