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  1. amleeling

    Easy German Translation Tip

    I have been sifting through the adaptation logs I pulled a few weeks ago, and found an easy way to translate the German. I opened the log file with Excel and then under Review, click Translate. When you highlight any cell that contains any German, Excel will automatically lookup the English...
  2. amleeling

    2018 Volkswagen Passat R-Line - Kickdown Basic Settings

    I need some clarification please regarding kick down basic settings for my 2018 Volkswagen Passat R-Line (Aisin 09G). I recently had my battery out for a few days while I was replacing my thermostat housing and water pump. I've read that anytime your battery is disconnected you should do a...
  3. amleeling

    Can't install Alligator

    I have been reading up on creating channel maps and wanted to check out Alligator, but am getting an error about version. I am using the most recent VCDS 22.3.1, and when I downloaded the VCDS label file updater, I get an error saying the VCDS version does not match the requirements. It...
  4. amleeling

    2018 Volkswagen Passat R-Line - First Auto-Scan Review

    Hi everyone, I just got my VCDS and need to see if anyone can give me a suggestion on where to start on my first Auto-Scan results. About a month ago, I was driving on the highway with my cruise set and all the sudden my cluster had the EPC lit up, said front assist error, then it said...