09 Audi TT 3.2 Manual ABS coding.



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Nov 2, 2017
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Hi all,

Im having some problems recoding my ABS Module.

My stock coding is 0094033 and for safety reasons, the coding helper does not pop up in the module (probably for good reason).

I am working on removing my magnetic ride option from my car and i have removed it from every other module required except for the ABS module. This is where i need help as there is no helper to recode it.

The module is showing a fault for the magnetic ride suspension fault (i have removed the suspension from my car and replaced with air suspension). this is causing my car to not allow the Traction control to be tuned off. So i need to code it out of the module. I have attempted to replace my coding with a 3.2 Automatic quattro (steel suspension) coding and it removed the fault, but its the incorrect coding as a brake booster code showed up. So auto and Manual coding must be different.

I either need someone to help me out with the coding, or have someone with a 3.2 Manual, AWD with no magnetic ride to give me their stock coding so i can copy that in to mine.

Thanks for your help