Audi B7 Parking Sensor Volume Issue



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Dec 16, 2014
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South Molton, UK
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Boston accent. If it has an 'r', you don't pronounce it. So "Tuner" becomes "Tuna". It also smells fishy. :D
A few years ago while visiting family in Boston we went into a Subway and my wife tried to order a Tuna sub in her British accent ("Tuner") but the SUbway employee didn't understand so I had to say "Toona" for them to understand :cool:


Jan 29, 2014
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Montgomery, NY, USA
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Jack, what does "No fault code found. Readiness: 0000 0000" mean?
Sure well you hit a note..........

It means that if you have a problem and after clearing DTC's, you have readiness displayed & as if the DCY has completed for SMOG!

The State DMV's use this information to see if a car passes SMOG.
This bad behavior is as if the car ran all the readiness tests & without even starting the car , it means it's tampered!

In cases like this..... it is really nefarious and wanton!

This is a clear deliberate attempt at bypassing a SMOG device to defeat it and to fool an authority such as CARB, EPA & the State DMV or an unsuspecting person buying a car & that car might maybe be a POS further misleading the new potential owner!

To me it is as bad as clocking a car!

Mark my words.

I'm working on repaying a favor to the industry, a long hard favor & which is going to really fucking hurt the target!.......... :p

The tuners are to be prosecuted, you will see and new tests to have the DMV's catch this shit, additionally to fine for it mercilessly!

Not just for SMOG CARB EPA......... but also NHTSA for Safety and criminal RICO stuff under title 18.

Motorsports is not about defeat and deletes, it is about innovation, efficiency & through competition racing, while making more with less.

Any idiot can make HP while stripping the cars AECD's, ask/make the alleged tuner get you more MPG with less GHG's emitted, more TQ/HP & with a CARB certificate, while not removing diagnostic stack safety mechanisms to aid in repair process!

I'd have a ton of respect for a company that says, hey lets double the size of the CAT or here are our scientific reasons why we think the EGR should be banned.
Get the law changed!
I just don't see a device such as an EGR as a good thing during an engines useful life, but it's here so we must deal with it..... IDK the KISS method should apply right because no one ever did well shoving a garden hose in their ass & while sucking on the other side for the health benefits of ASS to MOUTH?!-WTF

NostraJackASS is PISSED OFF, WATCH OUT he is now UNCAGED & on the AFTT WAR PATH!