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  1. Detlef Trapp

    Latest LCode version

    thanx, you're the fastest, Niels !!!
  2. Detlef Trapp

    Interface Upgrade

    Dear Newton, we have professional HEX-V2 interfaces (no VIN limits) in stock in Brasil, please see
  3. Detlef Trapp

    Where is the place to report clones please?

    Where is the place to report clones please?
  4. Detlef Trapp

    Clear all DTCs not working

    This is the same car I had trouble with VCDS mobile, so now tried VCDS 19.6.2 but the 'Clear all DTCs' button did not work even though I tried several times, also tried running several complete Auto-Scans, also tried ignition off, but no success. Ended up clearing the DTCs individually in each...
  5. Detlef Trapp

    Anders understandable issue

    You guys remember this? Seems this is not limited to Anders only, was just trying to buy a used module in Sweden on, if you want to buy something, first you have to send a request and then you get an answer the next day or the day after, and there is no way to enter your...
  6. Detlef Trapp

    Boris Johnson visiting my new home country

    If you heard of him want to have a good laugh, take a look at this:
  7. Detlef Trapp

    Auto Hold Retrofit on a 2018 A4

    Hi guys, this customer has retroffitted Auto Hold on a 2018 A4 but VCDS does not give any coding info so we don't know how to code it: Martes,04,Diciembre,2018,18:29:27:59327 VCDS -- Emulador de VAG/VAS basado en Windows Corriendo en Windows 7 x64 Versión del VCDS: EST HEX-V2 CB...
  8. Detlef Trapp

    VCScope not starting

    Several of my customers and me (Win 7 Ultimate x64) have not been able to graph values with VCScope, it simply won't start on VCDS 17 different language versions including beta 17.4.2. It does create MB-PIPE.TXT but that's it then, no further display or message. Also tried using VCscope 1.9.5...