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    Fake interface

    Yes they are.
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    Status: Malfunction 0010 but No fault code found.

    So scanned my car today and found a couple of faults, one of which is more than confusing! My gateway says the 5F module has a fault but when I check for a fault code there is none :confused: Anyone had this before, is it a VCDS bug? Thursday,20,June,2019,17:54:52:07337 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    A6 C7 MY2017 release parking brake with out seat belt on.

    I have an MY 2017 A6 C7, and was looking for the option in adaptation to be able to auto release the parking brake brake without having your seat belt on, as I sometimes have to move cars around on my drive, it's enabled on my wife's MY18 A3 from factory and would like this option on my A6 I...
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    A6 4F Which module holds the VIN number?

    Not sure if anyone has the answer to this question, but here goes! My car is a 2006 Audi A6 4f, I'm going to change the can-gateway and instrument cluster. Both parts I'm fitting are from other cars so they will go into component protection when fitted to my A6, the question is when I connect...
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    MMI 3G+ 5F control panel baud rate coding

    I'm retrofitting 3GP into my C6 A6. I've got the unit installed and CP removed, I'm trying to change the baud rate on the 5F unit, so I can use the existing control panel. Reading this blog I'm trying to...