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    VW Tiguan air bag light is on

    I've been looking into the problem that I have with my Tiguan airbag control module and I don't see any physical damage to the module. The next thing I need to know is what needs to be done after the new control module is installed. My guess is that somehow the new module has to be coded so that...
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    VW Tiguan air bag light is on

    First I only looked at the wiring to see if I could see if there was any place where the wiring was in contact with something metal and the wire was in good shape. Then I moved the wire and the seat through its entire range of motion and I took the connector off and reinstalled the conector...
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    VW Tiguan air bag light is on

    I'm concerned that there could be a problem with the wiring for the passengers seat occupancy control module. When I ran the autoscan it was because of the passenger seat airbag light in the center of the dash didn't indicate the seat was occupied and the airbag light in the instrument cluster...
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    VW Tiguan air bag light is on

    This is the earlier auto scan that contains different fault codes. It has codes relating to the the seat occupied control module. Wednesday,30,March,2022,12:30:36:63943 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET CB: 0.4555.4 Data...
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    VW Tiguan air bag light is on

    Thank you for getting back to me unfortunatly I'm not very computer literate. When I first ran the autoscan I was saving the scan instead of coping the scan. If there is a way to submit the saved logs I didn't find a way to submit the saved logs. The first 3 auto scans that I ran had different...
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    VW Tiguan air bag light is on

    My 2018 Tiguan air bag light is on in the instrument cluster. When there is no one sitting in the passenger seat the light in the center of the dash is iluminated and when someone is sitting in the seat the light goes out. The codes that are stored in the air bag module indicates issues with the...
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    Hex Net

    I haven’t used my hex net in long time. When I try to connect to it with my iPhone it says there are no mobile device to connect to. It works fine when I connect the hex net to my car and computer using the usb cable. I hooked the hex net to my computer using the usb cable and verified that it...
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    Hex net wifi

    When I plug my Hex Net wifi interface into the port in my car I can't find it with my IPhone. When I look at the interface while it is plugged into my car the middle light is flashing red. I haven't used the mobile part recently but did I use the interface 4 days ago with it hooked to my...
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    2002 throttle body (B6 A4 1.8T)

    I have an issue with my 2002 1.8 B 6 A 4 the other day wile driving the engine had sudden loss of power. When it happened I thought the engine had stalled but it was still running when I pulled over, although not very good. I looked at the instrument cluster and the check engine light was on as...
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    delete fog lights

    I have a 2002 A 4 and the fog lights the don't work. Can I use vcds to delete them so that the icons on the instrument panel will go away.
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    Lap died

    My laptop died how do I put my hex net/VCDS-Mobile on to a new computer
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    starting issues

    I replaced the cam tensioner gaskets on my 2002 1.8 Audi A 4. The #1 cylinder was positioned at TDC, the mark on the crank pulley was up, the mark on the timing belt sprocket was lined up with the mark on the valve cover. When I removed the valve cover the arrows were pointing toward the slots...
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    2014 Jetta TDI

    My Jetta has the check engine light on and the glow plug icon is on and flashing. The car may be in limp mode it runs fine but has reduced power. I am confused by the EGR valve being stuck open and closed. Wednesday,01,March,2017,13:52:17:63943 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    oil pressure icon on in driver info screen

    The oil pressure icon came on in the drivers info screen after adding about 1/3 of a qrt. of oil. The engine continues to run fine with no increased noise from the engine so I think it must be the pressure switch. I was wondering if I can access the oil pressure switch data using Hex net to see...
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    2014 Jetta TDI fault codes not on Wiki site

    My check engine light is on and when I used VCDS to read the fault codes. The codes that came up are P00486, P0045a, P0045E, and P0045F. These codes are not on the Wiki site. When I try to look them up using Google. nothing comes up. Does anyone know of a site where I can find information on...
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    2014 VW Jtta TDI check engine light on after sitting for 2 months

    The car has been sitting for a couple of months started about once a week and ran foe 5 or 10 min. Yesterday I decided that my other car that has needed a cv joint for awhile. So I decided that I would drive the Jetta and get the parts for my other car. It was about 20 degrees yesterday morning...
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    When running autoscan on my 2002 1.8 Audi A 4 it hangs up on module #46 and doesn't finish the autoscan. I can select the module and check the fault codes by entering it manually. Any help will be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    fog lights

    Is there a way to make the instrument cluster to stop displaying the fog light bulb needs to be replaced. The car doesn't have fog lights'
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    tail lights

    Tail lights work but vcds show fault codes I understand the fog lights they are not installed and I'm working on the horn but I'm confused about the fault code with the lights working Wednesday,06,January,2016,10:39:02:63943 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS...
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    power windows don't work after replacing doors

    I replaced the drivers door and both rear doors in a 2002 audi a 4 with doors from a 2004 and now the power windows don't work. Do I have to change any settings or is there a way to find out what is going on with my power windows not working.