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  1. AIB Wolfgang

    Replaced module, more errors
  2. AIB Wolfgang

    Audi A4 B9 & DPF pressure sensor (G450) calibration

    Hello Just highjacked from Uwe out of another threat: If it's not in the ASAM/ROD data for his ECU (which I've checked), it's not gonna show up even with a Security Access code (and Login doesn't apply to an ECU like this one that uses the UDS protocol).
  3. AIB Wolfgang

    VW Crafter 2015 Reset Service Light

    That is "Write service interval extension adaptation channel 41-Days since last service,0 Days " Maybe the reason for no resetting SIA
  4. AIB Wolfgang

    Volkswagen Scirocco

    UUpps But Coding in 16 first Coding: 5080040000 Last Scan :rolleyes:Coding: 5800040000
  5. AIB Wolfgang

    Volkswagen Scirocco

    Hello Installation error Control unit 16 not connected correctly Address 16: Steering wheel (J527) Labels:| 5K0-953-569.clb 3 Faults Found: 0516 - Databus 335876 - Powertrain Databus U0002 00 [009] - No Communications
  6. AIB Wolfgang

    Skoda Superb 3 central locking problem

    Hello Happens again and again Cable break on the A-pillar, in the bushing
  7. AIB Wolfgang

    VW Passat B6 Parking Brake ECU doesn't save Coding

    Hello I doubt this controller will be customizable in this vehicle. Error "wrong vehicle type" will prevent it correct control unit >> 3AA 907 801 J Steuergerät für elektromechanische Feststellbremse
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    Sticky A Sad Day

    A message that makes me very sad. My condolences to his friends and family.
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    2012 Touareg - disable e-brake - missing options in VCDS

  10. AIB Wolfgang


    Hello and welcome 1. run Auto-Scan 2. choose Applications 3. Optical Bus Diagnostics, here you can see the functions within the optical data bus. Time to read
  11. AIB Wolfgang

    Audi A3 Missing Message From Electronic Parking Brake Controller

    Hello Looking in partslink, I didn't find this partnumber for this car. 02E 325 025 AD is the number I found. So there was something changed from a newer car with EPB. Try to change the coding from 02 Gear Box. The other thing, did you changed the coding from Address 17: Instruments ?
  12. AIB Wolfgang

    2011 Audi A4 B8 2.0 TDI CAGC, Need help with 00003 Control Module

    Hello Additionally this 49 Minimum Time to Service Days 730 >> set 365 50 Basic Distance Value for Oil Change km x100 160 set 150
  13. AIB Wolfgang

    Q7 4M Coolant fan control circuit fault, only start with jump starter

    Hello Many different faults with voltage masseges, Coolant Fan Control Circuit 1 > Voltage terminal 30: 11.600 V Starter Will Not Turn > Voltage terminal 30: 11.600 V Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533) > Generator U1052 00 [009] - No Communication and this massege: [New feature! Extended...
  14. AIB Wolfgang

    Different values in the freeze frames (misleading)

    Hello Here is the auto-scan with the freeze frames in the ECU 02 transmission. The stored speed is implausible. Readings with ODIS showed other values. Wednesday,25,September,2019,08:53:16:14348 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64)...
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    Sticky Acronyms

    Online Communication Unit (OCU) :thumbs:
  16. AIB Wolfgang

    Maps Admaps to compare Address 20m maps

    Thank you, but only a well working 7E0 857 511 from T6 will bring me to the goal:thumbs:
  17. AIB Wolfgang

    Maps Admaps to compare Address 20m maps

    Hi, That would be great, just to compare. Thank you
  18. AIB Wolfgang

    Maps Admaps to compare Address 20m maps

    Hello everybody, I need some admaps to compare from : Address 20: High Beam Assist. (J844) Labels:| 8S0-857-511.clb Part No SW: 7E0 857 511 F HW: 7E0 857 511 C Component: FLA H10 0003 Revision: AA001001 Coding: 040400E200000000000000 ASAM Datensatz: EV_HighBeamAssisAU316 001004 ROD...
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    Hello ALL I thank you warmly for a successful past year, your assistance was very much appreciated pleasant Xmas and New Year days :thumbs: