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    Attention: The Engine is running

    I know it's been a while, but have you ever been able to get rid of the engine running door chime?
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    Attention: The Engine is running

    Does anyone know how to disable the beeping when the driver's door is open while the engine is running? It beeps 6 times and displays the following message in the MID: "Attention: The Engine is running."
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    VW MK5 Golf - TPMS Disable for Winter Tires

    For several years I've been disabling the TPMS via the 19-CAN Gateway module when I put on my winter rims/tires because they don't have air pressure sensors on the valve stems. Just unchecking the Bit 0 [65] Tire Pressure Monitoring on the Long Coder has always done the trick, but I have it...