New Toy For My MFD



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Nov 10, 2014
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Oxford, UK
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Look what turned up today :D

I've been thinking about getting one of these for quite a while and finally took the plunge. I'm sure others have already seen or know what these devices are all about but it will be nice to be able to see some real-time data directly in my MFD. I must admit that I have no real idea how this device manages to inject additional screens into the MFD because I always thought that the software in the instrument cluster itself is what determined the screens that are available / shown, but I'm sure there are some cleverer people out there than me who understand how this can made to happen over a CAN Bus interface.

I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to try and fit it over the weekend but it needs to be wired in series with the CAN Bus Gateway which is in a nightmare location to get to on the RHD cars (pictures below). Finding it was the first challenge because the workshop manuals don't do a particularly good job of describing where it is. For the LHD cars there is a picture and its in a really easy to get to location under the dashboard just above the pedals, but no such picture for the RHD cars. I guess VAG are trying to punish us RHD owners for driving on the wrong side of the road :D The only realistic way in is though that hole in the front of the dashboard. There is no way in from underneath, not even with the BCM removed. To say it's tight in there is a complete understatement.

Since I took the pictures below, I did a trial run and subsequently managed to unclip and move the panel aside that houses the relays numbered 373 and 643. This creates a bit more access, but getting a hand in there is still really tight and I got plenty of gashes all over my hands and wrists from trying. There is also nothing obvious as to how the CGW is actually clipped into it's mounting points. Just not enough space or access to see what is going on there at the back. In fact I can't even work out what the mounting setup actually is. All I know is that it's doesn't use the clips that are moulded into the CGW housing. I only managed to unclip it on my trial run through sheer brute force while also trying to be very careful not to break something, and trying to get it clipped back in again by feel alone turned into a complete mission.

At least I know what I'm in for when I actually fit it for real :)

I'll post some more updates and pictures when I've got it fitted and working.