2017 Golf Variant, 1.8T CXBB



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Jan 29, 2014
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Vehicle Identification No. 3VWH17AU7HM506456
Model Golf variant 1,8
Date of production 24.08.2016
Year 2017
Sales type BX5CN7
Engine Code CXBB
Transmission Code QMH

VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64
VCDS Version: (x64)  HEX-NET CB: 0.4422.4
Data version: 20180518 DS291.0

VIN: 3VWH17AU7HM506456   License Plate: 

Chassis Type: AU-VW37 (5Q0)
Scan: 01 02 03 05 08 09 10 13 15 16 17 19 22 2B 42 44 47 52 5F 75

VIN: 3VWH17AU7HM506456   Mileage: 589km-365miles

01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000
02-Auto Trans -- Status: OK 0000
03-ABS Brakes -- Status: OK 0000
05-Acc/Start Auth. -- Status: OK 0000
08-Auto HVAC -- Status: OK 0000
09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000
10-Park/Steer Assist -- Status: OK 0000
13-Auto Dist. Reg -- Status: OK 0000
15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000
16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000
17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000
19-CAN Gateway -- Status: OK 0000
22-AWD -- Status: OK 0000
2B-Steer. Col. Lock -- Status: OK 0000
42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: OK 0000
44-Steering Assist -- Status: OK 0000
47-Sound System -- Status: OK 0000
52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000
5F-Information Electr. -- Status: OK 0000
75-Telematics -- Status: OK 0000
Address 01: Engine (J623-CXBB)       Labels:. 06K-907-425-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 8V0 906 264 L    HW: 06K 907 425 B
   Component: 1.8l R4 TFSI  H13 0002  
   Revision: --H13---    
   Coding: 311D00322466002F1000
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00064
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM18TFS0208V0906264L 001003
   ROD: EV_ECM18TFS0208V0906264L.rod
   VCID: C5CD524244D03163B4-8090

No fault code found.
Readiness: 1010 0101

Address 02: Auto Trans (J743)       Labels: 0D9-927-770.clb
   Part No SW: 0D9 300 012 F    HW: 02E 927 770 AQ
   Component: DQ250-6F MQB  H54 4901  
   Revision: 06354004    Serial number: TFK01606171020
   Coding: 0014
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00064
   ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMDQ250021 001001
   ROD: EV_TCMDQ250021.rod
   VCID: 9975CE3298E8658320-80CC

No fault code found.

Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104)       Labels:. 5Q0-907-379-IPB-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 614 517 BK    HW: 5Q0 614 517 AH
   Component: ESC           H62 0736  
   Revision: 00000000    Serial number: 61796000000002
   Coding: 43FA6AA134200972807B130581C929C2562C9001C881943C16435052E00903
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB 035019
   ROD: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB_035_VW37.rod
   VCID: FBB9F4BA7294B79392-80AE

No fault code found.

Address 05: Acc/Start Auth. (J518)       Labels:| 5Q0-959-435.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 959 435 B    HW: 5Q0 959 435 
   Component: VWKESSYMQB    021 0710  
   Revision: 00021000    Serial number: 0408668965
   Coding: 032C0C
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_KessyHellaMQBAB 002019
   ROD: EV_KessyHellaMQBAB_002.rod
   VCID: BB3934BA32147793D2-80EE

No fault code found.

Address 08: Auto HVAC (J301)       Labels:| 5G0-907-426.clb
   Part No SW: 5GM 907 426 C    HW: 5GM 907 426 C
   Component: AC Manuell    H03 1601  
   Revision: 00001K03    
   Coding: 02020004200100000000000000000002
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ACManueBHBVW37X 004132
   ROD: EV_ACManueBHBVW37X_004_VW37.rod
   VCID: C8D35B7673C22C0B4F-809C

   Fresh Air Blower Front: 

   Refrigerant Pressure And Temperature Sender: 

No fault code found.

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519)       Labels:| 5Q0-937-08X-MV1.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 937 087 AA    HW: 5Q0 937 087 AA
   Component: BCM PQ37BOSCH 028 0163  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 865802071600X9
   Coding: 005118464041826969E44000001407201800000000000000000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00200
   ASAM Dataset: EV_BodyContrModul1UDSBosc 015001
   ROD: EV_BCMBOSCH_015.rod

   Control Unit For Wiper Motor: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5GM 955 119     HW: 5GM 955 119   Labels: 5QX-955-119-V1.CLB
   Component: WWS    160810  043 0581 
   Serial number:         160817225010
   Coding: 0E4DDD

   Rain Light Recognition Sensor: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 5Q0 955 559 B    HW: 5Q0 955 559 B  Labels: 5Q0-955-547.CLB
   Component: RLS  042 0105 
   Serial number: S3Y16M06D29H07M39S07
   Coding: 00A8DD

   Sun Roof: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 5G0 959 591 A    HW: 8V3 959 591 A
   Component: J245 PS22.409  H03 0004 
   Serial number: 0000FST000XU77500000
   Coding: 191800

   Roof Blind: 
   Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: 5G0 959 591 A    HW: 8V3 959 591 A
   Component: J394 PS22.409  H03 0004 
   Serial number: 0000FST000XU6PM00000
   Coding: 191800

No fault code found.

Address 10: Park/Steer Assist (J791)       Labels:| 5Q0-919-298.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 919 298 K    HW: 5Q0 919 298 
   Component: PARKHILFE PLA H12 0054  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 39431618400043
   Coding: 0031161011
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_EPHVA2CAU3700000 003021
   ROD: EV_EPHVA2CAU3700000_003.rod
   VCID: C7D1584A7EDC237346-8092

No fault code found.

Address 13: Auto Dist. Reg (J428)       Labels:| 3Q0-907-572.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 907 572 G    HW: 5Q0 907 572 G
   Component: ACC BOSCH MQB H10 0571  
   Coding: 3500008101FFC428949C8045000016
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00064
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ACCBOSCHVW416 001005
   ROD: EV_ACCBOSCHVW416_001_VW37.rod
   VCID: BB3934BA32147793D2-80EE

No fault code found.

Address 15: Airbags (J234)       Labels:| 5Q0-959-655.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 959 655 J    HW: 5Q0 959 655 J
   Component: AirbagVW20    010 0830  
   Serial number: 003GCR059U1H
   Coding: 8CCCFC00000000005000001AC24800000065
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_AirbaVW20SMEVW37X 002144
   ROD: EV_AirbaVW20SMEVW37X.rod
   VCID: C7D1584A7EDC237346-8092

   Occupant Detection: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 4M0 959 339 B    HW: 4M0 959 339 B
   Component: BF-Gewichtss.  H12 0021 
   Serial number: IBH000000000005K1G46
   Coding: 303135

   Side Sensor Driver Front: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 480 002 406 16
   Component: SideSensor_Df  001 0887 
   Serial number: 357000000002B440EB1J
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Side Sensor Passenger Front: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 480 002 306 16
   Component: SideSensor_Pf  001 0887 
   Serial number: 35800000000AC1846C1R
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Side Sensor Driver Rear: 
   Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 480 402 806 16
   Component: SideSensor_Dr  001 6149 
   Serial number: 3510002BB21160C5E1B0
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Side Sensor Passenger Rear: 
   Subsystem 5 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 480 402 806 16
   Component: SideSensor_Pr  001 6149 
   Serial number: 3520002BF21160C101BU
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Front Sensor Driver: 
   Subsystem 6 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 480 401 706 16
   Component: FrontSensor_D  001 6149 
   Serial number: 3550002C721160C2D37 
   Coding: 2D2D2D

   Front Sensor Passenger: 
   Subsystem 7 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 480 401 706 16
   Component: FrontSensor_P  001 6149 
   Serial number: 3560002C721160C1F10V
   Coding: 2D2D2D

No fault code found.

Address 16: Steering wheel (J524)       Labels:| 5Q0-953-549.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 953 521 AT    HW: 5Q0 953 569 A
   Component: Lenks.Modul   075 0235  
   Revision: FF034034    Serial number: 20160717400535
   Coding: 0410
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_SMLSVALEOMQB 001015
   VCID: 844B8F460F6AC86BE3-80D0

No fault code found.

Address 17: Instruments (J285)       Labels:| 5G0-920-XXX-17.clb-SRI3
   Part No SW: 5G1 920 840 B    HW: 5G1 920 840 B
   Component: KOMBI         244 8311  
   Coding: 0BA4101DA590CF0502886A011000000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00064
   ASAM Dataset: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB 009051
   ROD: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB_009_VW37.rod
   VCID: A60FF5CED996DA7B9D-80F2

No fault code found.

Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533)       Labels:| 5Q0-907-530-V1.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 907 530 AM    HW: 5Q0 907 530 M
   Component: GW MQB High   212 2265  
   Revision: --------    Serial number: 05071610801904
   Coding: 0901000830085900FB0020181E0F00000001050000000000000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 07025
   ASAM Dataset: EV_GatewConti 013020
   ROD: EV_GatewConti.rod
   VCID: FCBBF7A6779AB0AB9B-80A8


   Multi Function Steering Wheel Control Module: 
   Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 5G0 959 442 R    HW: 5G0 959 442 R  Labels: 3C8-959-537.CLB
   Component: E221__MFL-DC1  H17 0040 
   Serial number: 29160000711130106142
   Coding: 35FFFF

   Power Converter DC AC: 
   Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 5Q0 907 155 A    HW: 5Q0 907 155 A
   Component: WECHSELRICHTE  H53 0041 
   Serial number: 0126059             

No fault code found.

Address 22: AWD (J492)       Labels:* 0CQ-907-554.clb
   Part No SW: 0CQ 907 554 H    HW: 0CQ 525 130 
   Component: Haldex4Motion H52 7083  
   Serial number: HA1-00013.05.16
   Coding: 0001
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00064
   ASAM Dataset: EV_AllWheelContrHA1VW37X 004013
   ROD: EV_AllWheelContrHA1VW37X.rod
   VCID: CAD7617E6DCEDE1B59-809E

No fault code found.

