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    Disabling transport mode on a Porsche Cayenne

    Hi could anyone please tell me if its possible to disable transport mode on a 2012 Porsche Cayenne using vcds.
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    2011 Jetta ac problems.

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to solve an ac problem on the Jetta. Everytime the brakes are applied or the car is turned in either direction the evaporator temperature rises. Has anyone else had a similar problem? There aren't any fault codes recorded, the compressor is brand new. Thanks.
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    DS Update Problem

    Could you please in the meanwhile do something that lets us update easily. I have spent the whole Sunday trying to update my HEX NET without success. it keeps getting stuck ironically on the DS 00000050 update which is supposed to be "improvements to upgrade pages"!
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    Abs sensor fault or reluctor ring?

    Does anyone know how to tell whether an abs warning is caused by the wheel speed sensor or the reluctor ring?
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    p2149 fuel injector group b supply voltage circuit

    Hi I am getting this fault code on a passat 2012 tdi. The symptoms are that the car cuts out after a few minutes of driving. I have done a visual inspection of the injector wiring it seems ok. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Possible to prevent stop start from activating automatically?

    Hi would anybody know if it is possible to prevent the stop-start system from coming on automatically with vcds on a golf 1.4 tsi mark 7 thanks.
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    Check for genuine kms.

    Here we have a lot of car dealers who will 'clock' the car odometer to a lower value when selling a car. Is there any way to detect this using HEX-NET? If by some chance there was a fault code logged prior to the 'clocking' will the odo value still hold?
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    Update HEX-NET

    Hi I am new here and to HEX-NET. I am from India and here our VWs maybe a bit different. When I use the unit with my phone and connect to a car, it keeps wanting to download data from your servers, however my phone cannot run 3g and wifi simultaneously. Is there a solution to this? Also if the...