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  1. Blatherdicer

    Service reminder won't hide after reset - help?

    Hi - I'm wanting to reset the service reminder on my Mk7 Golf R so that it only shows me a warning when I get close to the reminder mileage (e.g. maybe 500Kms before). I'm sure it used to do this, but now when I reset it to the desired interval (5,000 km), it shows the "Oil Change in 5,000 Kms"...
  2. Blatherdicer

    How to assign correct label file for MIB2 5F

    Hi, I'm trying to activate developer mode on my Golf GTE MIB2 HI Harmon Infotainment unit so that I can clear out a number of Invalid Data Error faults (via the Green Engineering Menu). This is a JDM vehicle and the errors were introduced when the firmware was replaced with a local version. I...