Address 2B: Steer. Col. Lock (J764)       Labels:| 5Q0-905-861.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 905 861 A    HW: 5Q0 905 861 A
   Component: ELV-MQBA      H01 0120  
   Revision: 00000000    Serial number: 16000103361003
   Coding: 5D00000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 07025
   ASAM Dataset: EV_ELVMarquMQB 004111
   ROD: EV_ELVMarquMQB.rod
   VCID: B42B1F861F4AB8EB13-80E0

No fault code found.

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver (J386)       Labels:| 5QX-959-X93-42.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 959 593 E    HW: 5Q0 959 593 B
   Component: TSG FS        020 0041  
   Serial number: 280716060509YI
   Coding: 003A13200000020000000000
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_DCUDriveSideEWMAXKLO 006003
   VCID: C3C94C5A4AE40F539A-8096

   Drivers Door Rear Control Module: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q4 959 811 D    HW: 5Q4 959 811 D  Labels: 5QX-959-81X-V1.CLB
   Component: Fond FHSG DRV  007 0002 
   Serial number: 00000000000013354109
   Coding: 011000

No fault code found.

Address 44: Steering Assist (J500)       Labels:| 5Q0-909-144.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 909 144 T    HW: 5Q0 909 144 R
   Component: EPS_MQB_ZFLS  129 1072  
   Coding: 8302
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00064
   ASAM Dataset: EV_SteerAssisMQB 013144
   ROD: EV_SteerAssisMQB_013.rod
   VCID: C5CD524244D03163B4-8090

No fault code found.

Address 47: Sound System (J525)       Labels:| 5Q0-035-456.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 035 456     HW: 5Q0 035 456 
   Component: MIB2_lite_amp H20 0150  
   Revision: 00000001    Serial number: VWZ8Z1GBA021BK+
   Coding: 2200000000AAAAAA000000000000
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_AMPMst12C1Gen2ALPI 001003
   ROD: EV_AMPMst12C1Gen2ALPI.rod
   VCID: ED9DCAE23CE029231C-80B8

No fault code found.

Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. (J387)       Labels:| 5QX-959-X92-52.clb
   Part No SW: 5Q0 959 592 E    HW: 5Q0 959 592 B
   Component: TSG BFS       020 0041  
   Serial number: 02081606050D8C
   Coding: 003A13200000020000000000
   Shop #: WSC 01383 790 50316
   ASAM Dataset: EV_DCUPasseSideEWMAXKLO 006003
   VCID: C2C7495E55FE065B91-8096

   Passengers Rear Door Control Module: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q4 959 812 D    HW: 5Q4 959 812 D  Labels: 5QX-959-81X-V1.CLB
   Component: Fond FHSG PSG  007 0002 
   Serial number: 00000000000013351437
   Coding: 091000

No fault code found.

Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794)       Labels:| 5G0-035-MIB-STD2.clb
   Part No SW: 3Q0 035 844 A    HW: 3Q0 035 844 A
   Component: MU-S-S-US     710 0751  
   Serial number:               
   Coding: 027302000000000051220002001808009F0108F40120010002
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 07025
   ASAM Dataset: EV_MUStd4CDELP 001001
   ROD: EV_MUStd4CDELP_VW26.rod
   VCID: AD1D0AE2FC60E9235C-80F8

   Operating And Display Unit 1: 
   Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 3G0 919 605 H    HW: 3G0 919 605 H
   Component: ABT_Std-2  H53 1031 
   Serial number: VWZ8Z9SJW00VJK      

No fault code found.

Address 75: Telematics (J949)       Labels:| 5QE-035-285.clb
   Part No SW: 5QE 035 285 A    HW: 5QE 035 285 A
   Component: OCULowMQBUS   007 0568  
   Coding: 02730202C2823A017F1E06020000
   Shop #: WSC 00066 790 07025
   ASAM Dataset: EV_OCULowMQB 001006
   ROD: EV_OCULowMQB.rod
   VCID: C3C94C5A4AE40F539A-8096

No fault code found.

End----------(Elapsed Time: 01:40, VBatt start/end: 14.1V/14.0V)-----------
Engine at idle, coolant +80c
;SW:8V0-906-264-L   HW:06K-907-425-B ---  Engine
;Component:1.8l R4 TFSI  H13 0002, Coding:311D00322466002F1000
;VCDS Version: Beta 18.5.0 (x64)  Data version: 20180518 DS291.0
;VCID: C5CD524244D03163B4-8090

