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    2010 Polo 1.2L CCZB P0172 system too rich

    Good afternoon all, I am having some massive troubles with this Polo and seeking some help please. A rundown on the vehicle / issues below; Misfiring under load, white smoke from exhaust, engine, EPC lights etc on dash, no power etc. Misfire recon showed cylinder 4 going crazy, pretty much...
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    2014 7P Touareg couple of tweaks?

    Hey all. Just wonder if these tweaks are available fora 2014 7P Touareg. 1. Off road suspension height (max height) speed limit and area view camera speed adjusted to approx. 35kph? Currently both turn off @ 20km/hr.. 2. Radio turns off after approx 10 mins once ignition is off - can this be...
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    Mk5 Golf GTI BWA P0342

    Goodevening all. Have a 2008 MK5 Golf GTI, 134190kms, BWA engine code. Has had a timing belt sometime recently (new owner of only 6 months so is unsure of the history). Engine and EPC lights on dash, vehicle will occasionally stall and unable to be restarted untillall faults are cleared again...
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    T3 transporter key adaption?

    Hi guys. Trying to adapt keys to a t3 transporter that was stolen, they cut the wiring to the immobiliser so it has been repaired. We have checked each key via measured value block 001 in 25 immobiliser all are reporting the value 1 in block 3 so can be adapted. Login via 11 using the 4 digit...