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  1. GaryM

    2003 Audi A4 B6 2.0 FSI

    My car went in for it's annual service on Thursday, this time to an independant VAG specialist instead of a dealer to avoid any risk of the NOx emissions "fix" being accidentally applied to the ECU of my car by a dealer. The courtesy car I got was a 15 year old workhorse of an Audi A4 but I...
  2. GaryM

    Number Of Registered VCDS Users?

    Something I've always wondered is how many registered users there currently are in the world of genuine VCDS interface cables. Can anyone at RT provide those stats, maybe breakdown by cable type and also registered VCDS Lite users? Of course, if this information is deemed confidential to RT...
  3. GaryM

    VCDS Auto-Scan Module List Query

    Quick question. When an Auto-Scan is done, at the top it lists a load of module numbers. Is VCDS using some kind of intelligence to gather this list or is it simply just looking in the CAN Gateway "Installation List" for any items that have been ticked as being installed? Chassis Type: 1P...
  4. GaryM

    LED Bulb Coding - License Plate Light Without Pulse Width Modulation Option

    In preparation for replacing the license plate incandescent bulbs in my car with LED bulbs instead, I thought it would probably be a good idea to actually test the switching off of the "Lamp Monitoring (Cold) License Plate Lamps active" option first which on my 5K0937087R BCM is Bit 6 of Byte...
  5. GaryM

    New Toy For My MFD

    Look what turned up today :D I've been thinking about getting one of these for quite a while and finally took the plunge. I'm sure others have already seen or know what these devices are all about but it will be nice to be able to see some real-time data directly in my MFD. I must admit that I...
  6. GaryM

    Used HEX-USB Just Sold for 260 GBP - WTF?

    I don't get it. Why would anyone pay 260 GBP for a used 13 year old HEX-USB (which would cost another 99 USD on top of that for registration transfer and support) that can't even do CAN diagnostics when you can get an all singing all dancing 3-VIN version of the HEX-V2 for 225 GBP with support...
  7. GaryM

    2016 Škoda Fabia 1.2 TSI 90 SE L, CJZC

    My car is in for it's annual service again today so in following with tradition, a scan of the courtesy car is below :) It's another Mk3 Škoda Fabia with the same engine as the one I had last year (scan of that one HERE) but this one appears to have newer engine ECU software and the car as a...
  8. GaryM

    How To Identify ECU Software Version With VCDS?

    My car is due to go to the dealer in the next few weeks for a service and while I intend to get them to sign an agreement form stating that they will not touch the engine ECU software on my car (I do not want them going anywhere near my car with the emissions fix software), I want before and...
  9. GaryM

    First the emissions scandal, and now the unlock hack scandal

    Oh dear, it's not going well for VW at the moment...
  10. GaryM

    2015 Škoda Fabia 1.2 TSI 90 SE L, CJZC

    My car is in for its annual service today and this time they gave me a Mk3 Škoda Fabia as a courtesy car. These cars are based on the Mk5 VW Polo. Auto-Scan below :) Tuesday,29,March,2016,09:54:45:55895 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version:
  11. GaryM

    Ross Tech Website - Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    Is anyone else just getting a "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" page when trying to access The forum website seems to be fine. It's just the main website which isn't.
  12. GaryM

    Lorry vs Caravan

    This is doing the rounds at the moment and happened on one of the UK's busiest motorways a couple of days ago (ignore the date/time in the corner of the video as it's incorrect). The comments at the bottom of the video probably speak for themselves :D And a longer version here...
  13. GaryM

    2012 SEAT Leon 2.0 FR+ TDI DSG, CEGA

    This is a scan of my Leon in its original state prior to any tweaks or setting changes being made. Thursday,20,November,2014,11:23:32:55895 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20141022 VIN: VSSZZZ1PZCRXXXXXX License Plate: Mileage...
  14. GaryM

    2014 SEAT Ibiza 1.4 TOCA, CGGB

    I decided to take the liberty of scanning the courtesy car I am currently in possession of for use as a reference scan :) Thursday,16,April,2015,11:31:01:55895 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20150311 VIN: VSSZZZ6JZER124918...
  15. GaryM

    Is the dealer lying to me?

    Long story short, I've had an ongoing fault with the interior monitoring sensor for my alarm. It's now been to the dealer 3 times to get it repaired under warranty, but every time the car has just come back with the same fault again even though on each occasion the dealer says they have fixed...
  16. GaryM

    Thread Suscription Email Notifications Not Working

    I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue or not but for some reason, email notifications for replies to theads that I'm subscibed to don't seem to be working. Is there something I need to set somewhere to get these? I've already enabled the following setting and I can't see anything else...
  17. GaryM

    SEAT Leon Mk2 - Setting the Service Reminder Interval back to Flexible Schedule

    I have a 2012 SEAT Leon FR which is based on the Golf VI platform. Due to my impatience and misunderstanding of how the MFD service status works following a service, I have now inadvertently set the service reminder in my car from a flexible long life service schedule to a fixed service...