IDE00011,Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),3VWH17AU7HM506456, 
IDE00018,Voltage terminal 15,13.594, V
IDE00019,Voltage terminal 30,13.906, V
IDE00021,Engine speed,702, /min
IDE00025,Coolant temperature,83, °C
IDE00030,Status of actuator test,not active, 
IDE00075,Vehicle speed,0, km/h
IDE00076,Status of initial fuel filling,was not yet started, 
IDE00078,Time since engine start,180, s
IDE00083,Throttle valve position (absolute),11.4, %
IDE00084,Absolute load value,22, %
IDE00085,Normed load value,27.1, %
IDE00086,Accelerator position,15, %
IDE00090,selected gear,Shifting process active, 
IDE00097,OBD - requirements for which this vehicle is designed,OBD + OBD II, 
IDE00102,Control Module temperature,39.0, °
IDE00148,Median injection timing,1.0, ms
IDE00149,Ignition angle of current cylinder: actual value,-4.12, °
IDE00150,Pressure in brake booster,1.150, bar
IDE00151,Oil fill level,79, mm
IDE00155,Timing angle retardation cylinder 1,0.00, °
IDE00156,Timing angle retardation cylinder 2,0.00, °
IDE00157,Timing angle retardation cylinder 3,0.00, °
IDE00158,Timing angle retardation cylinder 4,0.00, °
IDE00167,Exhaust temperature 1 bank 1,458.1, °C
IDE00172,A/C compressor torque,0.00, Nm
IDE00173,Cruise Control System: specified speed,0.00, km/h
IDE00174,Camshaft adjustment: exhaust: bank 1: specified value,0.0, °
IDE00175,Camshaft adjustment: exhaust: bank 1: actual value,0.0, °
IDE00178,Camshaft adjustment intake bank 1: specified value,0.0, °
IDE00179,Camshaft adjustment intake bank 1: actual value,0.0, °
IDE00182,Camshaft adaptation intake bank 1: phase position,-1.1, °
IDE00184,Camshaft adaptation exhaust bank 1: phase position,47.6, °
IDE00186,Fuel low pressure: actual value,11.003, bar
IDE00187,Coolant temperature at engine start,21.0, °
IDE00188,Fuel high pressure: actual value,47.0, bar
IDE00189,Activation of fuel pump electronics,62.84, %
IDE00190,Charge air pressure specified value,0.979, bar
IDE00191,Charge air pressure: actual value,0.977, bar
IDE00192,Coolant temperature at radiator outlet: actual value,25.6, °
IDE00193,Coolant temperature at engine outlet: specified value,82.5, °
IDE00194,Coolant temperature at radiator output: specified value,-48.0, °
IDE00195,Coolant temperature difference between engine and radiator,57.0, °
IDE00196,Engine oil temperature,44.0, °C
IDE00199,Mean engine air mass,9, kg/h
IDE00200,Median vehicle speed,0.00, km/h
IDE00201,High fuel pressure: specified value,46.9, bar
IDE00202,Low fuel pressure: specified value,5.000, bar
IDE00252,Brake system vacuum pump,Pump off, 
IDE00304,Fuel level,37, l
IDE00322,Status of basic setting,not active, 
IDE00323,Security Access: Number of invalid keys,0, 
IDE00348,Intake air temperature,35, °C
IDE00349,Throttle valve position: normed,2, %
IDE00350,Air mass: specified value,10, kg/h
IDE00355,Cruise Control System (CCS): status,main switch off, 
IDE00357,Fuel temperature,36.0, °
IDE00358,Limitation: torque,290.0, Nm
IDE00371,Fuel consumption,0.92, l/h
IDE00375,Generator: load signal,35.50, %
IDE00380,Coolant fan 1: activation,10.16, %
IDE00381,Coolant fan 2: activation,0.00, %
IDE00392,Accelerator pedal: sensor voltage 1,0.752, V
IDE00393,Accelerator pedal: sensor voltage 2,0.366, V
IDE00396,Charge Pressure Actuator: acknowledgment,3.530, V
IDE00400,Intake manifold Runner Control (IMRC): activation,100.00, %
IDE00401,Intake manifold Runner Control (IMRC): acknowledgment,100.00, %
IDE00404,Throttle valve: activation,18.14, %
IDE00405,Crankshaft speed (RPM),695, /min
IDE00406,Camshaft speed (RPM),0, /min
IDE00407,Rail pressure regulation: status,Regulated operation via quantity control valve, 
IDE00408,Engine mount 1,not active, 
IDE00409,Engine mount 2,not active, 
IDE00412,Starter control: terminal 50,not active, 
IDE00413,Starter control: Interlock- or P/N-signal,00, 
IDE00414,Starter control: relay 1,00, 
IDE00415,Starter control: relay 2,00, 
IDE00416,Starter control: terminal 50 acknowledgment,01, 
IDE00417,Starter control: shut-off conditions 1,00 01, 
IDE00445,Unlearning counter according OBD,255, 
IDE00450,Operating Instructions,--no display--, 
IDE00451,Currently running routine,Unknown,
IDE00472,Mean injection quantity,7, mg/stroke
IDE00474,Ambient air pressure,98, kPa abs
IDE00476,Fuel Metering Valve,15.98, %
IDE00477,Torque request: sum of auxiliary aggregate,6.9, Nm
IDE00478,Engine-drag torque,18.0, Nm
IDE00482,Limitation: torque of clutch protection,1024.0, Nm
IDE00495,Calculated oil temperature,44.0, °
IDE00496,Activation of oil pressure switch valve,High pressure, 
IDE00497-MAS00627,Status of oil pressure switches-Oil pressure switch for high pressure,closed, 
IDE00497-MAS00628,Status of oil pressure switches-Oil pressure switch for low pressure,closed, 
IDE00556,Outside air temperature,24, °C
IDE00559,Current of oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 (broadband sensor),1.002 Lambda / -0.016 mA, 
IDE00560-MAS04121,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2 (jump sensor)-Voltage,0.740, V
IDE00560-MAS04122,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2 (jump sensor)-Short term adaptation of mixture formation,99.2, %
IDE00582,Equivalence ratio target value,1.002, Lambda
IDE00583,Throttle valve specified value,2, %
IDE00584,Distance driven since erasing DTC memory,0, km
IDE00585,Dist. driven with exh. Malfunction Indicator Lamp activated,0, km
IDE00588,Fuel tank fill level,67.8, %
IDE00589,Fuel pressure,4560, kPa rel
IDE00592,Oxygen sensor control status,Closed loop,  / using O2 sensors , 
IDE00593,Ignition timing adjustment cylinder 1,-4.0, Degrees
IDE00594,Absolute intake pressure,36, kPa abs
IDE00595,Allocation of oxygen sensors,B1S1 B1S2 , 
IDE00597,Long term adaptation of mixture formation bank 1,5.5, %
IDE00601,Monitoring status since erasing DTC memory,, 
IDE00602,Monitoring status in current driving cycle,, 
IDE00603,Number of driving cycles since erasing DTC memory,0, 
IDE00604,Short term adaptation of mixture formation bank 1,1.6, %
IDE00608,Type of fuel,Gasoline, 
IDE00612,Target position of EVAP canister valve,7.1, %
IDE00727,Test steps still to be performed,0, 
IDE00787,Cause for cancellation,0, 
IDE00949-ENG98517,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 1,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98491,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 10,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98492,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 11,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98493,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 12,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98518,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 13,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98519,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 14,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98520,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 15,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98494,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 16,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98521,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 2,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98522,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 3,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98523,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 4,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98495,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 5,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98524,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 6,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98496,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 7,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98497,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 8,not active, 
IDE00949-ENG98498,Hide cylinder-Cylinder 9,not active, 
IDE00968,Compressor speed,0, /min
IDE01076-MAS00109,Time since ignition off-Hours,0, H
IDE01076-MAS00110,Time since ignition off-Minutes,0, min
IDE01076-MAS00111,Time since ignition off-Seconds,0, s
IDE01098,Test of knock sensors: short trip result,Test not started, 
IDE01196,Dynamic factor O2 sensors bank 1 or bank 3 before cat. conv.,0.000, 
IDE01266,Coolant shut-off valve,closed, 
IDE01369,Intake manifold runner control (IMRC): offset closed,0.004, V
IDE01377,Throttle valve adapter: actual value,2.0, °
IDE01378,High fuel pressure: control deviation,-0.1, bar
IDE01385,Wear index,0.00000058, 
IDE01405-MAS05513,Status of starter activation-Bit 0,OK, 
IDE01405-MAS05514,Status of starter activation-Bit 1,Before starter activation, 
IDE01405-MAS05515,Status of starter activation-Bit 2,After starter activation, 
IDE01638,Result O2 sensor aging test bank 1 or 3 before cat. conv.,Test not started, 
IDE01644,Oxygen sensor voltage bank 1 after catalytic converter,0.744, V
IDE01649,Throttle valve position 1,0.596, V
IDE01650,Throttle valve position 2,12, %
IDE01665,Result of test of camshaft adjustment intake bank 1,Test not started, 
IDE01667,Result of test of camshaft adjustment outlet bank 1,Test not started, 
IDE01670,Short trip status for oil pressure control,Test not started, 
IDE01671,Starter control: clutch switch,not pressed, 
IDE01672,Starter control: automatic start,not possible, 
IDE01673-MAS05513,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 0,Mech. test of starter not complete, 
IDE01673-MAS05514,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 1,Test of starter relay switching contacts not complete, 
IDE01673-MAS05515,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 2,Test of starter relay activation not complete, 
IDE01673-MAS05516,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 3,Test of terminal 50R return measuring line not completed, 
IDE01673-MAS05517,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 4,Test of starter request double injection not complete, 
IDE01673-MAS05518,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 5,Test of PN signal not complete, 
IDE01673-MAS05519,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 6,Test of interlock switch not complete, 
IDE01673-MAS05520,Starter control: readiness bits-Bit 7,Test of clutch pedal switch not complete, 
IDE01677,Result of O2 sensor test ready bank 1 after cat. conv.,Test not started, 
IDE01683-MAS05304,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 1,switched, 
IDE01683-MAS05305,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 2,switched, 
IDE01683-MAS05306,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 3,switched, 
IDE01683-MAS05307,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 4,switched, 
IDE01683-MAS05308,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 5,switched, 
IDE01683-MAS05309,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 6,switched, 
IDE01683-MAS05310,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 7,switched, 
IDE01683-MAS05311,Valve stroke switch of AVS from small to large-Cylinder 8,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05304,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 1,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05305,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 2,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05306,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 3,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05307,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 4,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05308,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 5,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05309,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 6,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05310,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 7,switched, 
IDE01684-MAS05311,Valve stroke switch of AVS from large to small-Cylinder 8,switched, 
IDE01685,Result of test of valve stroke switch AVS,Test not started, 
IDE01773,Misfire sum counter,0, 
IDE01774,Status misfire recognition,active, 
IDE01775,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 1,0, 
IDE01776,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 2,0, 
IDE01777,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 3,0, 
IDE01778,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cylinder 4,0, 
IDE01870,Oxygen sensor after catalytic converter: operating status,Bank 1: sensor 1 OK, 
IDE01873,Test of catalytic converter: measured value,0.000, 
IDE01874,Test of catalytic converter: result,Test not started, 
IDE01876,Adaptation of loss torque,-5.2, Nm
IDE01878,Adaptation of throttle valve,Test of closing springs ended, 
IDE01880,Accelerator position 2,15, %
IDE01881,Adaptation of kick-down shifting point,4.126, V
IDE01884,Camshaft adjustment intake bank 1: activation,10.00, %
IDE01886,Number of high pressure incursions,0, 
IDE01894,Charge press. ctrl.: adapt. higher than max. threshold,0.39, %
IDE01895,Charge pressure control: less than min. threshold adaptation,0.78, %
IDE01901,Lost torque adaptation: idle,-1.1, Nm
IDE01905,Average of ignition timing angle delay adjustment,13.87, °
IDE01906,Dynamic average of ignition timing angle delay adjustment,-4.50, °
IDE01912,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1: specified value,1, 
IDE01913,Number of oxygen sensor dynamic tests: bank 1 sensor 1,0, 
IDE01922,Vehicle distance driven,589, km
IDE01923,Control module distance driven,591, km
IDE01924,Load shift flaps: actual value,closed, 
IDE01925,Load shift flaps: specified value,closed, 
IDE01926,Adaptation of load shift flaps,Cancel: prerequisites have not been met, 
IDE01928,Close cam shaft angle at quantity control valve,32.0, °
IDE01929,Open cam shaft angle at quantity control valve,-32.0, °
IDE01931,High pressure pump injection volume control deviation,-2, mg/stroke
IDE01932,High pressure pump injection volume,6, mg/stroke
IDE01975,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 1,0, 
IDE01976,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 2,0, 
IDE01977,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 3,0, 
IDE01978,Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 4,0, 
IDE01986,Contact for tank leak test,Open, 
IDE02116,Exhaust gas temperature before catalytic converter,410.2, °
IDE02119,Long term adaptation of oxygen sensor control: bank 1,0.0, %
IDE02229,Exh.gas temp.sen 1,1110.0, °
IDE02756,Number of manual engine starts,267, 
IDE02757,Number of automatic engine starts,0, 
IDE03008-MAS04415,Stop process prevented-Ambient air pressure,not active, 
IDE03008-MAS04416,Stop process prevented-Sporadic function restriction,active, 
IDE03008-MAS04417,Stop process prevented-Poor start detection,not active, 
IDE03008-MAS04590,Stop process prevented-Mixture adaptation,not active, 
IDE03008-MAS06602,Stop process prevented-Engine temperature,not active, 
IDE03008-MAS06604,Stop process prevented-Start-stop sensor system,not active, 
IDE03008-MAS06605,Stop process prevented-Regeneration operation,not active, 
IDE03008-MAS06606,Stop process prevented-Brake under pressure too low,not active, 
IDE03010-IDE00924,Number of prevented stop processes-Steering angle,0, 
IDE03010-MAS01627,Number of prevented stop processes-Steering,0, 
IDE03010-MAS02040,Number of prevented stop processes-Play protection,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04415,Number of prevented stop processes-Ambient air pressure,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04416,Number of prevented stop processes-Sporadic function restriction,96, 
IDE03010-MAS04417,Number of prevented stop processes-Poor start detection,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04589,Number of prevented stop processes-Diagnosis of exhaust system,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04590,Number of prevented stop processes-Mixture adaptation,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04591,Number of prevented stop processes-Diagnosis of air system,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04592,Number of prevented stop processes-Hybrid battery power insufficient,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04593,Number of prevented stop processes-Auxiliary consumers power too high,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04595,Number of prevented stop processes-Deceleration takeover active,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04805,Number of prevented stop processes-Clutch protection K0,0, 
IDE03010-MAS04870,Number of prevented stop processes-Test of thermostat not complete,0, 
IDE03010-MAS05758,Number of prevented stop processes-Driving situation,0, 
IDE03010-MAS06602,Number of prevented stop processes-Engine temperature,513, 
IDE03010-MAS06605,Number of prevented stop processes-Regeneration operation,0, 
IDE03010-MAS06606,Number of prevented stop processes-Brake under pressure too low,0, 
IDE03010-MAS08032,Number of prevented stop processes-Event memory entry in engine control module,0, 
IDE03010-MAS09416,Number of prevented stop processes-Adaptation active,0, 
IDE03010-MAS11563,Number of prevented stop processes-Engine hood open,0, 
IDE03010-MAS11835,Number of prevented stop processes-Function locked due to excessive stalling,0, 
IDE03010-MAS12085,Number of prevented stop processes-Brake pedal information: plausibility,0, 
IDE03010-MAS12864,Number of prevented stop processes-Tighter traffic flow detected,0, 
IDE03010-MAS13643,Number of prevented stop processes-E machine output too low,0, 
IDE03010-MAS13644,Number of prevented stop processes-Motor protection active,0, 
IDE03010-MAS13645,Number of prevented stop processes-Fuel salinization protection active,0, 
IDE03010-MAS13661,Number of prevented stop processes-Exhaust emission control diagnosis,0, 
IDE03010-MAS16918,Number of prevented stop processes-Restriction in the start system,0, 
IDE03011-MAS01627,Number of requested start processes-Steering,0, 
IDE03011-MAS04369,Number of requested start processes-Engine temperature too high,0, 
IDE03011-MAS04370,Number of requested start processes-Engine temperature too low,0, 
IDE03011-MAS04416,Number of requested start processes-Sporadic function restriction,0, 
IDE03011-MAS04592,Number of requested start processes-Hybrid battery power insufficient,0, 
IDE03011-MAS04593,Number of requested start processes-Auxiliary consumers power too high,0, 
IDE03011-MAS04595,Number of requested start processes-Deceleration takeover active,0, 
IDE03011-MAS06606,Number of requested start processes-Brake under pressure too low,0, 
IDE03011-MAS06607,Number of requested start processes-SCR System requires restart,0, 
IDE03011-MAS09730,Number of requested start processes-Cat. heater,0, 
IDE03011-MAS11563,Number of requested start processes-Engine hood open,0, 
IDE03011-MAS11834,Number of requested start processes-Rolling vehicle,0, 
IDE03011-MAS13644,Number of requested start processes-Motor protection active,0, 
IDE03011-MAS13645,Number of requested start processes-Fuel salinization protection active,0, 
IDE03011-MAS16918,Number of requested start processes-Restriction in the start system,0, 
IDE03108,Result of test of oxygen sensors bank 1,Test not started, 
IDE03235,Neutral position sensor: current transmission angle,20.00, °
IDE03236,Neutral position sensor: adapted transmission angle,-179.96, °
IDE03246,Neutral position sensor: upper adaptation value,0.000, V
IDE03247,Neutral position sensor: lower adaptation value,0.000, V
IDE03262,Adapt of angle sensor 1 f throttle valve,0.498, V
IDE03263,Adapt of angle sensor 2 f throttle valve,4.492, V
IDE03264,Adaptation of angle sensor 1 throttle valve: emerg. air gap,0.796, V
IDE03265,Adaptation of angle sensor 2 throttle valve: emerg. air gap,4.194, V
IDE03267,Intake air temperature: unconditioned voltage,1.729, V
IDE03276,Charge air pressure sensor: unconditioned voltage,1.572, V
IDE03277,Intake manifold Runner Control (IMRC): unconditioned voltage,3.789, V
IDE03328,Transmission neutral position sensor voltage,0.000, V
IDE03361,Driver request torque,27.6, Nm
IDE03362,Requested transmission torque,1024.0, Nm
IDE03375,Adaptation status for transmission neutral position sensor,0, 
IDE03377,Coolant temp at radiator output: unconditioned voltage,3.303, V
IDE03582,Temperature sensor for engine temperature management,83.2, °
IDE03585,System status for the start/stop function master,System malfunction, 
IDE03587-IDE02697,Stop overrides for active participants-Multifunction unit control module,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS00124,Stop overrides for active participants-A/C,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS00127,Stop overrides for active participants-brakes,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS00506,Stop overrides for active participants-Adaptive Cruise Control,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS00832,Stop overrides for active participants-Convertible top control module,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS01090,Stop overrides for active participants-Transmission,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS01106,Stop overrides for active participants-Level control system,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS01490,Stop overrides for active participants-Energy management,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS01627,Stop overrides for active participants-Steering,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS02237,Stop overrides for active participants-Body computer 1/ veh. elec sys CM / cent elec.,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS02569,Stop overrides for active participants-All-wheel electronics,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS03757,Stop overrides for active participants-Quattro Sport,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS05129,Stop overrides for active participants-Engine,active, 
IDE03587-MAS06709,Stop overrides for active participants-Keyless operation,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS08785,Stop overrides for active participants-Parking aid,not active, 
IDE03587-MAS13018,Stop overrides for active participants-Front sensor system for driver assistance systems,not active, 
IDE03588-IDE02697,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Multifunction unit control module,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS00124,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-A/C,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS00127,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-brakes,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS00506,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Adaptive Cruise Control,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS00832,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Convertible top control module,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS01090,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Transmission,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS01106,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Level control system,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS01490,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Energy management,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS01627,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Steering,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS02237,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Body computer 1/ veh. elec sys CM / cent elec.,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS02569,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-All-wheel electronics,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS03757,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Quattro Sport,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS05129,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Engine,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS06709,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Keyless operation,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS08785,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Parking aid,not active, 
IDE03588-MAS13018,System malfunctions for active participants start/stop-Front sensor system for driver assistance systems,not active, 
IDE03589-MAS01161,Error status for start-stop related sensors-Communication error,not active, 
IDE03589-MAS11563,Error status for start-stop related sensors-Engine hood open,not active, 
IDE03589-MAS11868,Error status for start-stop related sensors-Driver door status,active, 
IDE03589-MAS12097,Error status for start-stop related sensors-driver door open,active, 
IDE03589-MAS12098,Error status for start-stop related sensors-Start/Stop deactivated with button,active, 
IDE03589-MAS12099,Error status for start-stop related sensors-Clutch signal error,not active, 
IDE03589-MAS12100,Error status for start-stop related sensors-Brake or speed signal error,not active, 
IDE03589-MAS12101,Error status for start-stop related sensors-Steering signal error,not active, 
IDE03692-MAS05513,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 0,Test of camshaft adjustment bank 2 outlet not complete, 
IDE03692-MAS05514,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 1,Test of camshaft adjustment bank 1 outlet not complete, 
IDE03692-MAS05515,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 2,Test of camshaft adjustment bank 2 intake not complete, 
IDE03692-MAS05516,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 3,Test of camshaft adjustment bank 1 intake complete, 
IDE03692-MAS05517,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 4,Test of knock sensor 4 not complete, 
IDE03692-MAS05518,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 5,Test of knock sensor 3 not complete, 
IDE03692-MAS05519,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 6,Test of knock sensor 2 not complete, 
IDE03692-MAS05520,Monitoring status Onboard Diagnosis camshaft and knock sensor-Bit 7,Test of knock sensor 1 complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05513,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 0,Test of brake light switch not complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05514,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 1,Test of clutch switch not complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05515,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 2,Test of idle control not complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05516,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 3,Test of coolant temperature sensor not complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05517,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 4,Test of throttle valve potentiometer not complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05518,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 5,Test of thermostat not complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05519,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 6,Test of charge pressure control complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05520,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 7,Test of CCS switch complete, 
IDE03693-MAS05521,Monitoring status of additional Onboard Diagnosis-Bit 8,Test of oxygen adaptation bank 1 complete, 
IDE03711,Mass flow through throttle valve,6, kg/h
IDE03767,Engine status,Idling, 
IDE03795,Camshaft adjustment: exhaust: bank 1: activation,15.55, %
IDE03806,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1: status,1, 
IDE03807,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2: status,1, 
IDE03816,Exhaust flap bank 1,Open, 
IDE03818,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 2: resistance,331, Ohm
IDE03819,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 2: activation,34.38, %
IDE03820,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 1: resistance,305, Ohm
IDE03821,Heated oxygen sensor bank 1: sensor 1: activation,30.86, %
IDE03832,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2: response time,0, ms
IDE03834,Oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2: response time filtered,0, ms
IDE03836,Result of O2 sensor aging test bank 1 after cat. conv.,Test not started, 
IDE03892,Fuel high pressure sensor: unconditioned voltage,1.151, V
IDE03918,Engine reverse rotation recognition,not recognized, 
IDE03919,Oxygen regulation operability and status,On, 
IDE03920,Oxygen adaptation status,Condition not met, 
IDE03921,Mixture adaptation factor at partial load,0.00, %
IDE03922,Mixture adaptation factor at idle speed,5.75, %
IDE03923,Adaptive long-term value of mix. condition after cat. conv,0.00040, 
IDE03924,Relay for reserve coolant pump: status,not activated, 
IDE03928,Counter for fuel entry in oil,0, 
IDE03930,Charge pressure actuator: operating status,Operating mode, 
IDE03931,Charge pressure actuator: actual position,2.34, %
IDE03932,Charge pressure actuator: specified position,0.00, %
IDE03933,Charge pressure actuator: specified value,0.00, %
IDE03934,Charge pressure actuator: adaptation for lower stop,3.613, V
IDE03935,Charge pressure actuator: adaptation for upper stop,0.570, V
IDE03953,Oxygen control: adaptation value at partial load: bank 1,0.00, %
IDE03957,Throttle valve angle: specified value,2.1, °
IDE03963,Low fuel pressure adaptation value for EFP,1200, mbar
IDE03966,Transmission neutral position sensor PWM signal,0.00, %
IDE03998,Clutch Position Sensor,99.61, %
IDE04002,Charge press. ctrl.,BP_A act:97, kPa
IDE04405,Mixture deviation in adapted partial load range 1,0.00, %
IDE04409,Intake manifold pressure: corrected,0.374, bar
IDE04410,Intake manifold pressure: target value,0.375, bar
IDE04412,Pressure before throttle valve: corrected,0.977, bar
IDE04415,Oxygen ctrl factor with precontrol correction,1.34, %
IDE04420,Activation of secondary air system,Atmosphere/off, 
IDE04629,AVS operating condition,Test is running, 
IDE04630,AVS valve stroke position: current,Standard, 
IDE04632-MAS05304,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 1,OK, 
IDE04632-MAS05305,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 2,OK, 
IDE04632-MAS05306,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 3,OK, 
IDE04632-MAS05307,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 4,OK, 
IDE04632-MAS05308,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 5,OK, 
IDE04632-MAS05309,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 6,OK, 
IDE04632-MAS05310,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 7,OK, 
IDE04632-MAS05311,AVS error status of last switch-over standard stroke direction-Cylinder 8,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05304,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 1,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05305,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 2,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05306,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 3,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05307,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 4,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05308,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 5,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05309,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 6,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05310,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 7,OK, 
IDE04633-MAS05311,AVS error status of last switch-over AVS stroke direction-Cylinder 8,OK, 
IDE04634,AVS switch-over meter for reg activation of curr. drive cycle,0, 
IDE04635,AVS switch-over meter: total,12, 
IDE04636,AVS overflow meter for all switch-overs,0, 
IDE04637,Engine temperature management actuator,99.75, %
IDE04638,Transmission coolant valve,closed, 
IDE04677,O2 sensor 1 bank 1: O2 sensor actual value,1, 
IDE04680,O2 sensor 1: bank 1: voltage raw value O2 signal,1.978, V
IDE04713,Active brake system status,operated, 
IDE04814,Transmission oil cooler valve,closed, 
IDE04937,Sensor for engine block temperature: raw value,-48.0, °
IDE05140,Intake manifold pressure raw value,0.375, bar
IDE05259,Gear position sensor: raw value,0.00, %
IDE05260,Gear position sensor: current value,Neutral, 
IDE05261,Gear position sensor: last valid value,Neutral, 
IDE05262,Gear position sensor: gear position valid,invalid, 
IDE05310,Charge air pressure control valve position: target value,0.00, %
IDE05311,Charge air pressure control valve position: actual value,2.34, %
IDE05312,Charge air pressure control valve uncond voltage sensor,3.5303, V
IDE05313,Charge air pressure control valve activation pulse duty factor,-14.80, %
IDE05314-ENG112584,Status of charge air pressure control valve basic setting-LV_BPA_AD_REQ[0],00000000 , 
IDE05315,Charge air pressure control valve voltage: position closed,3.6133, V
IDE05316,Charge air pressure control valve voltage: position open,0.5701, V
IDE05317-ENG112583,Charge air pressure control valve adaptation performed-LV_BPA_AD_ASA_SUC[0],00000000 , 
IDE05508,Adaptation val cyl 1 with slow diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05509,Adaptation val cyl 3 with slow diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05510,Adaptation val cyl 4 with slow diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05511,Adaptation val cyl 2 with slow diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05512,Adaptation val cyl 1 with fast diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05513,Adaptation val cyl 3 with fast diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05514,Adaptation val cyl 4 with fast diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05515,Adaptation val cyl 2 with fast diagnosis,0.000, 
IDE05593,Secondary air injection sensor 1,0.977, bar
IDE05622-ENG125277,Status of tank leak diagnosis with electrical diagnostic pump-STATE_DMTL_EOL,0, 
IDE06006,Idle speed specified value,700, /min
IDE06192,Knock sensor: cylinder 2: voltage,0.208, V
IDE06193,Knock sensor: cylinder 3: voltage,0.302, V
IDE06194,Knock sensor: cylinder 4: voltage,0.227, V
IDE06195,Knock sensor: cylinder 1: voltage,0.210, V
IDE06296-ENG104200,Activation of oxygen control after main cat-Lambda probe 2: bank 1: status,00000001 , 
IDE06307-MAS00106,Stop prevention history data-Year,2012, 
IDE06307-MAS00107,Stop prevention history data-Month,8, 
IDE06307-MAS00108,Stop prevention history data-Day,28, 
IDE06307-MAS00109,Stop prevention history data-Hours,16, 
IDE06307-MAS00110,Stop prevention history data-Minutes,21, 
IDE06307-MAS00111,Stop prevention history data-Seconds,56, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,Sporadic function restriction, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06307,Stop prevention history data,not active, 
IDE06308-MAS00106,Start request history data-Year,2127, 
IDE06308-MAS00107,Start request history data-Month,15, 
IDE06308-MAS00108,Start request history data-Day,31, 
IDE06308-MAS00109,Start request history data-Hours,31, 
IDE06308-MAS00110,Start request history data-Minutes,63, 
IDE06308-MAS00111,Start request history data-Seconds,63, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,SCR System requires restart, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Steering, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Restriction in the start system, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Engine hood open, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Fuel salinization protection active, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Deceleration takeover active, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Rolling vehicle, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Motor protection active, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Auxiliary consumers power too high, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Hybrid battery power insufficient, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Brake under pressure too low, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Cat. heater, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Engine temperature too high, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Sporadic function restriction, 
