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    DSG DQ381 Basic Settings procedure failure

    So I had the car (Cupra Leon MY2019 DSG) remapped a couple of days ago and I thought it would be useful to perform a fresh DSG basic settings. About a month ago I had all DSG fluids replaced and then again I performed a successful basic settings procedure. Between these two actions only thing...
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    Direct tire pressure monitor in Octavia mk3 Rs

    If you are in Athens maybe we can work something out if the proper dataset is what you need. I've done the same retrofit on a Leon Cupra MY19 which is exactly the same platform and MIB.
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    Predictive ACC Coding

    Really??? Is it that of a pita?
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    Predictive ACC Coding

    Not sure I want it (the pACC that is) but I sure want to know how it's done!:D
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    TPMS High Retrofit in Golf Mk7.5

    I have mounted the radar behind the rear right wheel on a Seat Leon which is the same platform and it works great. You shouldn't have any problems.
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    Traffic Jam Assist TJA Retrofit question

    654L is capable of TJA. I have the retrofitted the same camera on my Leon. It's just a matter of parameter file so you will need the other tool.
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    Direct TPMS for MQB Leon

    As a matter of fact I did. I only tried 5Q0907273B antenna with 5Q0907275B sensors. Pretty straightforward installation and coding (the actual module does not support coding at all). Here are some photos: Coding ABS: Byte 27, Bit 4-5-6 deactivate CAN: Code TPMS Instruments: Byte 4, Bit...
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    Maps Seat Leon Cupra MY19 maps

    Side/Lane Change Assist and direct TPMS retrofitted. Here's a fresh scan. Thursday,01,April,2021,15:17:56:52034 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4543.4 Data version: 20210226 DS325.0 VIN...
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    Seat Leon Cupra MY19 - ACC Retrofit

    So I was doing the soundproofing project on the Leon and I found this plug waiting on both front doors. Any idea what it's for? That's the first time ever that I come across a waiting plug on a vag car. My best guess is that it's for KESSY which is a standard feature on most Leon Cupras.
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    Does anyone know the Pin Assignment for the Side Assist Radars? (TPMS retrofit)

    Good work! What's the tpms unit you used? Is it 5Q0907273B? How did you choose to place the unit on the left side and not the right? I am under the impression that the oem side is the right one. Also did you try to mount it in the trunk space somewhere or you only tried the outside of the car...
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    "Missing adaptation channels" in A5 Frt Sens. Drv. Assist Module MY20 Audi 8V A3 RoW

    Unfortunately this A5 camera 654L does not have the adaptation channels you are looking for. I have the same exact problem because I find 60kph to be too high for HBA activation. This value should be 35-40kph in order to take full advantage of the system.
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    Seat Leon Cupra MY19 - ACC Retrofit

    Yes TSR is activated. As for the HBA I have activated everything according to this:
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    Seat Leon Cupra MY19 - ACC Retrofit

    So for the first time today I experienced the HBA. It works fine but it activates after 57km/h which is kind of high. I have seen in other retrofits that the A5 cameras have adaptation channels for activation/deactivation speed but I can't find anything like that in my camera. Is this a matter...
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    Direct TPMS for MQB Leon

    Thank you Don. We got nothing to lose so I will give it a go. The thing with Vehicle Variant though is that it may change the model displayed or the speedo/tach numbering. Am I wrong? The weird thing is that I have seen pictures of the display I want on many different models from 1.6tdi to...
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    Direct TPMS for MQB Leon

    I've tried that bit and nothing changes. I' ll try the adaptation you suggest and see what happens. Tx Checked again...nothing at all.
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    Direct TPMS for MQB Leon

    Didn't want to open a separate topic so I will launch the question here. I want my VC to display compass, time and temperature like this and I can' t find how. All I can get is this kind of display. I this something doable or is it a matter of firmware? Address 17: Instruments (J285)...
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    Seat Leon Cupra MY19 - ACC Retrofit

    Well lesson learnt. I must always try both experimental & non experimental mode when coding. Tbh solution was found via ODIS which apparently has many more coding options than VCDS offers. There I found a Blind Spot bit which was coded and I uncoded it and fault gone. Then it struck me that this...
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    Seat Leon Cupra MY19 - ACC Retrofit

    So I just got a new A5 camera to replace the faulty one. I uploaded Leon dataset, coded it and performed calibration. It works great, so much better than the faulty 654H but this time I have a very strange fault that I cannot erase. Address A5: Frt Sens. Drv. Assist (R242) Labels:|...
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    Can-bus problems after retrofitting Side Assist VW Tiguan 2018

    If I understand correctly the ACC radar is already there but only functioning as the Pre Sense radar since ACC was not chosen as an option. In other words you need one of those hackers who "upgrade" the existing radar and make it work as ACC radar too. Plus new stalk of course. Static...
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    Direct TPMS for MQB Leon

    Rear right wheel (passenger side) I think is the correct position. I intend on mounting it in the spare wheel area and if it fails I'll transfer it outside the car as per factory. One way or another I will also retrofit BSM within the next months so transferring the TMPS module will not be a...