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    Resolved Adjust maintained battery voltage?

    You need to keep the car on a maintenance charger. Make sure you lock the car when you leave it to help conserve the battery for as long as possible. Two days is a little short, but the boot lock is one of the first things to shut down as the voltage drops. Check for current drain by...
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    Hex-Net update on VCDS Config V2.262

    Thanks Shaun. Tried killing the program, then unplugging the USB. Froze the PC. Only black screens and a mouse pointer. Had to do the long power button press to make it shut down. Powered up again. Plugged USB in the same as it was before. Updated fine. Very strange. Will try it on a car...
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    Hex-Net update on VCDS Config V2.262

    Hi Shaun, It's plugged straight into the PC. No, I don't think I have anything like that. I think it was progressing, but the applying update has stalled but the transferring does change.
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    2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Height Adjustment

    Hi, did you manage to sort it in the end. I had he same problem, but managed to reset it , but I can't remember where or how I did it now. I haven't got a GT I can get to at the moment or I would try , and see if that reboots my memory. Make sure every system is working, voltages are good...
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    Hex-Net update on VCDS Config V2.262

    Hi, I'm updating my lead and it seems to be doing things, but the applying data bar has stalled. The transferring XX % and remaining XX are both changing. I can't see any cancel button and I'm hesitating on just closing the program or unplugging the lead in case it is half updated and...
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    Bentley GT. High level stop lamp - disable instrument warning light.

    Thank you Uwe, It may not be obvious, but that scan shows why you shouldn't go posting last thing at night. doh. The owner has a GTC and another GT (with the HLSL fault). I've posted the wrong one! I'll get one off the correct car. 🙈
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    Bentley GT. High level stop lamp - disable instrument warning light.

    Hi, I've got a GT in where the HLSL brings on a warning for the first 10 - 20 mins of some journeys. Usually on cold days. The light works but I suspect the cable tape that goes through the screen seal may be failing. Of course it wouldn't do it while it was in the workshop with me! Just...
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    2004 bentley continental GT Air suspension light removal

    "Level Control System Deactivation" I'm pretty sure that just switches on JACK MODE and, as you say, it will turn off at speed. You'll also get the jack mode symbol up. You could possibly just lock the sensors in a position where the ride height is correct and it may be happy with that. Or...
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    Hex-Net closes during auto-Scan clear all faults.

    Hi Shaun, thanks for the message. I can't seem to add screenshots on here, but I'll go and check out what I'm doing wrong. VCDS Mobile screen grab Cheers.
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    Hex-Net closes during auto-Scan clear all faults.

    If I do an Auto-Scan on Bentley Continentals ( I don't have any other VAG cars to try I'm afraid ) the auto-scan works. I can save it to the log.txt file OK. When I then try clearing all the faults, it will go through some modules, but then just completely closes VCDS. Not necessarily on the...
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    Bentley GT radiator outlet constantly at 105 degrees.

    Thanks UWE, The constant 105 was throwing me. Mainly because of the lack of being able to see another actual reading. Wiring all seemed good, then getting fault codes when disconnecting and bridging the sensor - but still 105 . Got the gear but no idea. LOL. Do you know if there...
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    Bentley GT radiator outlet constantly at 105 degrees.

    Ahhhh , thank you Uwe, Any suggestions ?. What value should I be looking for or where should I be looking for the radiator outlet temp? Can you see what might be keeping the radiator fan on or it likely to be the fan controller module? Cheers, Paul.
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    Bentley GT radiator outlet constantly at 105 degrees.

    Hi, got an odd one on a Bentley 2015 GT The radiator outlet is constantly reading 105*c. From start up to full running temperate. Tried anew sensor. IDE00194 Fan comes on about 30 seconds after start up whatever the engine temp is. It runs for about a minute after the engine is turned off...
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    Autoscan Freezes.

    Hi, On my Hex-Net Autoscan is freezing after the first couple of modules. Says everything is up to date. Autoscaning Bentley GTs 2005 and 2008, but no other vehicles to test it on. I've only had it about 6 weeks and usually use it with VCDS. I'm pretty sure Autoscan worked when I first got it...
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    Bentley - no airbag controller found

    Hi, posting for somebody hoping for help. He's awaiting verification. Thanks in advance, Paul. Tuesday,13,November,2018,20:20:21:12450 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20180927 DS296.0 VIN...
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    Bentley GT 2007 W12 Oil Pressure Switch 2

    Hi, Only got the one GT in at the moment so I can't double check on another car. Just wondering if the engine oil pressure switch can read 'low' at idle without there being a problem with the engine? Instruments Group 1 Block 3. On idle it will read low but as soon as you raise the...
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    Bentley Steering Angle Sensor

    Hi , Posting this even though I didn't finish looking at the car tonight, but I thought I'd post this now because with the time difference I'll loose a day or so waiting for a reply. The steering angle sensor is coming up as defective. 2 Faults Found: 00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85)...
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    Emmissions and EGR temp sensor fault 2005 Bentley GT

    Hi, Got a GT in with high emmisiions. I'm getting a DTC for a faulty bank 1 EGR temp sensor. 001349 - Sensor 1 for Exhaust Temp Bank 1 (G235) P0545 Just wondering if the Eng mgmt would do anything odd with these faulty sensor values. Started off with 600c cold. Falling to...
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    Emmissions and EGR temp sensor fault 2005 Bentley GT

    sorry - wrong forum
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    Bentley 2009 TPMS (again!)

    Hi, another TPMS problem. A later system this time. The screen is coming up with the message Tyre pressure monitoring is not currently available. All the wheel blocks are coming up as zeros. I swapped a wheel with the 2004 one I've also got in but neither of the cars picked up the others...