IDE06308,Start request history data,Engine temperature too low, 
IDE06386,Oil level: static measurement,0, mm
IDE06387,Oil level: last valid dynamic value,30, mm
IDE06388,Oil level: condition for static measurement fulfilled,Condition not met, 
IDE06389,Oil level: maximum value,30, mm
IDE06390,Oil level: minimum value,30, mm
IDE06391,Oil temperature sensor 2,35.0, °
IDE06392,Oil temperature sensor 2: raw value,35.000, V
IDE06393,Oil level: dynamic average value,25, mm
IDE06394,Sensor 1 for secondary air pressure: unconditioned voltage,2.407, V
IDE06395,Fuel low pressure sensor: unconditioned voltage,4.995, V
IDE06396,Coolant temperature at engine outlet: unconditioned voltage,1.117, V
IDE06397,Temperature sensor for engine temp. management: target value,98.3, °
IDE06398,Temperature sensor for engine temp. management: uncond. voltage,1.117, V
IDE06399,Manifold absolute pressure sensor: unconditioned voltage,0.786, V
IDE06425-IDE02766,Roller test bench mode: functional-Malfunction status,no error, 
IDE06425-MAS06026,Roller test bench mode: functional-Activation stages,not activated, 
IDE06432,Oxygen sensor 1 bank 1 signal status,active, 
IDE06444,Oxygen sensor before cat bank 1 (LSB) voltage,1.978, V
IDE06567,Start-stop function deactivation frequency counter,0, 
IDE06568,Stop prevention by driver frequency counter,0, 
IDE06569,Vehicle stopped frequency counter,0, 
IDE06573,Long-term adaptation of intake manifold injection,0.00, %
IDE06574,Long-term adaptation of intake manifold injection in idle,0.00, mg/stroke
IDE06610,Vehicle standstill with stop frequency counter,0, 
IDE06703-IDE12714,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC is active despite EPB deceleration,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14977,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC active: although TSK passive,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14978,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-Start off or stop request at stopping speed not set,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14979,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-Start off and stop request sent simultaneously,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14980,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC active: although limiter active,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14981,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC reactivates itself after locking,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14982,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC sends undefined signals,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14983,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC active although main switch off,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14984,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC is active despite driver braking,No, 
IDE06703-MAS14985,Drivetrain coordinator: ACC fault status-ACC is active despite ESP/ASR passive sampling,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14986,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-Deceleration sensor not available,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14987,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-Deceleration sensor malfunction,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14988,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-ESP system error,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14989,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-ESP system malfunction due to inaccurate engine torque,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14990,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-ESP indicates TSK message consistency error,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14991,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-TSK/ESP handshake error,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14992,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-ESP automatic engagement malfunction,No, 
IDE06704-MAS14993,Drivetrain coordinator: brake fault status-Brake light implausible,No, 
IDE06705-MAS05179,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ABS intervention,No, 
IDE06705-MAS05180,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ESP intervention,No, 
IDE06705-MAS05181,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-EDL intervention,No, 
IDE06705-MAS05186,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ASR intervention,No, 
IDE06705-MAS05187,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-MSR intervention,No, 
IDE06705-MAS05192,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-Driver braking,Yes, 
IDE06705-MAS05195,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-HDC active,No, 
IDE06705-MAS15001,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ESP invokes TSK braking,No, 
IDE06705-MAS15002,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-EPB active,No, 
IDE06705-MAS15003,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ASP intervention,No, 
IDE06705-MAS15004,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ADS intervention,No, 
IDE06705-MAS15006,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-Stopping distance reduction2 warning jolt,No, 
IDE06705-MAS15007,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ESP sampled passive (ESP off),No, 
IDE06705-MAS15008,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ASR sampled passive (ASR off),No, 
IDE06705-MAS15009,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ESP recognizes vehicle at rest,No, 
IDE06705-MAS15010,Drivetrain coordinator: brake function status-ACC stopping distance control active,No, 
IDE06706,ACC variants,ACC with braking until at standstill, 
IDE06707,CCS Switch,ACC operating unit, 
IDE06709,ACC variants (coding),ACC with braking until at standstill/Stop & Go, 
IDE06710,Cruise control system: permanent deactivation,No switch-off occurs, 
IDE06726,Timing deviation after chain replacement: intake bank 1,-1.44, °
IDE06728,Timing deviation after chain replacement: exhaust bank 1,0.00, °
IDE06730,Timing deviation after other repairs: intake bank 1,0.00, °
IDE06732,Timing deviation after other repairs: exhaust bank 1,0.00, °
IDE06734,Timing deviation: current value intake bank 1,0.00, °
IDE06736,Timing deviation: current value exhaust bank 1,0.00, °
IDE06738,Chain elongation: no. of valid initial values: intake bank 1,4, 
IDE06740,Chain elongation: no. of valid initial values: exhaust bank 1,0, 
IDE06742,Chain elongation: initial values valid: intake bank 1,not active, 
IDE06744,Chain elongation: initial values valid: exhaust bank 1,not active, 
IDE07001,Piston-cooling jets: activation,On, 
IDE07008,Tank leak: number no leak detected,0, 
IDE07011,Tank leak: number communication errors to engine control,0, 
IDE07014,Tank leak: number very small leaks detected,0, 
IDE07019,Number of ignitions direct injection,3005547, 
IDE07020,Number of ignitions intake manifold injection,0, 
IDE07023,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cyl. 1 intake manif. injection,0, 
IDE07024,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cyl. 2 intake manif. injection,0, 
IDE07025,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cyl. 3 intake manif. injection,0, 
IDE07026,Misfires per 1000 revolutions of cyl. 4 intake manif. injection,0, 
IDE07027,Heat quantity that was transported via the catalytic converter,8.95e+008, J
IDE07031,Oil pressure switch for piston-cooling jets: status,Open, 
IDE07242,Heater support pump: spec. value,10.00, %
IDE07548,Engine temp. mangmt. actuator: specified value of angle,127.75, °
IDE07549,Engine temp. mangmt. actuator: actual value of angle,128.25, °
IDE07550,Engine temp. management actuator: raw value,2068, 
IDE07551,Engine temp. management actuator: duty cycle activation,0.00, %
IDE07552,Engine temper.managem.actuator adaptation: result adaptation,Adaptation successfully finished, 
IDE07553,Engine temperature management actuator: after-run stop,3966, 
IDE07554,Engine temperature management actuator: stop open,145, 
IDE07564,Required torque adjustment by idling regulator,-3.9, Nm
IDE07571,Engine torque,9.1, Nm
IDE07572,High pressure regulation: adaptation value,-3.96, mg
IDE07574,Long-term fuel trim bank 1 at idle,0.40, mg/stroke
IDE07575,Driver request torque,2.1, Nm
IDE07576,Lost torque adaptation driving mode,4.2, Nm
IDE07577,Lost torque adaptation A/C compressor and driving mode,-2.7, Nm
IDE07598-MAS00320,Cruise control switch actuation-Main switch,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS00325,Cruise control switch actuation-Setting,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS00326,Cruise control switch actuation-Activation,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS01632,Cruise control switch actuation-Status,OK, 
IDE07598-MAS02309,Cruise control switch actuation-Accelerate,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS02310,Cruise control switch actuation-Decelerate,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS05172,Cruise control switch actuation-Cancel,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS05806,Cruise control switch actuation-Main switch hardware,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS05807,Cruise control switch actuation-Coding,plausible, 
IDE07598-MAS05809,Cruise control switch actuation-Limit function,not selected, 
IDE07598-MAS05812,Cruise control switch actuation-Limit button,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS05813,Cruise control switch actuation-Main switch CAN,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS05842,Cruise control switch actuation-Large increment,not activated, 
IDE07598-MAS05843,Cruise control switch actuation-Control component verified,Yes, 
IDE07599-MAS01505,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Engine off,No, 
IDE07599-MAS03849,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Crash signal,No, 
IDE07599-MAS04795,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-main switch off,Yes, 
IDE07599-MAS05135,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Open or no gear selected,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05136,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Hill descent control,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05190,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Parking brake or hand brake actuated,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05192,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Driver braking,Yes, 
