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  1. mecjp2216

    Case Study: 15202 - Actuator Module for Turbocharger 1 P00AF 00 [109] - Stuck

    Same case yesterday after fixed the pin problem erase code perfom adaptation g581 the code return only p2563 My car golf 2015 cxbb 1.8l Whats happen ????
  2. mecjp2216

    2016 golf 1.8l overheating intermittent

    thank for all , i replaced engine temperature control actuator -n493- and water pump , i'll see .......:thumbs:
  3. mecjp2216

    2016 golf 1.8l overheating intermittent

    i know :) im waiting if anyone else has already had this problem!!!
  4. mecjp2216

    2016 golf 1.8l overheating intermittent

    the car overheating intermittent 2 times in 4 months last time is november 2020 when overheating teh engine light was on and epc light i need help for the engine code the best way i should take the car run fine a this time thx!!! Monday,12,April,2021,11:13:27:24102 VCDS -- Windows Based...
  5. mecjp2216

    2009 passat red light steering

    2009 passat 3c 2.0l red light steering Passat from Canada/Québec After battery low voltage the steering red light always on the steering assist does't work ....I post for my friend he make a steering angle g85 procedure it is ok but after when he make a steering stop limit procedure it does't...
  6. mecjp2216

    2013 jetta 2.0l tdi 008213 Intake Manifold Flap Position

    hello gang i have jetta 2013 2.0l tdi with this code 18447/P2015/008213 - Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1): Implausible Signal I want to know where I can find MB to see the signal intake flap position and Is there a special function to activate the v157 (output test) i Check...
  7. mecjp2216

    audi or volks question?????

    where i can find my engine code i have audi 2009 2.0l twice choice :cbfa or ccta and if you have best vin decoder web site for volks and audi ---------------*>I'm interested thanks
  8. mecjp2216

    2007 volks 2.0l(bpy)throttle intermittent

    i have this throttle code intermittent and i dont find the problem the customer complains that the vehicle: extended crank hot or cold same buck at idle (stop) epc light come on/off in the cluster all the symptoms of intermittent way here is the last repair: the tba relearning was made a...
  9. mecjp2216

    audi tt 2002 1.8l no start intermitent or start on go off

    the custumer store his car for the winter season and put the battery charger sometimes, in the winter he started the car 20 minutes 1 time by week last day he try to start the car and crank and no start 2 day before crank start and stall and said when the car dont start he heard a sound like a...
  10. mecjp2216

    2013 jetta 2.0l tdi timing belt replace question

    NIV: 3VWWL7AJ6DM400405 2013 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 2.0 L 1968 CC L4 Diesel first hello gang forum member i have a question after replace the timing belt according to the procedure is there a relearning to do and where can I find the procedure on ross-tech if available thank you very much
  11. mecjp2216

    audi s4 4.2l parking brake light blink

    today after thermostat replace before road test key on the parking brake light blink continusly the brake fluid is ok and hand brake is down no code i made a road test and the light not go off................. idea please