LHD/RHD description in GUI isn't quite accurate (8J)



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Oct 13, 2014
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I've been using the long coder to change some settings and I've come across one that doesn't really describe what it does.
I'm on an Audi TT (8J - UK RHD), under the central electronics - long coding. In Byte 4, bit 5 it says this is a LH/RH drive setting. This doesn't actually appear to be the case since this is an RHD vehicle and it wasn't set from the factory.

When I set it to RHD what it actually does is change how the fog light works. Installed on the vehicle is a single central low level fog light, the main light cluster uses two bulbs for the indicators. If I set this option to RHD what it does is use one of the bulbs (the RH one) as the fog light. I suspect this is light cluster configuration setting, there maybe light clusters that don't use the single low level fog light but one of the indicator bulbs for that instead, but it doesn't seem to be linked to whether its RHD or not.

Attached is an image of the setting.