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  1. NEtech

    LBL or CLB file for BKD

    I have this (Dana has access, if you have not): B050,0,050 - Kompressionstest cyl. 1...4 B050,1,Cyl.1 omdr.,afvigelse2 <6 x,MB 012.3 > 12.2 V\nMB 007.4 > 20°C\nBrug lader VAS5900 (70 Amp)\nDu er her i grundindstilling\nTræd samtidig på bremse og speederpedal i bund\nTryk på...
  2. NEtech

    LBL or CLB file for BKD

    It should be possible to in Basic Setting MWB 050.
  3. NEtech

    Audi Q8 trailer hitch remove / coding

    Use this file in ..\User
  4. NEtech

    Audi Q8 trailer hitch remove / coding

    You have copied the *.clb file to \user? Use just items: 1, 4, 5, 6 Please explain the steps you do and what result is.
  5. NEtech

    Audi Q8 trailer hitch remove / coding

    Try saving this data string in Airbag adaptation channel "IDE06314-Calibration data: pre-crash" C3 C0 7B FF FE 80 80 7F 00 75 00 00 C0 1C 94 DC 55 FF See this thread here.
  6. NEtech

    Audi Q8 trailer hitch remove / coding

    Please post Adaption channel data, from Airbag.
  7. NEtech

    ABS Code for 2009 Passat

    That is because Coding in [19-CAN gateway] is wrong. Use: F9807F060002021003
  8. NEtech

    ABS Code for 2009 Passat

    Try: 0001283
  9. NEtech

    Pdc installed retrofit

    You mean coding in controller [10] ? What do you mean by script? Try this coding in controller [10] 0471151171
  10. NEtech

    Using VCDS to switch Audi Gateway into passthru/mirror mode?

    Look at adaptation channels in CAN Gateway.
  11. NEtech

    2009 VW Tiguan ABS coding

    How do you define Off-road? any PR-code? I have different 2009 Tiguan with CBA engine, all with Bit 6 active. Some PR-Code 8LG (Additional switch for off-road), some with 8LA So does not look like it depends on off-road switch.
  12. NEtech


    Try and remove Byte 3 Bit 7 in [17-Instrument] coding, like 27AD00022B8026000101AA001000000000000000
  13. NEtech

    PASSAT B8 2.0TDI 2016 ABS coding lost accidently pressed ''factory reset'' got maps in pre-label file before

    That is standard. Try your original coding. If there is a message about length, then Security access and this coding. 0F6A340B07064149F0562CD0E0608292F11460F078C009
  14. NEtech

    Tweaking inspection notification

    Also time Inspection service need to be done: IDE03350-FIX: Maximum time until next time-dependent inspection FIX: Maximum Time to Inspection 365 d IDE03352-FIX: Time since last time-dependent inspection FIX: Time since Inspection 344 d 21 days Reset IDE03352 to 0 or change IDE03350...
  15. NEtech

    A4 B9 airbag light wont go off

    Make a test drive above 50 km/h
  16. NEtech

    A3 8p boot problem

    Test this [09] coding, then Battery disconnected 10 minutes. 46000A2FA00510C0207040E00100895C427E2CAA206DD12AE4008F840041
  17. NEtech

    JAP Polo 6C DSG and Speedometer Issues

    And type torque into the seach/filter box
  18. NEtech

    Skoda fabia 6y abs

    Maybe the first installed instrument has also been exchanged before? Partslink24 write "Parts demand programmed". I would test if this made any difference: [Options] [User Interface and Identification] write numbers for wsc, importer, device no. For example 12345 321 23456 [Save] [Close VCDS]...
  19. NEtech

    Crafter max speed adjustment

    Which Adaptation channel? IDE02247-Static maximum speed limit IDE02248-Individually adjustable top speed limit
  20. NEtech

    Audi RS3 P15A6 fault code Oilpressure regulation Threshold ecceded

    Have you used Adaptation "IDE01945-Engine run-in oil pressure" I guess there is something described, about this in manual, look at erwin for this model. There is also information in SSP #639. For example page 14 Page 18