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  1. Mari

    Resolved No Response Auto Trans 2005 Beetle 2.0L 09G

    If I were you I should start with replacing the ignition/starter switch...
  2. Mari

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome to this forum...
  3. Mari

    Help me with DCC error, please

    You forgot to update VCDS many many times, start with updating the software, do another autoscan, clear codes and do another scan to see which faultcodes come back... and then post that autoscan her in this thread...
  4. Mari

    Replaced Throttle Valve, light still comes on...

    ... I think someone will ask you shortly to post a full and unedited autoscan of the car to look for clues... :D You also asked about your DPF in an earlier thread you started about another problem with your car -->
  5. Mari

    Steering Problem (2006 Jetta)

    ... I suggest you start with posting a complete and unedited autoscan of the car for context...
  6. Mari

    Lighting faults madness

    You're a member since 2015 so you should know we allways ask for a full and unedited autoscan so we can see what faultcodes are there and how the car is equiped... ;)
  7. Mari

    Little Bit of Advice Please (2006 Audi RS4 B7)

    Start with posting a full and unedited autoscan of the car...
  8. Mari

    "Last edited by moderator"

    That notice means that one of the moderators changed something in your post...
  9. Mari

    Update 22.3 and it is not comunicate with car and dont want to do firmware update

    ... and... did you use the test option? Post results of that here on the forum.
  10. Mari

    Central locking

    Nice try... make autoscan, save it, open it and copy&paste it here...
  11. Mari

    Loss of function after MIB2 retrofit

    I don't think Ross-Tech likes it when illegal things are discussed here... they can be held responsible for it...
  12. Mari

    Skoda Superb Gen 3 / MY 2016 Driver door locking not working

    They did a terrible job engineering the electric car! There are more problems with that car than with doorlock-modules :D
  13. Mari

    Driver Information Display tabs

    Start with posting a complete and unedited autoscan of the car for context...
  14. Mari

    1996 Passat 1.9TDI ecu recoding questions

    Post autoscan...
  15. Mari

    Media Player 3 Errors After RCD330 Swap

    Did you do both? Disconnecting and removing from gateway installation list?
  16. Mari

    ABS and Parkingbrake coding on a passat 2007

    Please install English version of VCDS and make a autoscan with it. You can have both versions installed on your computer...
  17. Mari


    Sometimes you can code it but the hardware doesn't support it... you must accept that not all options you can code will work on your car... this is one of them...
  18. Mari

    A6-Microphone —Status: Malfunctions 0010

    ... if you don't fix the problem, faultcodes keep coming back after you have deleted them... but start with posting a full and unedited autscan of the car for context...