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    Incorrect ROD file for EV_ACCBOSCHVW416 in late 21.x.y releases

    I noticed these missing lines from adpmap of #13 when comparing an older VCDS 20.4.2 to my latest 21.8.0. I know there's new version 21.9 already out, but so far I had no time to try that. So here's the thing, adpmap made using Beta 21.8.0: ;SW:5Q0-907-572-R HW:3QF-907-572 --- Auto Dist. Reg...
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    'The Hex-Net interface is busy talking to VCDS-Cloud' makes me mad

    Hello, how to avoid this annoying, stupid and no informative popup message I see everyday when I use the latest VCDS with HexNet? It's so annoying that I want throw the HexNet far far away and never hear again of it! It seems this happens after some extensive usage, reading errors/changing...
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    Updated to Release 22.10 and Having Trouble? Read This Thread

    How to get the beta of 20.9.0 :)? I'm using 20.4.2 but this has several communication issues e.g. with new 2Q0 front cameras and latest gen ESP units in mqb based cars. It's impossible to change the coding, either the VCDS freezes or after a while timeout error occurs.
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    2020 Skoda Octavia 1.5 TSI [NX] [SK38]

    Ladies and gentlemen, here it is - first scan ever of the latest MQB new gen platform SK38/VW38 aka Golf 8 :cool: My comments: -Autoscan doesn't work, says "Not supported by gateway". -Gateway installation list identifies just the door modules (42, 52, BB and BC), nothing else -I had to make an...
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    2020 Skoda Superb Combi iV 1.4 TSI Hybrid (DGEB)

    Thursday,19,March,2020,18:12:08:36609 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET CB: 0.4513.4 Data version: 20200210 DS308.0 Dealer/Shop Name: ICarDiag Workshop Code: 790 73430 000134 VIN: TMBJW9NP5L70***** License...
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    Improvement idea - autoscan with advanced info included

    Would it be possible to add to the advanced info to the autoscan output? A lot of times I'm using the complete autoscan with adpmaps feature by entering 2 as debug level value, but this is missing the advanced info. Going through all the units and clicking Advanced info button takes a loooot of...
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    MY2020 Skoda Superb 2.0TDI 140kw DFHA DSG (Superb3 Facelift)

    MY2020 Skoda Superb 2.0TDI DFHA DSG The autoscan file was anonymized as I'm not allowed to disclose the full vin code - so the last 3 numbers were removed, as well as in the coding of #03 at bytes 09, 11, 13 were replaced with 'xx' What's interesting from my point of view: -car has the the new...
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    VCDS with HexNet freezes while adaptations reading of MIB3 5F

    Hello, I'm experiencing communications errors with latest MIB3 units. Finishing a complete autoscan with debug level 2 of the vehicle is not possible, as VCDS crashes on reading adaptations of 5F. First it starts writing "Sporadic communication error" then freezes and crashes. First I noticed...
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    @hadez16: I've already replied to you mail, for the rest of us here I can say that the fix worked :cool:
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    @hadez16: Car is Octavia MY2019 with a lot of extras. As you can see on the video I posted few days ago, the BCM is opened correctly, all submodules are identified and then the error occurs. It doesn't occur immediately, it seems like the script is waiting some time before performing the Login...
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    @Somnus: Good idea, I'll try my script with USB wired mode :D EDIT: Unfortunately regardless wired or wireless connection I get "script idle time is too long" error :-(
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    @hadez16: Great! And regarding the "Script idle time is too long"?
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    @hadez16: I was playing with VCDSScripter today for some time and regarding the mentioned bugs I have some notes to add: 1.) it seems the "Error: unterminated string" is related to kind of buffer overflow or something, it happened when I tried to write a script with 180 lines (don't laugh)...
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    @hadez16: Script timeouts while loading the modules attached to BCM, maybe 2 seconds after the 09 is opened. I'll make a video later, so far only picture:
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    Sorry my fault, I didn't notice this requirement. I solved it, made a symlink in C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS to my Onedrive directory and done, VCDS was found by VCDSScripter. So far I ran into these problems: 1.) "Error: unterminated string" when trying to compile the script (script can be run...
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    @hadez16: My VCDS is located at C:\MyData\OneDrive\CarDiag\VCDS as I'm synchronizing the same content to all of my 3 computers.
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    Sticky VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    I get "VCDS installation not detected" error on start :(
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    MY2019 Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI Ambition maps

    Here's a scan with adpmaps of a brand new facelifted & WLTP certified Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI Ambition produced in september 2018. According to request of the dealership where I was allowed to scan the car I removed the vin code and all serial numbers. Friday,21,September,2018,17:18:09:36609 VCDS...
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    Maps MY2019 Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI DSG Style maps

    52: ;SW:5Q4-959-592-F HW:5Q4-959-592-F --- Door Elect, Pass. ;Component:TSG BFS 006 0246, Coding:001D0020D000020000001100 ;EV_DCU2PasseSideMAXHCONT,001005,EV_DCU2PasseSideMAXHCONT_VW27.rod ;Friday,21,September,2018,16:04:02:36609 ;VCDS Version: Beta 18.7.1 (x64) Data version: 20180731...
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    Maps MY2019 Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI DSG Style maps

    19: ;SW:3Q0-907-530-Q HW:3Q0-907-530-C --- CAN Gateway ;Component:GW MQB High 439 4344, Coding:0B0100045F087300EB0002DA1C0F00010001070000000000000000000000 ;EV_GatewNF,013044,EV_GatewNF_VW27.rod ;Friday,21,September,2018,15:51:50:36609 ;VCDS Version: Beta 18.7.1 (x64) Data version...