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  1. Jacek

    8V S3. an ABS fault code

    Sounds like a problem between the abs and the airbag, specifically the seat belt pretensioner or seat belt buckle confirming the seat belt is fastened
  2. Jacek

    A4 B9 airbag light wont go off

    Similar case, possible solution;
  3. Jacek

    2014 A3 8V Vehicle lights: malfunction!

    Yes, I had such a problem in golf 7 from 2013, all bulbs are operational, all connectors and bulb holders have been checked and ok, flashing the BCM solved the problem.
  4. Jacek

    Resolved Passat CC 2015 AFS Error

    Hello and try to do basic settings - If it passes, "55" should rewrite the coding for both lamps. If it doesn't go away right away, turn off the ignition and let the car sleep for about 30...
  5. Jacek

    Maps and languages update
  6. Jacek

    Mechanical connection problems to OBD port

    I have this extension cord, I use it all the time and recommend it.
  7. Jacek

    Seat Leon 2021 retrofit rear climatronic display

    See a scan from Leon 2.0 TDI with 3-zone climatronics Address 08: Air Conditioning (J979) Labels: * Divert Failed! Part No SW: 5WA 907 727 P HW: 5WA 907 727 P Component: Climatronic H02 0340 Serial number: --------------- Coding...
  8. Jacek

    Seat Leon 2021 retrofit rear climatronic display

    You have the wrong climatronica head unit for this upgrade, you need 5WA 907 727P or .... AD
  9. Jacek

    2012 Seat Leon 1.6 diesel turn over but wont start

    Uwe you are theoretically right, but the seemingly functional battery has already led to an excess of unnecessary work for me. The question is whether the problem occurred suddenly or after some work on the fuel system.
  10. Jacek

    2012 Seat Leon 1.6 diesel turn over but wont start

    Start by charging or replacing the battery, starting voltage; "Voltage terminal 30: 9.148 V"
  11. Jacek

    Seat Exeo 2.0 TDI (CAGA) - Automatic To Manual Conversion - Help Required

    I have a scan from 2010 2.0 TDI CAGA, manual gearbox; Address 03: ABS / Brakes Labels: 8E0-910-517.clb Part No SW: 8E0 910 517 H HW: 8E0 614 517 BF Component: ESP8 FRONT H06 0140 Verification: 00000000 Serial Number: 00000000000000 Coding: 0004401
  12. Jacek

    Abs Active Test

    Post a vehicle scan here.
  13. Jacek

    Engine is Running Warning when door opened

    Try it (this is the case in Tiguan from 2020) in the hex17 counter in the adaptations look for; IDE06588-Ignition Active Message: Trigger, Driver's Door
  14. Jacek

    Help Checking an ABS part number (2010 Ibiza ABS8.2 front)

    You will not code. I tried with "S" to no avail, I had the code from the old abs, the option with additional 00 does not pass. I had the same problem with Ibiza 2010 three weeks ago, replacing it with what it was with "AB". I got information that 6R0907379AB is changing to 6R0907379AD...
  15. Jacek

    Resolved A4 Cylinder 3 Internal Pressure Sensor

    Hello, the problem seems to be solved. The reason was a misplaced timing belt, after replacing the timing system, the car has already done several hundred kilometers and the error does not return.
  16. Jacek

    Golf 8 VMAX @ 30kph (19mph)

    Question related to post no. 7
  17. Jacek

    Golf 8 VMAX @ 30kph (19mph)

    You can confirm whether after restriction speed was kicking her back up vcds just like that without problems. I am asking for golf 6 and 7.
  18. Jacek

    Golf 8 VMAX @ 30kph (19mph)

    What's the story of the car, crashed or did it happen suddenly?
  19. Jacek

    Rear pad replacement on Skoda Octavia 2021.

    I confirm in Leon KL (MK4) the replacement of brake pads possible after unlocking the SFD. :facepalm: