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    HEX NET PRO registration

    Hello! Up to 15 uses are free before the registration will be mandetory - States are only used in the USA, you don´t need that
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    Very Sick RS6 Xtreme

    The fob battery is still fine?
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    Decrease speed limit to 30km/h

    It might be for the slow cult:
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    Newbie with ID.3 EV need service indicator reset

    A 2year safety inspection (and emissions for non-EVs) we have in Europe too
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    VCDS not working on a T-Roc?

    You are probably using an older HUC Interface which works for cars until approx. 2016 but for newer cars you will need a HEX-V2 or HEX-NET Interface as the Volkswagen Group came up with a new CAN BUS protocol. Upgrades are available here or via...
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    ... it was funny to me....

    ...the line below seems to be for the auto-pilot
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    How Do I Remove an Old VIN From My Interface/Account?

    As you have used it, it´s one count and can´t be erased
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    Sticky How to Register and Update a HEX-V2 Interface

    Seems to be a server problem - please wait for max. a few hours until Ross-Tech can check this
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    Wanted: Bentley Continental Frame measurements

    You have to register:
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    Can't use/register HEX-V2

    The registration (and general function) will only work for original Ross-Tech Interfaces but not for clones as above
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    VCDS HEX V2 and VW ID.3

    Did you download 20.9 Beta meanwhile? Beta 20.9.0 included premliminary support for Mk.8 and MEB (ID.x) chassis cars...