BMN disaster

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Aug 15, 2017
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hi guys and gals im hoping someone can help me with this on we recently had an issue with a 2007 2.0l diesel BMN engine in a SEAT loosing water after much deliberating it was taken to the local seat dealer where they diagnosed a cracked block in no2 cylinder so on a trailer it was thrown in 3 big boxes and it arrived on my doorstep we sourced a block and swapped everything over inc crank , rods ,etc . so on start up away she chugs bit of smoke for a few minutes then a nice smooth tick over and everything is all good or so we thought till the road test, the problem we have is its fine till it reaches temp then it wont rev up splutters anything over 2800 rpm its like it starved of fuel but vag com says fuel pressure ok ,its been decat'd at some point in its life and egr removed ??? air flow is good out the back when it plays up it smokes white but its not coolant . timing ,checked sooo many times new crank shaft sensor and pick up, new tandem pump (old one leaking) ran of seperate fuel supply all no good , no codes stored it thinks its running fine but its running like a dog , let it go cold again and eveything is fine till it hits temp then back to running like a dog .any ideas im baffled and dont understand the ok when cold but rubbish when hot :confused::confused:
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