IDE07599-MAS05196,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Speed signal error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05814,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-CAN communication error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05815,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-CAN signal error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05816,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-ESP control response error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05817,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-RPM limitation,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05818,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Transmission coding not plausible,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05819,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-ACC active during braking,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05820,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-ACC error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05821,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Braking intervention too weak,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05822,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Braking control not available,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05823,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Speed signal error during initialization,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05824,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Emer. engine operation,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05825,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Engine control module fault,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05826,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Torque reduction due to fault,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05827,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Diagnosis requirements not met,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05828,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Brake excess temperature,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05829,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Brake light fault,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05830,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-CCS deactivated due to fault in control component,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05831,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-ACC deactivated due to fault in control component,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05832,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Coding error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05833,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-ESC error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05834,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Brake pedal fault,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05835,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Clutch pedal fault,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05836,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-Acceleration monitoring error,No, 
IDE07599-MAS05837,Drivetrain coord: cause of shutdown in cruise cntr and ACC mode-ACC control response error,No, 
IDE07605,Cruise control system: temporary deactivation,No switch-off, 
IDE07669,Oxygen sensor 2 Bank 1 after cat operation readiness Status,active, 
IDE07901,Error counter bad fuel,0, 
IDE07904-ENG118117,Brake test switch status-actuated__activated,operated, 
IDE07904-ENG114825,Brake test switch status-Ident_32,1, 
IDE07905-ENG118117,Brake light switch status-actuated__activated,operated, 
IDE07905-ENG114825,Brake light switch status-Ident_32,1, 
IDE07906-ENG118117,Upper clutch switch: status-actuated__activated,not activated, 
IDE07906-ENG114825,Upper clutch switch: status-Ident_32,0, 
IDE07945-MAS00334,Status of intermittent monitoring-Catalytic converter monitoring,not completed successfully, 
IDE07945-MAS00335,Status of intermittent monitoring-Monitoring of catalytic converter at operating temperature,completed successfully, 
IDE07945-MAS00336,Status of intermittent monitoring-Monitoring of tank ventilation system,not completed successfully, 
IDE07945-MAS00337,Status of intermittent monitoring-Monitoring of Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system,completed successfully, 
IDE07945-MAS00338,Status of intermittent monitoring-Monitoring of A/C system refrigerant,completed successfully, 
IDE07945-MAS00339,Status of intermittent monitoring-Monitoring of oxygen sensor,not completed successfully, 
IDE07945-MAS00340,Status of intermittent monitoring-Monitoring of oxygen sensor heater,completed successfully, 
IDE07945-MAS00341,Status of intermittent monitoring-Monitoring of Exhaust Gas recirc. (EGR),not completed successfully, 
IDE08071-ENG119931,Remote start cancellation reason store 1-LF_ST_REQ_EXT_DVC_DEAC_1,0, 
IDE08072-ENG119932,Remote start cancellation reason store 2-LF_ST_REQ_EXT_DVC_DEAC_2,0, 
IDE08073-ENG119933,Remote start cancellation reason store 3-LF_ST_REQ_EXT_DVC_DEAC_3,0, 
IDE08074-ENG119934,Remote start cancellation reason store 4-LF_ST_REQ_EXT_DVC_DEAC_4,0, 
IDE08075-ENG119935,Remote start cancellation reason store 5-LF_ST_REQ_EXT_DVC_DEAC_5,0, 
IDE08495,Activation radiator shutter result,0.00, %
IDE08805,EVAP valve diag. activation condition at minimal load,0.283, counts
IDE08806,EVAP valve diag. activation condition at maximum load,602, mbar
IDE10366,Chg. press. ctrl. valve: sensor voltage max. value,3.633, V
IDE10380,Knock sensor average voltage bank 1,0.195, V
IDE10551-MAS05304,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 1,0, 
IDE10551-MAS05305,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 2,1, 
IDE10551-MAS05306,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 3,1, 
IDE10551-MAS05307,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 4,0, 
IDE10551-MAS05308,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 5,0, 
IDE10551-MAS05309,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 6,0, 
IDE10551-MAS05310,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 7,0, 
IDE10551-MAS05311,Pre-ignition counter for oxygen shift-Cylinder 8,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05304,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 1,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05305,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 2,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05306,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 3,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05307,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 4,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05308,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 5,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05309,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 6,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05310,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 7,0, 
IDE10552-MAS05311,Pre-ignition counter for torque reduction-Cylinder 8,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05304,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 1,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05305,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 2,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05306,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 3,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05307,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 4,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05308,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 5,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05309,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 6,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05310,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 7,0, 
IDE10553-MAS05311,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. pre-ignition-Cylinder 8,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05304,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 1,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05305,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 2,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05306,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 3,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05307,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 4,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05308,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 5,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05309,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 6,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05310,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 7,0, 
IDE10554-MAS05311,Pre-ignition counter: cylinder suppress. glow ignition-Cylinder 8,0, 
IDE10922,Pump current of tank leakage diag.: corrected & filtered,0.000, mA
IDE10970-MAS11563,Number of prevented stop processes-Engine hood open,0, 
IDE10970-MAS11835,Number of prevented stop processes-Function locked due to excessive stalling,0, 
IDE10970-MAS12085,Number of prevented stop processes-Brake pedal information: plausibility,0, 
IDE10989-MAS00106,Immobilizer: historic data-Year,2127, 
IDE10989-MAS00107,Immobilizer: historic data-Month,15, 
IDE10989-MAS00108,Immobilizer: historic data-Day,31, 
IDE10989-MAS00109,Immobilizer: historic data-Hours,31, 
IDE10989-MAS00110,Immobilizer: historic data-Minutes,63, 
IDE10989-MAS00111,Immobilizer: historic data-Seconds,63, 
IDE10989,Immobilizer: historic data,Brake pedal information: plausibility, 
IDE10989,Immobilizer: historic data,Engine hood open, 
IDE10989,Immobilizer: historic data,Function locked due to excessive stalling, 
IDE10994,Poor start counter at start-stop,0, 
IDE11115,Start/stop driver request: counter restart by starter,0, 
IDE11116,Start/stop driver request: counter internal-motor restart,0, 
IDE11598,Tank deaeration valve diagnosis: unweighted input value,0.000, counts
IDE11599,Tank deaeration valve diagnosis: weighted output value,0.000, counts
IDE11600,Tank tightness: ambient temperature,-48.00, °C
IDE11919,Lock time for cooling down of secondary air pump,0, s
IDE12137,Tank fill level diagnostic reference value,39.0, l
IDE12138,Fuel consumption per driving cycle,44.81, l/100km
ENG102981,AC compressor: speed increase,00000000 , 
ENG103860,AC request: speed increase,00000000 , 
ENG103042,Accelerator pedal sender: learned end stop,4.126, V
ENG103719,Accelerator position,0.00, %
ENG101488,ACF: load,0.60574, 
ENG103474,Activation of oil pressure switching valve,00000000 , 
ENG103323,Additional water pump,00000001 , 
ENG101828,Air mass,6.72, kg/h
ENG104264,Alternator load,600, W
ENG103910,Ambient temperature,22.50, °C
ENG112539,AR_THR_AD_ADD_MMV,-0.0054, cm²
ENG103165,Battery voltage,14.0, V
ENG07601,Bypasstool_a2l_name,ORIGINAL A2L, 
ENG07600,Bypasstool_manipulation_bit,not active, 
ENG101413,Calibration Identification,8V0264L 0002AXAK, 
ENG99697,Calibration Verification Number,F8 DE B2 51, 
ENG128780,CAM_DIF_VCP[EX_1],0.000, °
ENG128781,CAM_DIF_VCP[IN_1],0.000, °
ENG102002,CAM_OFS_IVVT_IN[1],0.000, °
ENG112540,CAM_PHA_ENG[GES_EX][CBK_1],0.000, °
ENG112541,CAM_PHA_ENG[GES_IN][CBK_1],0.000, °
ENG101169,CAM_PHA_OFS_MAF[IN][1],0.000, °
ENG112542,CAM_SP_IND_VCP[EX_1],0.000, °
ENG112543,CAM_SP_IND_VCP[IN_1],0.000, °
ENG112544,CAM_VCP[EX_1],0.000, °
ENG112545,CAM_VCP[IN_1],0.000, °
ENG103849,Cat. ageing: bank 1: actual,0.000, 
ENG101785,Cat. temperature: bank 1,446.9750, °C
ENG102214,CPU_LOAD,48.0, %
ENG99084,Cycle flags: (completed cycles): cat: lambda probe heater,9, 
ENG100943,Cycle flags: (completed cycles): lambda probes: EGR,0, 
ENG99495,Cycle flags: (completed tests): lambda adaption:,8, 
ENG103597,Cycle flags:(completed cycles):lambda probes:sec.air sys.,56, 
ENG101652,Cylinder shut-off: cylinder suppression,00000000 , 
ENG112560,DIST_ACT_MIL_SAE,0, km
ENG112561,DIST_DTC_CLR_SAE,0, km
ENG103766,DIST_ENG_RUN_IN,590693.1, m
ENG100531,DIST_ST,591000, m
ENG103712,EFPPWM_MIN_AD,0.000, %
ENG104044,Engine load,9.375000, %
ENG102494,Engine speed: actual,704, /min
ENG102783,Engine: operating status,IS, 
ENG99752,Error flags: (completed cycles): cat: lambda probe heater,0, 
ENG101275,Error flags: (completed cycles): lambda probes: EGR,0, 
ENG104132,Error flags: (completed cycles): lambda probes:sec.air sys.,0, 
ENG101942,ESI (extended service intervals) oil warning threshold,57.2500, mm
ENG112562,FAC_AR_THR_AD,0.000, %
ENG104194,FAC_H_RNG_LAM_AD[1],0.000, %
ENG104151,FAC_L_RNG_LAM_AD[1],0.000, %
ENG100298,FAC_LAM_CP,1.131, %
ENG100108,FAC_LAM_LIM[1],0.955, %
ENG99722,FAC_LAM_TCO_A[1],0.000, %
ENG103521,FAC_LAM_TCO_B[1],0.000, %
ENG103641,FAC_LAM_TCO_C[1],0.000, %
ENG101578,FAC_LAM_TCO_D[1],0.000, %
ENG100685,FAC_LAM_TCO_E[1],0.000, %
ENG102306,FAC_TPS_1_SAE,11.718750, %
ENG102292,FAC_TPS_1_SAE,12.109375, %
ENG99630,Fan control relay: fan run-on,2, 
