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    Runner flap fault

    Vac Pipes wrong way around on solenoid?
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    Ceramic brakes coding

    You spend a load of money on Ceramic brakes, but then buy a nasty pirate/ clone interface. 🙄🤔
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    1.6 tdi dead after being off rd for 12mts

    Has your golf had a windscreen replacement at any time?. Usually get water leaking directly onto the gateway connector filling the unit with water. Remove the wiper arms, scuttle trims and wiper rack. You will then see a small black cover secured by 3x 10mm nuts. Remove this and you will see the...
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    2004 vw polo,1.2 petrol,bmd engine,16556 fuel trim,bank 1,system to rich

    The fuel pressure is regulated inside the fuel filter, I have come across Lambda faults caused by a faulty fuel filter.
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    Another fake on Ebay

    Just noticed they have already sold 8 leads.
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    Another fake on Ebay

    Stumbled across this on eBay...
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    If I am not mistaken, Dieselgate did not effect Golf 7. Only the EA189 engine which was in the Golf 6.
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    Code P2015 2010 MK6 GTI

    Hi I would check the vacuum supply for any leaks or partial blockages. I have had this before and it was the vac connection partially blocked
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    Vehicle Diagnostic Protection SFD

    Hi, I have a Hex Can interface which has given excellent service for many years, I now need to upgrade to a new interface. My question is. With Volkswagen about to launch Vehicle Diagnostic Protection on all new models starting with Golf 8 will the latest interface work on these vehicles?.