contant regen issues and other various isues faults



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Jun 10, 2016
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where do i start, i've offered to read the codes on a friends VW T5 Transporter and seem to be getting some strange unexpected codes, are there any idea on here?
firstly the main issue is the contant regen, is has recently had the engine rebuilt due to stem seals leaking, the regen issue was before and after the rebuild, the DPF has just been replaced, there seems to be a lot going on, the electric windows are not working, ABS fault rear left wheel, recently replaced the hub and abs sensor, i have extended and swapped the cables over with the right hand side hub and the fault stays with the left side, i have traced the cables back to the ABS unit and checked continuiuty and all seems ok, i have been told that the ABS unit has been sent away and refurbed within the last 3 months, please help:banghead:
i have highlighted the strange codes in BOLD below

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