Headlamp "dimming" on 2016 B8 Passat



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Nov 5, 2017
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On my previous 2012 Sharan I disabled the headlight bulb saving feature thus making the headlights bright enough to actually be useful :)
I now own a 2016 B8 Passat estate diesel sport and would like to do the same as they are pretty dim (dipped beams measured 12.4V).

On the Sharan a friend did the work but it appears he only has a fleabay interface (which, at over £150 he thought was genuine!) but it doesn't cater for my car so I am seriously considering a 3 licence genuine option from Gendan which is a reasonable £225 in the UK.

I have asked around with Gendan but no one seems to have heard of this feature - dealer says he has never heard of it (but they don't use VCDS)
I obviously dont want to shell out and buy one only to find that is the case

On the forum I found this http://forums.ross-tech.com/showthread.php?10277 #4 which details what I need to do .... could anyone please confirm I will be able to do this on my car