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    T6.1 Enable Paddle Shift

    I gave this a go, same story as when I tried to change t in adaptations, it appears to accept the coding, however when I re check it the original coding is still there. I did have a look in the long coding helper when trying to apply this and notice it says: 'This module does not support...
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    T6.1 Enable Paddle Shift

    Hi, I recently changed the steering wheel on my 2020 T6.1 Highline, the new steering wheel has paddles on it, I was looking to see if it is possible to enable these but so far no joy. Can anyone point me in the right direction? All other buttons on the steering wheel are working fine. I did...
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    VW T5 DPF Pressure Sensor Short To Ground

    Bringing an old thread back from the dead here, curious as to whether you got the bottom of this issue? I have the same issue after replacing the sensor, wondering if you found something in software before I start in about the wiring?
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    VW Transporter T6.1 2021 Wheel size coding changes issue

    Can't coment on what would have mode the Shop changes in the OP's scans, however had a look at my one and there appears to have been no changes to the shop from before and after using vcds, although still can't change the wheel size back...... Original Scan Chassis Type: 7H-VN46 (3Q0) Scan: 01...
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    VW Transporter T6.1 2021 Wheel size coding changes issue

    Did you have joy with this at all? I've noticed the same issue, I had put 245/65 17 tyres on and changed this to sort out the speedo. That all worked fine but just moved to a smaller tyre as others were too big and can't change this option back, same error. Fortunately ACC still works but speedo...
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    Transporter T6.1 Second/Leisure Battery Retrofit)

    Hi, I've a 2020 T6.1 van that I'm looking to put a leisure battery in, for this I am needing to get an engine run signal for the battery to battery charger (Schaudt WA 121525), this is as appose to an ignition live which would be much easier.... I've checked Erwin, this shows T73b/58 on the BCM...