ENG101437,Fan request from air conditioner,0.0, %
ENG128786,FTL_SAE,67.84313837, %
ENG104248,Fuel consumption signal,64201, µl
ENG101667,Fuel pump: adaption value,0.000, %
ENG100969,Fuel pump: fuel pressure: I-controller,0.000, %
ENG100250,Fuel regulating valve: duty cycle,15.453, %
ENG101692,Fuel supply system: high-pressure regulator,-16.2667, hPa
ENG114828,FUP_EFP_MES,11000.8, hPa
ENG103553,FUP_EFP_ST_H,0, hPa
ENG101056,FUP_EFP_ST_L,0, hPa
ENG99950,FUP_EFP_STOP_H,0, hPa
ENG100784,FUP_EFP_STOP_L,0, hPa
ENG102108,FUP_H,46815.9, hPa
ENG112563,FUP_H_SAE,4590.0, kPa
ENG103368,Gearbox -CAN bus messages,126847, 
ENG99170,Height correction,979.09, hPa
ENG103575,High-pressure system: regulator,0.02, mg
ENG103879,High-pressure system: regulator: mobile part,2.48, mg
ENG102603,High-pressure system: status,MFP_CTL, 
ENG101567,Idling speed stabilisation: duty cycle/AC compressor torque,0.5, Nm
ENG101946,Idling stabilisation: operating status,00000000 , 
ENG100345,IGA_ADJ_KNK[0],0.000, °
ENG103593,IGA_ADJ_KNK[1],0.000, °
ENG103360,IGA_ADJ_KNK[2],0.000, °
ENG99404,IGA_ADJ_KNK[3],0.000, °
ENG100425,IGA_IGC[0],-2.625, °
ENG101655,IGA_IGC[1],-4.875, °
ENG100410,IGA_IGC[2],-3.750, °
ENG100407,IGA_IGC[3],-3.750, °
ENG112564,IGA_IGC_SAE,-4.0, °
ENG101741,Intake air temperature,36.00, °C
ENG100634,In-use Per Tr: 16 or 20 cou sec O2 Sens Mon Con Enc Cou B 1,28, counts
ENG125209,KNKS_ERR_REL[0],0.0195, V
ENG99674,Lambda controller: bank 1 (averaged value),0.777, %
ENG101381,Lambda probe 1: bank 1: status,00000001 , 
ENG101039,Lambda probe 1: bank 1: status,00000000 , 
ENG102886,Lambda probe 1: bank 1: status,00000000 , 
ENG104200,Lambda probe 2: bank 1: status,00000000 , 
ENG101336,Lambda probe 2: bank 1: status,00000001 , 
ENG99661,Lambda probe ageing: bank 1: dynamic factor,0.0000, 
ENG101869,Lambda probe ageing: bank 1: probe 1: short trip result,316.3500, °C
ENG100478,Lambda probe correction: duty cycle offset: bank 1,0.00134, 
ENG103776,Lambda probe heater: bank 1: probe 2: short trip result,00000000 , 
ENG102380,Lambda probe heater: resistance: bank 1: probe 2,333, Ohm
ENG99353,Lambda probe voltage: bank 1: probe 1 (broadband probe),1.987, V
ENG102763,Lambda probes actual: bank1,1.0010, 
ENG104114,Lambda probes specified: bank1,1.0029, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,Multifunction unit control module, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,Parking aid, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,Level control system, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,Front sensor system for driver assistance systems, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,All-wheel electronics, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,12 V electrical system, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,Front axis lift system, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,Convertible top control module, 
ENG127734,Life_cycle_data_start_requirement_development,Quattro Sport, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,Convertible top control module, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,Multifunction unit control module, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,Parking aid, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,12 V electrical system, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,Front sensor system for driver assistance systems, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,All-wheel electronics, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,Front axis lift system, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,Level control system, 
ENG127735,Life_cycle_data_stop_prohibition_development,Quattro Sport, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,Convertible top control module, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,Front sensor system for driver assistance systems, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,All-wheel electronics, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,Level control system, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,Quattro Sport, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,Front axis lift system, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,Multifunction unit control module, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,Parking aid, 
ENG127733,Life_cycle_data_system_failure,12 V electrical system, 
ENG122702,LMVDes_v_Max_Man_Lim_VW,511.992, km/h
ENG122703,LMVLim_v_Auth_Max_Out_VW,200.0000, km/h
ENG100402,LOIL_SUM_SRV_INTL,552.62500, mm
ENG99162,LV_ACC_RED_CMD,00000000 , 
ENG102235,LV_ATB_ACT_1,00000000 , 
ENG102541,LV_ATB_ACT_2,00000000 , 
ENG99095,LV_CAN_HOOD_SWI,00000000 , 
ENG128787,LV_CMD_RCL_OPEN,00000000 , 
ENG128788,LV_ECRAS_FB_DIAG_POS_RESP[0],00000000 , 
ENG103049,LV_EFPPWM_AD_STOP,00000001 , 
ENG101712,LV_ENG_RUN_IN,00000001 , 
ENG100267,LV_ENG_RUN_IN_EXT_ADJ,00000000 , 
ENG103319,LV_ERR_VLFT_1_SWI[1],00000000 , 
ENG103549,LV_ERR_VLFT_1_SWI[2],00000000 , 
ENG103191,LV_ERR_VLFT_1_SWI[3],00000000 , 
ENG101989,LV_ERR_VLFT_1_SWI[4],00000000 , 
ENG102313,LV_ERR_VLFT_STND_SWI[1],00000000 , 
ENG103044,LV_ERR_VLFT_STND_SWI[2],00000000 , 
ENG103443,LV_ERR_VLFT_STND_SWI[3],00000000 , 
ENG100487,LV_ERR_VLFT_STND_SWI[4],00000000 , 
ENG112471,LV_IGK,00000001 , 
ENG103773,LV_INH_STR_RLY,00000000 , 
ENG100044,LV_LOIL_L_WARN,00000000 , 
ENG103492,LV_LOIL_L_WARN_ACT,00000000 , 
ENG103908,LV_LOIL_L_WARN_TMP,00000000 , 
ENG103716,LV_POIL_SWI_H,00000001 , 
ENG100912,LV_POIL_SWI_L,00000001 , 
ENG112586,LV_PWR_RLY[0],00000001 , 
ENG102417,LV_TPS_AD_ACT,00000000 , 
ENG103996,LV_TPS_AD_REQ,00000000 , 
ENG112587,LV_VCP_AD_END,00000001 , 
ENG102523,MAF,116.76, mg/stroke
ENG99288,MAF_DIF_CAM_OFS_AD_SQ_TOT,0.000, kg²/h²
ENG112588,MAP_MES_SAE,36, kPa
ENG103346,MFF_ADD_LAM_AD[1],0.40, mg/stroke
ENG126493,MFF_MPL_ADD_LAM_AD[1][1],0.40, mg/stroke
ENG101360,Misfire detection active,00000000 , 
ENG102335,Misfires all cylinders per 1000 rpm,0, 
ENG128796,N_SP_IS_CLC,700, /min
ENG103004,N_TCHA,14581.3, /min
ENG112590,N_TOOTH,677, /min
ENG107737-ENG112538,NC_NR_DIAG_RBM-NC Value,154, 
ENG126111,NL_PRE[0],0.15213, V
ENG126112,NL_PRE[1],0.12253, V
ENG126113,NL_PRE[2],0.15312, V
ENG126114,NL_PRE[3],0.15015, V
ENG119936,O2L_MAX_CAT_GAP_AFL_MV[1],0.00000, g
ENG119937,O2L_MAX_CAT_GAP_AFR_MV[1],0.00000, g
ENG99157,PRS_SA_DIF,0.00, hPa
ENG02464,PRS_UP_THR_MES,976.85, hPa
ENG112591,PSN_EDGE_REL_AD_CAM_EX[1][1],0.0000, °
ENG112592,PSN_EDGE_REL_AD_CAM_IN[1][1],-0.2500, °
ENG114830,PSN_EDGE_REL_AD_CAM_SAVE_EX[1][1],0.0000, °
ENG114831,PSN_EDGE_REL_AD_CAM_SAVE_EX[1][2],0.0000, °
ENG114832,PSN_EDGE_REL_AD_CAM_SAVE_IN[1][1],-0.2500, °
ENG114833,PSN_EDGE_REL_AD_CAM_SAVE_IN[1][2],-2.0625, °
ENG128797,PV,0.00, %
ENG102195,PV_AV_1,0.00, %
ENG99137,PV_AV_2,0.00, %
ENG101068,PV_AV_H,0.00, %
ENG112593,PWM_ACT_VCP[EX_1],90.002, %
ENG112594,PWM_ACT_VCP[IN_1],90.002, %
ENG101350,PWM_ETC,-17.435, %
ENG112595,PWM_HLD_VCP[EX_1],15.552, %
ENG112596,PWM_HLD_VCP[IN_1],10.077, %
ENG112597,PWM_PAS_VCP[EX_1],10.004, %
ENG112598,PWM_PAS_VCP[IN_1],10.004, %
ENG101201,Radiator fan 1: run-on: status,600W, 
ENG102359,Radiator fan 2: run-on: status,NO_ECF, 
ENG102377,Ready and error flags,165, 
ENG112599,RVC_AV,128.25, °
ENG112601,RVC_SP,127.75, °
ENG112600,RVCPWM,0.000, %
ENG103248,SEG_AD_MMV_ER[0],0.0000, ‰
ENG101135,SEG_AD_MMV_ER[1],0.7482, ‰
ENG99078,SEG_AD_MMV_ER[2],-0.0682, ‰
ENG103257,SEG_AD_MMV_ER[3],0.8621, ‰
ENG102511,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_H[0],0.0000, ‰
ENG103258,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_H[1],-0.3848, ‰
ENG99291,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_H[2],-0.0505, ‰
ENG99954,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_H[3],-0.3063, ‰
ENG100568,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_L[0],0.0000, ‰
ENG100601,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_L[1],0.7482, ‰
ENG102668,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_L[2],-0.0682, ‰
ENG101232,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_L[3],0.8621, ‰
ENG101561,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_MID[0],0.0000, ‰
ENG102964,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_MID[1],-0.3786, ‰
ENG100890,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_MID[2],-0.0624, ‰
ENG99793,SEG_AD_MMV_ER_MID[3],-0.3271, ‰
ENG103381,Shut-off time,0.30, s
ENG109006-ENG100882,Spark_efficiency_deviation_at_idle_maximum-EFF_IGA_CST_QUO_IS_MAX,20, %
ENG109007-ENG99938,Spark_efficiency_deviation_at_part_load_maximum-EFF_IGA_CST_QUO_PL_MAX,16, %
ENG102971,Start adaption: temperature adaption factor 1,1.000000, 
ENG102489,Start adaption: temperature adaption factor 2,1.000000, 
ENG100723,Start adaption: temperature adaption factor 3,1.000000, 
ENG100919,Starter control: interlock switch,00000000 , 
ENG100800,Starter: start relay 1,00000000 , 
ENG99979,Starter: start relay 2,00000000 , 
ENG109090,STATE_SW_MVB,SC8S3010 CBS00I0, 
ENG112609,T_ACT_MIL_SAE,0, min
ENG112494,T_AST_SAE,246, s
ENG104148,T_COOL_LOIL,453.4, ms
ENG112613,T_DTC_CLR_SAE,4, min
ENG102790,T_EFP_MEM_H,0.00, s
ENG102123,T_EFP_MEM_L,0.00, s
ENG109299,T_ES,0, min
ENG112616,T_ES_DC,0, min
ENG99463,T_ES_H,0, s
ENG128802,T_IGK,426.49, s
ENG99398,T_POP_COC_INTER_1,0.0, s
ENG102747,T_PWL,0.0, s
ENG128803,T_PWL_CAN,73.2, s
ENG112636,T_SWI_VVL_ACR,69.4, ms
ENG101325,T_TEMP_SIG_LOIL,46.4, ms
ENG99126,T_VS_TOL_LOCK,0, min
ENG125440,TAA,23.000, °C
ENG102048,Tank breather valve: duty cycle,7.031250, %
ENG101339,Tank breather valve: short trip result,0.1421, kg/h
ENG100439,Tank level,00000000 , 
ENG112610,TCO_1_FIRST_ST,21, °C
ENG112611,TCO_1_ST,21, °C
ENG112612,TCO_1_SYS,84, °C
ENG103434,TCO_A_LAM_AD_WUP[1],-5.25, °C
ENG100381,TCO_B_LAM_AD_WUP[1],9.75, °C
ENG101581,TCO_C_LAM_AD_WUP[1],24.75, °C
ENG100354,TCO_D_LAM_AD_WUP[1],35.25, °C
ENG101973,TCO_E_LAM_AD_WUP[1],45.00, °C
ENG128800,TCO_MDL[STUCK_L_COOL_MON],32.039, °C
ENG124460,TCO_MDL[TH],48.672, °C
ENG100390,TCO_MIN_INTER_LAM_AD_WUP[1],84.00, °C
ENG100853,TCO_MIN_LAM_AD_WUP[1],50.25, °C
ENG102279,TCS/ESP: specified torque,25.41, Nm
ENG99857,TCS: status,00000000 , 
ENG110436,TEG_DYN_LS_DOWN[1],460.0375, °C
ENG110437,TEG_DYN_LS_UP[1],409.8500, °C
ENG101941,TEMP_CAT_STAT_MDL[1],436.5375, °C
ENG112614,TEMP_CAT_UP_1_SAE,442.2, °C
ENG114837,TFPA,61, °C
ENG114838,TFU_HPP,39.75, °C
ENG99608,Throttle valve adjuster: adaption status,ST_CHK_END, 
ENG101411,Throttle valve angle,2.050, °
ENG102845,Throttle valve deviation,0.941, %
ENG126115,TI_1_MES_MPI[0],0.000, ms
ENG126116,TI_1_MES_MPI[1],0.000, ms
ENG126117,TI_1_MES_MPI[2],0.000, ms
ENG126118,TI_1_MES_MPI[3],0.000, ms
ENG126119,TI_MES_4[PLS_1][0],0.956, ms
ENG126120,TI_MES_4[PLS_1][1],1.044, ms
ENG126121,TI_MES_4[PLS_1][2],0.960, ms
ENG126122,TI_MES_4[PLS_1][3],1.096, ms
ENG126123,TI_MES_4[PLS_2][0],0.000, ms
ENG126124,TI_MES_4[PLS_2][1],0.000, ms
ENG126125,TI_MES_4[PLS_2][2],0.000, ms
ENG126126,TI_MES_4[PLS_2][3],0.000, ms
ENG126127,TI_MES_4[PLS_3][0],0.000, ms
ENG126128,TI_MES_4[PLS_3][1],0.000, ms
ENG126129,TI_MES_4[PLS_3][2],0.000, ms
ENG126130,TI_MES_4[PLS_3][3],0.000, ms
ENG128801,TIA_CHA_DOWN_MV,46.752, °C
ENG125276,TIG_MES_SAE[IM],36, °C
ENG103351,Time since engine start,429.6, s
ENG112634,TLTS_MES[TCE],84.102, °C
ENG112635,TMAG_VCP,45, °C
ENG114839,TPS_ETC,2.050, °
ENG99274,TPS_SP,2.064, °
ENG103021,TQ_CONV,5.00, Nm
ENG128804,TQI_ADD_ACT,31.87500, Nm
ENG101426,TQI_GS_FAST_INC,0.00, Nm
ENG128805,TQI_N_TCHA_MAX,1023.96875, Nm
ENG102329,TTIP_MES_LS_UP[1],785.0000, °C
ENG100355,V_FUP_EFP_MV,4.995, V
ENG100739,V_PVS_1_BAS,0.7520, V
ENG114840,V_PVS_KD,0.000, V
ENG99514,VBOOST,64.5, V
ENG103201,VCV_CLOSE_RNG,25.9, °
ENG102311,Vehicle speed: filtered,0.000, km/h
ENG112639,VLS_DOWN_SAE[1],0.730, V
ENG128806,VOL_FLOW_CHA_UP_RED_MV,0.001678, m³/s
ENG101929,VP_TPS_1,0.5957, V
ENG102985,VP_TPS_2,4.3945, V
ENG100421,VP_TPS_AD_EL_BOL_1,0.4980, V
ENG103444,VP_TPS_AD_EL_BOL_2,4.4922, V
ENG101674,VP_TPS_AD_LIH_1,0.7959, V
ENG99507,VP_TPS_AD_LIH_2,4.1943, V

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