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    Predictive ACC Coding

    here they are: ;SW:5NA-035-047-D HW:5NA-035-047 --- Information Electr. ;Component:MU-H-NS-US H55 1418, Coding:02738002FF00000041220001041C08009F0105B401200405DE ;EV_MUHig4CGen2HBAS,001001,EV_MUHig4CGen2HBAS_VW37.rod ;Wednesday,25,August,2021,19:22:07:55877 ;VCDS Version: Beta 21.8.0...
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    eGolf max speed limiter change...? USA = 85mph while EU = 93mph

    no secret, simply requires a reflash of the ecu with the limiter raised.
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    Predictive ACC Coding

    hi, i think you mean to quote my post and ask for adaptations as the user you quoted had already posted theirs. anyway, here is adaptations from 5f. ;SW:3Q0-980-654-H HW:3Q0-980-654-A --- Frt Sens. Drv. Assist ;Component:MQB_B_MFK H09 0272...
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    Predictive ACC Coding

    hi, reading this thread, i am in usa, north carolina. i have coded the TSR inside the modules and it does display correctly. however, it works exactly as described above. no tsr when coded to fusion mode and error code display. with tsr coded to detection mode, the error displays as a passive...
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    Add PID52 and others to vcds > engine > adv measuring blocks

    possible to add PID52 along with other PIDs to the vcds > engine > adv measuring values? i have manually enabled the PID52 in my ecu software however i can only find this value able to be processed by vcds under generic obd2. would be nice to be able to log this value with other relevant...