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    VCDS Mobile Autoscan Hangs at 14%

    Since performing the most recent firmware update to my Hex-Net (two days ago), I've had a problem when trying to complete an Auto-Scan with VCDS Mobile. Each time I try, it hangs while "Trying address 08," at 14% complete. It encounters the same issue whether in Access Point Mode or...
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    2018 Golf Alltrack SEL Qs (ESC Off, Automatic Driveaway, Adaptive Lane Tracking)

    So I have had my 2018 Golf Alltrack SEL with Blind Spot Monitoring for all of 48 hours and have done many of the tweaks that can be found on this and various other sites. However, a few documented MK7 (not Alltrack-specific) tweaks that I have tried I have not been successful with, or have not...